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夏目友人帳公式ツイッター on Twitter
“本日特設サイトを更新!夏目友人帳22巻アクリルチャーム付き特装版&通常版、LaLa11月号ふろく情報を更新しました! https://t.co/vWkpKPcs76”

The newest volume’s cover, which comes out in September, is the one that was used for the 2016/11 Lala issue.

an important question:

let’s say you’re trapped, trying to puzzle your way out of a situation, find & solve clues, and interact with others to try to… escape.

would you rather your partner in solving the game circumstances be Sans or Papyrus?

reply below! bonus points if you explain why you’d prefer that skeleton.

why yes, this does have an actual impact on a thing i’m doing, why do you ask

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"I jokingly told you that the only way I'd marry you was if you did this wierd outlandish thing, and you actually did it, and I'm kind of charmed." with... a Danganronpa ship of your choice, I guess? Don't want to make you write on a ship you don't like

A/N Here’s my thanks for sending me that prompts list. I chose hinanami for this and honestly I’m a bit relieved to find out that I still have some writing left in me. Hope you enjoy it!

“I know I say this a lot, more often with other friends, but what the fuck?”

“Hm? What’s wrong Hajime?” Chiaki asks with her usual calmness, completely oblivious to her boyfriend’s panic. Well, not completely since she at least senses his slight discomfort. “Ah, could it be… I got it wrong?”

If Hajime could be frank, which he was, he couldn’t honestly tell what exactly about this is wrong. Hell, he couldn’t even tell what this was supposed to be. He’s used to his friends pulling shit and dumbass stunts but Chiaki? She was supposed to be one of his more sensible company. Sure sometimes she’d do something confusing just never this… this outrageous.

This is Chiaki sitting too comfortably in the middle of a pentagram drawn with what Hajime hopes to be paint and not blood. The room is dimly lit because the curtains are drawn and candles never did burn bright enough. Has he mentioned that there were too many candles? He was sure that this was what a fire hazard looked like. And then there was Chiaki herself who has lipstick smeared all over her face except for her lips! And don’t even get him started with her outfit.

He doesn’t even know where to begin at how wrong everything was.

“Hey, Chiaki… is there something that I should know?” He bluntly asks.

She blinks, slowly, as if his question so absurd for her to comprehend. But she does eventually, and she was not at all pleased.

“Hmph!” She huffs and pouts at him, disappointed. “After all the effort I put into this!”

“Sorry, sorry! I honestly can’t remember what’s this supposed to be.” He apologizes even though he feels more confused than remorseful. “But I want to know. So if you’re not too mad, would you please tell me?”

She just pouts harder in response and although he knew this should have made him feel more guilty, it was hard to when she just looked cuter.

Only she didn’t think this was cute at all.

“Last week,” She says in a flat tone that told him he should already remember it with this hint.

He couldn’t.

“Last week?” He repeats, hoping that she would expound on it this time.

She huffs and he tries to at least not look like he was distracted by her adorability.

The not so adorable glare got his attention though.

“Last week you said we’d get married if I did this.” She says with arms crossed.

“I did?” He asks and she nods eagerly.

Huh, he thought that if he did say anything remotely hinting to this then he would have remembered. Clearly he hadn’t remembered. He thought of the odds that there was a misunderstanding. Probably high. Probably irrelevant considering that she already went through the odds.

Honestly, this was obviously one of those things he says in sarcasm and yet… she took it to heart. She even went beyond and actually did it.

He feels like swooning.

“Woah, you did all this… just so we’d get married?” He blushes the moment the question left his lips. It sounds more like a fantasy than a statement.

“Yeah, I did. Because you said this was your requirement and if it’s just this then I’m willing to commit,” She answers without falter.

He’d be lying if he said he didn’t fall harder for her at her resolve. She knew what she wanted and she wanted him. She didn’t falter at all.

Except she did falter, just a bit.

A mix of uncertainty crossed her face as she looks up at him and asks, “Unless… you don’t want to marry me?”

He feels as if a bucket of ice was suddenly poured on him.

“No I- it’s not that.” He tries to reassure(?) her or console(?) her. He’s not sure what exactly he was going for. Did he want to marry her? “I…” Sure he liked her but weren’t they too young for this? But it’s not like he was completely against it… and yet. “Marriage? I mean, isn’t this too soon?”

“Not really? At least, I don’t think so,” She says, deflating at his deflections. Her shoulders slump as she mumbles, “I guess… I was the only one who wanted us to get married.”

“But I do want to marry you!” He spouts and his eyes widen at his sudden declaration. When he sees how happy it makes her, he finally gives in. “Alright, fuck it. Let’s get married.”

“Really?” She smiles expectantly and when he returns the gesture, she tackles him for a hug. “Yes! Husband acquired!”

“Geez, don’t make it sound like you just got an item in a videogame.” He scolds her but it’s more affectionate than reprimanding. He places a hand atop her head and when she looks up, he finds himself looking away from her earnest gaze. When he speaks, his voice sounds smaller than he feels. “You’ll have to wait for the rings though. I honestly wasn’t expecting this. I’m actually embarrassed that you proposed first but if… if you let me, I want to do it too but next time with rings.”

“Rings?” She tilts her head in confusion. And then practically jumps at the clarification. “Oh, you don’t need to bother with that. I already have a pair ready.”

“W-What?” He gives her an incredulous look. He’s actually internally screaming at the missed opportunity but outside he tries to play it cool. “Aren’t you too prepared?”

“Naturally! We can’t get married without rings after all!” She giggles. “Is now a good time to get married?”


“Yeah, now’s actually the best time to optimize a marriage.” There’s a shuffling noise as she fishes out something from her pocket. Her phone. “There’s a couples event in Never Ending Fantasy Online tonight and I want to register us earlier.”

He blinks.

“Hold on.” He has a foreboding feeling about this but it’s too late for him. He has to know. “Never Ending Fantasy Online is having a couples event?”

“Yes, that’s just what I said. Did you not hear the first time?”

“No, I heard you. It’s just…” What did that have to do with this? Seriously, what the-


“Wait, so the marriage you were talking about… was for this game?” He asks even though he already knows the answer.

“Hm?” She looks back at him with an innocent gaze that just makes him feel twice as foolish. “What else could it be for?”


For a moment, he considers telling her.

He considers telling her of this shortlived fantasy where they finally tie the knot. He considers telling her how much he had been looking forward to seeing her in a wedding gown, walking down the aisle. He considers telling her of his idea of their married life where they’d be living together and maybe have some kids down the road. He considers telling her of how happy he would have made her and how they’d grow old together.

He considers telling her all of this.

“Never mind.” He decides in the end.

With a face that’s red and ripe from those fantasies.

“You look red, Hajime. What’s wrong? Do you have a fever?”

“Just a headache.” He passes it off with a groan. Thank goodness he has experience with rollercoaster emotions because he schools his face neutral.

He’ll get over it.

He’ll also probably cry a bit about it later.

“Yeah, sure let’s register now and get this over with.” He places his hands over her face and rub maybe harder than necessary. “But first lets get this horrible makeup off your face. Seriously, that is not how you use a lipstick.”

“Thanks.” She smiles too brightly. He thinks that it’s unfair that she’s this cute.

He’s already pulling her towards the bathroom to wash up when she suddenly stops and tugs him back.

“Oh and one more thing.” She starts.

He sighs. “Yes?”

If only the room was just a bit brighter.

“I look forward to those rings next time…”

Maybe then he would have seen her face— cute, hopeful, and just a bit redder than his.

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Lena watched Kara awkwardly ask her out. She walked towards Kara, arching her eyebrow slightly amused by how flustered she seemed. Lena just nodded, a smirk tugging at her lips. Once she was close enough, she just grabbed Kara and kissed her. Kara relaxed into the kiss moaning a little when Lena bit her bottom lip before breaking the kiss. "Hmm I'm already looking forward to dessert". Lena winked at Kara then headed back to her desk.

“You are such a tease,” Kara whispered under the breath. “So, is that a yes?” She asked Lena shyly. Lena just laughed loudly. 

“That’s a yes Kara, don’t worry. I’d love to have dinner with you, let me finish up a couple of things that I was supposed to do earlier, but someone distracted me.” Lena teased. The reporter blushed. 

“Hey! I didn’t hear you complaining earlier!” Kara shot back. Lena raised an eyebrow. 

“You didn’t give me much of a chance to complain. You were too busy rendering me speechless.” Kara just groaned. 

“Okay, okay. That’s fine. I can wait.” Kara said. Honestly, as was typical for Kara, she was always ready for food. But Lena’s teasing had activated her libido again and she had to admit that she was looking forward to dessert as well. 

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The Secret MM Bad end 3
  • *Takes place after the day 10 branch*
  • How To Get It: Run away from the either Jumin or 707 on day 10. Doubt the RFA; only talk to Unknown; join Mint eye when Rika asks you to join.
  • *The chat after the branch will be "[Name] left the RFA", where you tell them that you are gone for good while Unknown enters in to tell you that he looks forward to meet you.*
  • *The VN after the chat opens with you on your way to the Mint eye headquarters.*
  • *Unknown takes you to Rika.*
  • Rika: “Welcome to Mint eye, [Name].”
  • Unknown: “Yes, we've been waiting for you.”
  • [Name]: “Why have you done all this, Rika?”
  • Rika: “I wanted to save everyone and show them paradise and you've been a great help to me in carrying that out; you've done very well,[Name], you are indeed the chosen one.”
  • Unknown: “Yes, the Savior is right; you've done very well.”
  • *The screen goes black*
  • [Name]: ...
  • Rika: “Come to me, [Name]. I have something special for you...”
  • *CG appears- Rika has her hand extended out to [Name], in it is something that looks like a few white tablets. Left with no choice but to accept,[Name] goes and takes the medicine that Rika has for them*
  • *Afetr this VN is a chat labeled "After [Name] Left", you can only read this chat- there are no options to choose from. It features 707 who tries to track you down, but V enters the chatroom and tells him to not worry about you, leaving 707 bewildered and confused as he continues in his vain attempt to search for [Name] anyway.*
  • *The VN after this chat opens at Mint Eye Headquarters*
  • *The door opens and V comes in*
  • Unknown: “What is this traitor doing here?! *at V* Explain yourself!”
  • Rika: “I knew you would come...”
  • V: “Where is [Name]?”
  • Rika: “You came all the way here just to ask me that? I am very disappointed in you, V. As you can see, [Name] is doing just fine.”
  • [Name]: “Yes, I am happy here.”
  • Unknown: “You heard that? [Name] doesn't want to leave; just go away!”
  • V: “What... is Saeran doing here? He's not supposed to be here- You promised to take care of him Rika!”
  • Rika: “Hmm... No, V should join us too.”
  • Unknown: “What?! He's a traitor, Savior!! You can´t be serious!”
  • Rika: “Everyone deserves a place in paradise... Aren't I right, [Name]?”
  • [Name]: “Yes, Savior.”
  • Unknown: “I will not accept this.”
  • V: “Rika, what is going on here?”
  • Rika: “I will explain everything to you in time, V. For now, just come here and join our new Family!”
  • Unknown: “No! He is a traitor! I refuse to accept this!!”
  • *Unknown takes a gun out and points it at V, who is standing close to Rika and you.”
  • Rika: “No, don´t shoot Saeran!”
  • [Name]: “Savior, be careful!”
  • *SFX of a gunshot; Unknown accidentally shoots Rika instead of V.*
  • Unknown: “No... Savior...”
  • [Name]: “Savior!” *runs to Rika and tries to stop her bleeding.*
  • *The screen fades to black and a new screen opens; It says "A few weeks later." The screen stays black.*
  • Unknown: “Are you excited Savior? I know you'll do just fine... You saved us and you were the chosen one, after all.”
  • V: “Yes, Savior; I know you will continue to bring everyone to paradise, just like She wanted!”
  • Unknown: “You even saved... 'this one'... *glares at V* You're doing so well, Savior. Only you can manage to save everyone now. She chose you and... I will do anything to make our dream come true."
  • *CG appears- It shows [Name] in Rika´s 'throne' in her robes. Unknown stands to the right of MC, while V is chained to the left of the throne, on his knees. Unknown wears a distorted smile and V's face is blank, but both of them have a sick, twisted look in their eyes.*
  • Unknown: “Now what do we do, Saviour?”
  • [Name]: “We will continue with the recruitment of the rest of the RFA members... And don´t worry, I will keep my promise and let you deal with the hacker as you please.”
  • Unknown: “Thank you, Saviour! *creepy laugh* I'm already looking forward to it...”
  • V: “Yes... Saviour... I'm sure you will save them all..."
  • *screen goes black*
  • V: "Just like you saved me.”
  • Bad End
  • What Bangtan said: we'll be having a comeback on the 29th
  • What the fandom heard: Cypher part 4, Cypher part 4, Cypher part 4, along with our newest song, Cypher part 4

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I'm already exhausted by the inevitable bitching that'll be coming from people who'll complain that somehow Diana loving/being in love w/Steve makes her less of an amazing character because heaven forbid she harbor romantic feelings for a man. I'm not ashamed to say that I adore her and Steve's story. Yes, this is Diana's movie but I'm excited and looking forward to that aspect of the plot. I'm enjoying the hell out of everything Patty gives us. I know this film is already something special.

Every superhero movie is a romance in some respect. If people suddenly have a problem with it when it’s a Wonder Woman movie then they’re hypocrites.

here’s to all the anons and concerned people breaking my inbox with ur questions about my personal life :)

Yes there has been a lot of things going wrong for me lately.

Yes my depression has come back heavy again- despite the fact I take 100mg (double what I used to be okay on) of my medication- which is a high dose even for an 18 year old. I do have a doctor visit tomorrow and I will have to talk about it. I’m not looking forward to it but if it means I’ll get my life back then I have to up my dose or switch the medication even.

I am aware that I’m mentally ill and I know you all mean well when you ask if I’m okay but I’m sorry the answer is going to be “no” for a while.

I know I will be okay eventually but it will take time.

I’ll still be here of course! And I’ll still be doing all I can to keep this blog positive and open for everyone as always!

Because despite my life being shit, I’m more worried about all of you having rough times.

I love you so much okay? And I’ll be alright it’s nothing I haven’t been through before…kind of…

Okay next point.

Yes me and my partner have split up.

It hurts like you wouldn’t ever believe- worse than anything I’ve felt before.

It hurts even more knowing it was just something we had to do to keep each other safe. At least for now.

I need the space to get out of this depression hole I’m stuck in. They need the space so that I don’t bring them down in the hole with me.

It was mutual. We agreed.

But gods it still hurts. It hurts so bad.

I know we’re still gonna be best buds n stuff but…it just…burns. It burns. It’s like I just ate a whole heap of mistletoe, seasoned with mountain ash and a hint of wolfsbane. It’s a fresh wound, it’s going to hurt for a while- I’ll heal eventually though. I love them. I love them so much and I always will.

But this is how it goes.

At least for now…

I’m the broken wolf boy

Can’t you hear the car alarm?

Love you all,


The newest chapters make me want to adopt angry son Bakugou (poor confused boy) but I literally can’t. Boy already has at least four parents, after all:

Bakugou Masaru, Bakugou Mitsuki, Dadzawa, and @saisai-chan

I would be one too much.

… I guess I will be his godmother.  

Well, reading up on the classical transitioning journey in France was about as fun as I expected tbh. I already knew there had to be a psych evaluation in order to be allowed to transition but apparently it’s something used to determine that yes, you ARE in the deepest pits of depression due to dysphoria which is most definitely not me.

To be fair, once you get the permission to transition it’s 100% paid by the state (bc it’s considered like the solution to a long term illness (aka: dysphoria)) but also AT BEST I’m looking at a 2years process, assuming people don’t bat an eye and let me go at it as I want.

I don’t think you’ll be surprised to hear that’s highly unlikely.

So I guess the take away from that is 1. Matt’s gonna buy himself some binders 2. I’m gonna need to read up on a. What happens to Trans peeps that don’t have dysphoria (or so mild a version of it that it’s more like hyperawareness of some body parts) when in France and, at some point, what happens if I just pay for my surgery elsewhere and ask for a legal change of name after the fact x)

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omg I just finished reading your recent updates and I'm really looking forward to all three of them ^o^ + how many parts will the Halloween series have? I'm honestly already loving wishes a lot (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) (also happy jeonghan day~)

So far, each of the Halloween specials has 10+ chapters. And yes, happy Jeonghan day! I celebrated today by embodying Yoon Jeonghan’s soul and taking a 3 hour nap. :`)

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It’s that time of the year again! Happy February, Starkid fans!

This month, we have the release of Trail To Oregon to look forward to! It’s gonna be - allow me the overused expression - totally awesome!

We just moved from Alaska to San Antonio and went out swimming at like…7pm.

Everyone whined it was too cold and I remembered I have my winter blubber on already. I was therefore floating peacefully and playing crocodile/Jaws with my son, who is stick-thin but has been looking forward to swimming all day and was going to be damned if hypothermia stopped him.

So I regretfully left the nice, quiet, empty pool and trooped back in with the fam.

When I saw the titel of the next Steven Universe episode I HAD TO DRAW IT !!

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Will we get to see more sick grumpy Sans? I don't know why but I'm a fan. Also, looking forward to the next update! Hope you are well. <3

Aww, your concern is very appreciated! Yes I am well, thank you! 

If I don’t drag my butt to get already working on next pages Alphys will turn me into one of her experiments. XD But don’t worry the first few pages are already sketched out and still need one more. After that cleaning up and finally colors. 

But, unfortunately, I really can’t guarantee that they will be updated this weekend, kinda a bit behind thanks to distractions. XDDD ALSO I haz to head out in town today and possibly tomorrow too ughhhh. Only if there’d be any miracle, WOWIES!!!! However, I’m super excited with what I am working right now!

things I’m looking forward to in the ASZ era in the walking dead (that I hope they choose to include in the show)

  1. Rick and Michonne in police uniform (yes michonne is rick’s deputy!)
  2. Michonne hitting Rick over the head with a rock when he’s having an emotional breakdown
  3. Michonne giving Rick the cold shoulder, and Rick running home and crying on his bed (this is true, i’m not making it up…it’s hilarious) 
  4. Rick paying more attention to Michonne when he’s already in a relationship bc duh she’s family~