• Nijimura:Okay, cook something that matches your personality. I want ‘you’ on a plate. Got it?
  • Nijimura [on Kuroko]:It’s okay. Not the best but certainly not the worst.
  • Nijimura [on Kise]:Colorful and a mix of different flavors. Sweet, spicy, sour… etc.
  • Nijimura [on Akashi]:It’s perfect.
  • Nijimura [on Momoi]:You have to peel the skin! Everything's literally still got the skin on, even the fucking banana!
  • Nijimura [on Murasakibara]:There’s nothing on the plate… Did you even cook at all?!
  • Nijimura [on Aomine]:*immediately drinks a glass of water* That’s so spicy!!
  • Aomine:Because I’m too hot.
  • Nijimura [on Midorima]:…Too salty.

@theywaitforshewho requested “kiss on the chin”

(how it turned to french kissing, I’ll never know)

“Okay,” said Ladybug, tossing down her controller. “Loser has to do one thing for the winner, right?”

Adrien blinked rapidly at the victory card on his screen where his avatar was dancing at its win, feeling more than a little blindsided. How had that happened?

“Right,” he echoed numbly, wondering how the hell his ten-to-zero lose steak had ended on this match out of all of them.

“So,” said Ladybug, and when he finally tore his eyes away from the screen, he found her beaming, expectant and hopeful and almost a little smug. “Name your prize.”

It was her lips that held him for a second, as he wondered, for the umpteenth time, what it would be like to kiss her.

“A kiss.”

Ladybug’s eyes went wide.

Adrien clapped a hand over his mouth, as though the gesture could catch the words out of the air and stuff them back down his throat, face burning. He had not meant to say that aloud.

Ladybug wet her lips, dark gaze gone from shocked to intent.

Adrien’s heart stuttered to a stop.

“A kiss?”

Adrien nervously echoed her gesture, and nodded.

Ladybug tilted her head, eyes flicking down to his mouth like a match struck to light. “What kind of kiss?”

“What kind?” he parroted in a squeak, heart jumpstarted into climbing up his throat.

“Well,” she said, considering. “Where?”

Adrien could hardly believe his daring, but…


Ladybug blinked, slow and heavy-lidded, and crooked him a grin that hit him square in the chest with its nervous excitement.

She turned on the couch, kneeling first, then crawling towards him, and he didn’t realize he was backing away until his back hit the arm.

He was treated to the sight of her eyes fluttering shut, burning blue hidden behind thick ‘lashes and a scarlet mask, and then something soft and damp nudged his chin.

Kiss, that was a kiss, Ladybug kissed him, Ladybug kissed him

“Oops,” Ladybug breathed, pulling back a scant three centimeters. She grinned again, even more mischievous this time. “I missed.”

If his face had been red before…

She brushed another kiss to his jaw, sing-songing, “Missed again.”

“You h-have terrible aim,” he managed to say, blood pounding in his ears and limbs tingling.

She pouted and kissed the corner of his mouth, mumbling, “I’m getting better…” against his skin.

Unable to take any more, Adrien wrapped a hand around the back of her neck and turned his head, clumsily mashing her teasing lips against his own.

Ladybug gasped.

It was a warm sound, a sweet sound, one accompanied by the feeling of her grabbing him by the lapels and hauling him closer.

Adrien moaned, an involuntary noise he instantly regretted, because it covered one of Ladybug’s. He cut off the sound, instinctively opening up to her inquisitive tongue, only to moan even louder when it brushed against his own.

She was the who broke the kiss, pulling away with a slick, wet sound and a breathy sigh, and Adrien bit his lip to stifle the noises that still wanted to escape.

She squirmed against him, hips rolling and thighs shifting, and whispered, low and flirty, “Congratulations, hot stuff.”

Adrien was too busy biting his lip until it bled to formulate a coherent response to that.

When Barry’s stuck in the mirror, Iris asks him if her pants made her butt look bigger and he says: “I’m literally stuck in mirror”, I think what he means is: “Gurl, ain’t no red pillows up here and this suit too tight. Staph playing!!!” No one can convince me otherwise. 😂
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