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so i forgot that Mic is just screaming,,,,for like an hour ?? during the Final Exam and like,,,,i hope we hear him scream for a good 10mins straight


3rd time’s the charm. Here are my yoi playlists that I keep failing to link properly too, so uhh…

edit: changed from ‘Star Panlions’ to 'Star Lahnce’

Yuuri Katsuki playlist / art by @zephyrine-gale

Victor Nikiforov playlist / art by @zephyrine-gale (again)

Victuri playlist / art by @zephyrine-gale (I just really love your art, I’m sorry)


my dashboard is basically nothing but complaining so i’m just gonna remind y’all that ea has said about 346893469 times they don’t support mods so they don’t take them into account when they update their game or add in new things. plus did you really think pets weren’t going to break literally everything, since they’re a new creature that interacts with sims and the world around them??

you raised hell for pets for 84 years. now you’re going to get pets and you’re mad that they’re breaking mods. but if they didn’t give you pets, you’d still be raising hell that they didn’t give them to you. y’all need to reevaluate and relax.