Glory!! The 90th Summer Koshien Champions, Seido High!!!

This is how DnA is gonna end and you can’t convince me otherwise. I need to see the Ace number on Ei’s back and see them win Koshien together before I die. @misawaday

Note: Poses referenced from the manga. 

I dunno, Trump was the candidate no one believed could ever garner as much support as he did

Bernie was also the candidate no one believed could garner as much support as he did.

Trump was like the guy you couldn’t in your wildest dreams imagine existing, like you couldn’t believe someone so horrible could actually exist and be popular.

Bernie was like the guy you couldn’t in your wildest dreams imagine existing, like you couldn’t believe someone so honest and so dedicated to values you too have held your entire life.

The man was just.


When you’re interested in history and politics, you see a lot of fucked up things.

You read about horrible things we’ve done to one another and are still doing to one another, and all the systems in place dedicated to keeping the same abuses of power in place.

It’s tiring and you just think god why can’t we have a politician who doesn’t play partisan puppet and change their viewpoints according to whatever they think can get them re elected.

Why can’t we have a politician who genuinely cares about people and wants to help his people because he feels its his and the government’s duty to do so?

And then Bernie appeared as a presidential candidate and it was like wow, where have you been my whole life?

I’d never loved any politician more than Bernie.

Well, Elizabeth warren, maybe, but as a person and as a politician, I mean.

I saw Bernie live at a rally once and he was just such a kind person.

He didn’t do things because they would make him look good.

He just had instant connections with people regardless of religion, skin color, anything.

He was what Americans should be.

Honest, dedicated to democracy, and desiring to help other Americans AND non-Americans be the best that they could be.

I mean fuck, I told you, a Muslim student asked him about islamophobia and he hugged her.


He opened the floor for discussions because he wanted to hear the people speak, goddamnit, the man loves democracy so much that he allowed people at the rally to ask him any question they wanted, and then he answered their questions.

And then when she asked him about discrimination, I mean Bernie is Jewish, he hugged her and everyone in the crowd just fell in love with him.

Even my more cynical conservative friend was shaking his head and smiling and he said, “I…I don’t agree with his policies but he’s so…so nice, shit.”

Like yes.

Yes he is.

Damn, his policies might not have been the strongest, but that’s not the point. A president doesn’t wield power like a dictator, or at least they shouldn’t.

A president speaks to the people and influences their thoughts, influences congress.

Bernie Sanders as president of the United States would’ve been a symbol of change and the desire to clear out all the bad air between parties and force the system to change for the better.

Maybe we weren’t going to make college free, ok?

But we would’ve had a president who cares about education.

And maybe that would’ve helped us move towards making it more available for all.

I’m sorry.

I’m just still.


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aaahh you're making me want to watch black sails. what's it about?

forget what you saw. run. run while you still can.

There ain't not body, ain't no witness, so y'all go mind your business

Slow roasted pork = food heaven. I cooked a 9lb pork roast in the oven all afternoon and oh my goodness. I made a layered sweet potato and apple baked thing to go with it. I may pass out now from a happy belly.

Quote from Trouble 1: “Squirrels live all over the place, but not in Alabama.” In her defense, she’s never been to Alabama, so she really isn’t an expert. I did, however, assure her that I’ve been there and Alabama has plenty of squirrels.

Do women truly biologically hit a sexual peak in their late thirties and forties? Or is it actually just a combination of getting past the stress and utter exhaustion of having extremely young children, plus getting to the point where you know what works (or doesn’t) for your body, and maybe that your partner has learned along with you (or has equal years of experience)(or maybe you’re just picking better partners)? Of course, this is all just academic conjecture. Of course.

Speaking of age: I’m trying to take better care of my skin. Again. I don’t think I’ve paid this much attention to my face since I was 19. I’m using it as an excuse to knit and crochet myself some nice washcloths, specifically reserved for my bathroom and my facial cleansing. Mine mine mine.

Sometimes when I iron or fold clothes, my music choices get a little suspect. That may be in part to the fact I do most of my laundry after the kids go to bed, and there is frequently alcohol involved. There may or may not also be singing. You can probably blame a lot of my weird lyrical title choices on this, too.

I finally got around to talking to my personal computer guru type person today about getting all of my “official” author stuff rolling: real website, social media presence, etc. Yikes. I’ll keep y'all posted. Does this mean I have to learn to tweet? Ugh. Old lady does not like. Tumblr is kind of my limit.

I wonder how may porn bots I’ll have to delete tomorrow because of that third point? I’ll keep a tally, just for shits and giggles. Sleep tight, peeps….

1D Hiatus: Day 434

* Louis and Niall arrive in London, meet fans at the airport

* Unseen picture of Harry and Kendall Jenner at Kendall’s birthday party last year comes out

* Louis posts a picture on Instagram

It’s Feb 19th, 2017.


Kids are Awesome.

#Notodofails edición niños.