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The cast of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE congratulate Andre Braugher on his EMMY nomination.

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Doing this on anon to avoid comments, lol. But, a lot of people on both Tumblr and twitter have said your recent Levi and Hange fanart is like.. ship hate towards Eru//RI and you're disrespecting Erw/in's death because it's like you're celebrating your ship when he just died.. all which I think is utter bs, I just wanted to know if you were aware of these comments/ your thoughts? I feel like these people are just reaching to be salty/ just posed in general.. I just don't think it's fair (1)

I drew that picture because I saw that art of goku and vegeta fist bumping and laughed at the height difference and wanted to try it with levi and hange, and it made me emotional thinking of them as the only two veterans left after losing absolutely everyone important to them from their time as soldiers. granted the timing wasn’t ideal but even in like a year if I posted a drawing of them making out on the battlefield, someone’s gonna get pissed off thinking I’m rubbing it in someone’s face. like what’s the length of time I have to wait before I post a drawing like that? are there set rules? should I have waited a year? or two? 

I know some people want to view me as some kind of heinous levi x hange fanatic overlord, sitting in front of a computer screen and cackling maniacally over my own douchebag schemes but I barely draw levi and hange anymore. I’m nowhere near as invested in them as I once was, and as difficult as it is to believe there’s no evil shipping agenda or conspiracy behind the drawing, there really wasn’t. I didn’t agree to the weird politics in this fan base, I don’t care enough about it anymore to have that kind of misguided passion, I pretty much keep my sidebar pic as levi and hange out of habit and because I know when I inevitably change it I’m gonna get messages I always get lately because I don’t draw them as much “YOU DONT SHIP THEM ANYMORE AWWW NOO”. I just drew it for the same reason I draw all my dumb art; because it’s fun. no hidden or malicious agenda. it wasn’t a big middle finger to anyone in the fan base or to erwin dying. if someone wants to spend time being pissed off about it and putting every negative connotation they can think of behind a drawing then nothing I say or do will change that. 

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Children of the Gods: Nike, Winged Goddess of Victory

It pays never to bet against a child of Nike. Victory runs through their veins, wings sprout from their backs to glide them over battlefields. With their limbs empowered with strength and speed, Nike’s children are more often than not standing among the victorious, taking places of honour on the podiums of any and all competitions. Relentless, determined, and stubborn, these demigods will fight to the end, to victory.

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