The love triangle between Jonathan, Steve, and Nancy is so!!! well!!! executed!!! Like once you meet the three of them the first thought that pops through my head is “jfc another teenage love triangle between the popular asshole and the *~*edgy loner*~* and a pretty girl” but then they totally pull the carpet out from under you and make all three of them their own characters. Steve is way more developed and isn’t the typical jock/asshole/popular boy. We learn more about Jonathan and Nancy turns into a kind and compassionate girl and it’s just??? So good??? And the love triangle isn’t super distinct, Jonathan and Steve don’t fight over Nancy like she’s a prize. It’s just so good. 

  • Ranpo:My favorite thing to do is act like I can’t understand something very simple when someone is explaining it to me. So I could see how dumb they think I am.
  • Yosano:This, my dear, is called deception.
  • Ranpo:What do you mean?
  • Yosano:It’s a form of dishonesty that you are using for self gain or amusement. It’s actually quite sophisticated stuff. Well done.
  • Ranpo:Sorry, I don’t get it?