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May 3, 2015 // Sunday’s child works hard for a living

My Saturday was excellent. I read a lot, waited for Princess Kate and Baby Cambridge to make some sort of appearance (I kind of love her), made potato salad and walked outside with my husband. Since my Saturday was kind of relaxing and quietly nice, I decided to do my work on Sunday, instead.

So far, I’ve set my weekly goals, organised and planned my meals for the next week and a half. I’m going to start studying now. There’s lots to do; Friday was kind of a wasted day. I only got one hour of studying done, since I woke up with a heavy headache and spent the day generally feeling really ill and tired. I’m excited/nervous for my thesis meeting tomorrow, I hope he’ll approve of the work I did but also that he hasn’t given up on me and wants to continue to be my supervisor. Fingers crossed!

waiting for ballet to let out

There are two medium evil women in here swapping my-mother-in-law-is-a-judgmental-pain-in-the-ass stories. Funny but mean and a little uncomfortable.

Someone’s tow-headed toddler keeps peeking through the doorway, giggling delightedly, and waddling away.

The mixed martial arts studio space is in my line of sight and right now there’s a stream of fit, attractive men arriving for class. It’s awful. Truly. I’m so miserable. Booooooo.

After class, I’m taking Adelaide to lunch and then either the farm or the zoo. Ride a pony or milk a cow? Her life is full of hard choices.

anonymous asked:

It looked like George just came out of a nap or something! He's a bit droopy I think? He's a cutie patootie and that little yawn he did before his father carted him inside the hospital. I can't wait for all four coming out of that door! :D Such a great Saturday, no?

he seemed a bit overwhelmed by the camera, but he was so well behaved! ah i just love him so much! will & kate make such cute babies ;_; it has been the best saturday!! can’t believe it’s all over & done with!

7 Scriptures For Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao's 'Fight of the Century'

7 Scriptures For Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao’s ‘Fight of the Century’

The fight that everyone has been waiting for between Manny Pacquiao and money man, Floyd Mayweather Jr. takes place Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Pacquiao has previously spoken out about being happy to share his faith and his belief in God while Mayweather has said on numerous occasions “God is first in his life”. That being said we can assume that these two men will have a nice…

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Noragami Volume 13 Bonus Material - Part 1

Noragami volume 13 was released earlier this month, and as always, there were some parody comics in the back.  There’s actually an extra parody comic this time around dealing with the second anime season, but I’ve run out of time tonight to translate it, and tomorrow and Saturday I’ll be working on Chapter 54, so that’ll have to wait until Saturday night or Sunday.  In the meantime, here’s the main gag comics.


And here it is! The Special-Egg-Thursday- no.. wait.. Saturday.. with some special.. follower.. Oh whatever it is a Special-Giveaway!


1. Place
One water sprite; two unhatched water-eggs; one wavebreak snarler, one diver emblem and 99 Isopods (one isopod gives 7 foodpoints)

2. Place
One familiar from the gem-marketplace of you choice; two unhatched water-eggs: one wavebreak snarler, one diver emblem and 99 Glowslugs (one glowslug gives 5 foodpoints)

3. Place
One Lavaborne hoax (it’s blue, don’t ask); one unhatched water-egg, one wavebreak snarler; one diver emblem and 99 flying fish (one gives 5 foodpoints)

4. Place
One Jawlocker; one unhatched water-egg; one diver emblem and 99 Redstreak frilled eels (one gives 4 foodpoints)

The Rules!
You don’t have to be following me
Reblog with your username and ID
Likes don’t count
One entry per person
This giveaway ends Monday at 10am FR-Time

Good luck!

Clone Club

Pls if you’re going to watch OB3x02 pls do NOT post anything. Do not post at all in the tags. Be respectful of those of us who don’t want to be spoiled with content that is not supposed to be on the web yet. No, I am not blacklisting #obspoilers cos like I said, there shouldn’t be ANY 3x02 content that hasn’t be advertised by the OBCrew. That’s not cool.

So be respectful of those of use who will wait til next Saturday.

WIP of (Hito-)Koro & Neuro ♥ 

i still in a very urgent need of AU where the 2 meet each others, IDC if its either post-experiment or pre-experiment Koro-sensei, i just NEED the 2 to meet each others oh god(= Matsui-sensei) plz listen to my prayer /sobs ;▽;

anyway xD;; that “Hito-Koro” is just a nickname i gave to Koro-sensei when’s he’s still human, & the nick also works as many puns, which can be either as:

  • 人殺(し) = hito koro(shi) = “murderer” (well considering his ol’ job as a hit man/assassin)
  • 人頃 = hito koro = which can be translated as “when still human”
  • 人コロ(せんせー)= hito koro(-sensei) = “human koro-sensei”

& i will stick with that nickname till his actual name is revealed LOL  |D 

This set comes out Saturday morning everyone!! I’ve been waiting forever for this set and I love it so! Keep your eyes peeled! 👀 @reedandweep and I in “Tender Love” shot by @alissa_brunelli 😁😚 #suicidegirls @suicidegirls #sgbesties

Chocolate Milk Pt. 2/2

Or the awkward “we met in a bar” AU in which Clarke makes a fool of herself and Bellamy is extremely amused.

Part 1 can be found here.


Clarke really wished that she could say she waited patiently and with an air of casual disinterest for Saturday and her date (was it a date?) with Bellamy.  She wished she could say she was a mature 20-something who didn’t get butterflies in the pit of her stomach when she thought about the hot bartender who somehow had not been completely turned off by her making the world’s biggest fool out of herself.

Unfortunately, that was not the case.

“Jesus Christ, Clarke,” Raven exclaimed, throwing herself off Clarke’s bed.  “You’re not going to a ball.  Just put on something nice.”

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Guess who the speaker for my graduation was?! 

NASA head tells Pitt grads their generation will ‘walk the face of Mars’

By Mike Wereschagin

Almost exactly 25 years ago, Charles Frank Bolden Jr. looked out his front window and waited.

About 30 miles ahead, covering four and a half miles every second, the Hubble Space Telescope floated freely for the first time. Bolden and the rest of the crew of the space shuttle Discovery, who deployed the telescope a quarter-century ago Saturday, spent much of the next day waiting for ground control to tell them the telescope’s lens hatch had opened and let in the first rays of starlight.

Most of the 6,000 University of Pittsburgh graduates he spoke to Sunday have never known a sky without it, said Bolden, administrator of NASA, retired Marine Corps general, former combat and test pilot and veteran of four shuttle missions.

“You’re part of the generation that will travel to an asteroid, that will walk the face of Mars — and, yes, return home safely,” Bolden said in his keynote address at Pitt’s graduation ceremony in the Petersen Events Center in Oakland.

NASA is preparing for those manned missions with a budget that’s never been a smaller share of federal spending. The agency gets less than one-half of 1 percent of the federal budget, down from a high during the Apollo program of nearly 4 percent.

Since the Senate confirmed Bolden in 2009 as NASA’s 12th leader, he has presided over the end of the shuttle program, leaving the agency without manned spaceflight capability for the first time since Alan Shepard became the first American in space in 1961.

“We are not giving the nation more for less. I don’t want anybody to believe that that can happen,” Bolden told the Tribune-Review during an interview before his address. But he insisted Mars is within reach.

Contracts have replaced in-house capabilities. The private firms SpaceX and Orbital Sciences ferry cargo into orbit, and Russia’s space program carries Americans to the International Space Station.

“Today NASA doesn’t provide access to low-Earth orbit. We buy it,” Bolden said in the interview. “… It cost us $2 billion a year to maintain the shuttle — for the standing army, the facilities and everything — and that was whether we flew or not. Today we pay a set price for cargo. We pay a set price for crew. And if the provider doesn’t fly, they don’t get paid.”

NASA will rely on the same kind of outsourcing to fit manned missions to an asteroid and then Mars into NASA’s sliver of the federal budget, Bolden said. Its Orion capsule, scheduled to return NASA to manned spaceflight in 2017, will reach deep space by attaching to a crew module that’s being designed and built by the European Space Agency, he said.

The spike in funding that enabled the Apollo program — spurred by the Soviet Union and catalyzed by President John F. Kennedy’s pledge to reach the moon within 10 years — is not likely to recur in a world without a competitor comparably sized to the United States, Bolden said.

“There’s no bad Russian Bear out there,” he said.

He maintained that NASA does not need a similar funding spike to get to Mars, but lamented slipping federal support for scientific research.

A Trib analysis of federal research spending recently found that grants to Pittsburgh universities and hospitals were $127 million lower in 2014 than they were 10 years earlier, adjusted for inflation.

“We should feel threatened by the fact that we are lagging the rest of the world in science and technology and research and development — the things that this university does, for example,” Bolden said in the interview. “… That’s what universities used to thrive on. That’s where this nation became so great. It’s because we were doing research and development here in the nursery of future leaders, in the breeding ground of future leaders.

“We don’t do that to the same degree that we used to.”

Bolden, who received an honorary doctorate in public service at the ceremony, told graduates that the “planet has a very big ‘help wanted’ sign on it.”

“I believe that your generation will take us to a better place, a place worthy of the planet I’ve been blessed to see from space — where its serenity and lack of political borders belies the truth of what sometimes happens down here on the ground.”




from Christina Brown

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