Keaton did not mind events like these ones all that much, despite his regular polite and formal behavior he put on on a daily basis. It gave him a chance to unwind, relax a little, and have a little fun before settling back into his work life– something he found equally fun, nonetheless, but a different kind of fun. Besides, he probably would not be putting that much time into this festival. He would most likely only show up for two of the days at the most; any more time than that was simply unnecessary. At the moment, he was on a good buzz, calm and collected as always as he lay back on one of the seating areas without a care in the world, cigarette in hand and occasionally taking a drag. “Can I help you?” the man murmured in a deep voice as he heard footsteps approaching him, still looking upwards with complete nonchalance, though of course, the hint of a small smirk on his lips.