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Why r u so mad I'm a jungkook Stan and it's not like Charlie did it on purpose ur acting immature tbh chill ppl can get his name wrong or any kpop idol name wrong sometimes. At least he tweeted saying he loved it focus on that it's OKAY....

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Talking about Laura, my favourite thing in Act III was her never being able to keep her hands off Carmilla. Her ribs/sides when they were kissing, her legs!thighs when they were at the desk, the way her hands were always in her hair. I hope we get all that intimacy in the movie because it's honestly so incredible to see a fully realised love story like theirs on screen. What Natasha and Elise give to these roles, we're honestly so fucking lucky

THE FUCKING DESK BLOCKING OUR VIEW IS HOMOPHOBIC.  The only time it was ever good for was the desk fucking.

I really really really really want to see Hollstein holding hands, swaying it around, while walking.  We sort of got that in the ending credits.  We never really see them outside in an environment that allows them to walk around together.  God, just thinking about Hollstein being girlfriends I’m going to start a support group bc I can’t handle this myself.  

I hope Natasha and Elise get to work with each other again bc it’s a shame if they don’t with their chemistry that they only really got to show off at it’s best for a little bit.  I want to really see what they’re capable of, like far beyond what C*rmilla can do for them.


My Spring Altar -

I don’t really celebrate Ostara, but I do sort of celebrate St.Patrick’s day. Here in the US, like Cinco de Mayo is more a celebration of Mexican heritage than a celebration of the defeat of the French by the people of Puebla, St, Patrick’s day has become a celebration of Irish heritage. During March, which is busy with birthdays and anniversaries, I like to do a low-key celebration of my Irish/Scottish roots around St. Patrick’s day. (My mothers maiden name is Connor and her paternal grandmother, my great-grandma Rose, who I knew as a child before she passed, was a Dewar). I cook and get a nice whiskey or scotch and just chill with my hubby! We eat and listen to Celtic music and game and chill out! We tell stories and laugh and dance in the kitchen while we clean or cook! I plan on inviting my bro and sis-in-law this year!

I set up my altar in three parts, and decorate with spring greens, spring flowers, Celtic knots, and other symbols of my heritage. This year I made a “crystal altar” of sorts and set my crystals and stone outs, to cleanse and charge at my leisure and by my salt lamp. In the middle I have my “heritage” altar. I need to get some Dewar scotch as an offering to my ancestors there. And the last third is my altar to the Good Neighbors, aka the Fae sidhe. I am still unpacking and looking for my fairy glass ball, aka seeing ball. She will go in the middle of that space. I just got a new offering bowl that looks like a leaf for that part of my altar. It’s so cute! I really like how it all came together!

A lot of my altar came from the Dollar tree over the years - the flowers, vase, oil warmer, altar clothes, Irish decor and a few candle holders came from there. There are a few things from thrift stores and yard sales. My crystals are from @bekkathyst’s shop, mostly. Other things were gifts or came from my work (on sale and at a discount) or I got for free (like the wands I collected on walks) or I made. I really love my altar and I love how I didn’t have to break the bank to get it how I want it!

Have you are all having a happy spring, no matter how you celebrate it!

“I mean, I simply tried to appear in front of you in a form that you recognize as godly,” said the god. “A long beard and a nightshirt seem to be the thing, although the facial hair is a little puzzling.”
“It’s a sign of wisdom,” said Ridcully.
“Said to be,” said Ponder, who’d never been able to grow one.
“Wisdom: insight, acumen, learning,” said the god thoughtfully. “Ah. The length of the hair improves the operation of the cognitive functions? Some sort of cooling arrangement, perhaps?”
“Never really thought about it,” said Ridcully.
“The beard gets longer as more wisdom is acquired?” said the god.
“I’m not sure it’s actually a case of cause and effect,” Ponder ventured.

– on wisdom and beards | Terry Pratchett, The Last Continent

this is corny but i’m just so glad that something good happened, something to really be happy about, something where i don’t come online and see bitter and upset posts, something where i can talks to my friends and we’re all really happy. just something that makes us smile and feel a little bit safer in the world…i think we all need that a little bit right now

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So i personally headcanon that Sans can see souls just because he knows what your lv and exp is at, so how do you think he would react upon seeing a black soul human in the Underground??

I’m pretty sure all of the Monsters can see your SOUL, LV, & EXP, he’s just the only one to point it out. - M.M.


It catches him off-guard, but he never really comments on it unless he’s gotta. S’none of his business anyway. He still keeps an eye on them–something’s gotta be up for this sort of thing to have happened. He’s caught between being really scared of them & for them, because who knows what someone with a SOUL like that could cause in the Underground? He doesn’t know what they’re capable of, if they’re capable of anything at all. Even so, he does his best to treat them like he’d treat anyone else.


Shibata Aya’s Twitter 170226

柴田阿弥 ‏@_shibata_aya
12:23 PM - 26 Feb 2017

I can’t believe “Ubai Ai, Fuyu” will end next week 😭

柴田阿弥 ‏@_shibata_aya
9:43 PM - 26 Feb 2017

I went to RISEL today,
my hair is silky and shiny, so I’m happy〜💓

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gender is honestly such a Ride because like, while i identify as cis, it's not because i have any kind of strong affinity to it? i'm kinda not too fussed tbh, like if gender was suddenly not a thing it'd be like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but at the same time it being a thing (and me being a cis boy) is also ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (what is gender anyway if not all the societal norms/etc that people are made to conform to due to being either a ""girl"" or a ""boy""- can't wait for the day when gender norms aren't a thing)

I RELATE TO THIS!!! and i think that’s the case for a lot of cis folks? the sort of feeling where, for example, if i’d been assigned male at birth, i’d have been totally fine with that?? like i don’t really feel any sort connection to ‘being a girl’ if that makes sense. but yes 100% i’m always thinking about what gender really is because so much of gender and gendered behaviour comes from societal factors but obviously part of it is biology and in the brain because people do often tend to feel a strong affinity towards a specific gender…. it’s really interesting and weird to think about

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You're not dumb/stupid... If I ever see you say or tag yourself like that again, I will hunt you down and cover you in your favorite things and punch every reposter who has ever or will ever exist. Don't think I won't do it... Because I will!


but omg nooo i just. i’m dumb cos i didn’t realize how bad the comic was til i posted it. i literally drew it completely out of order, putting panels where ever they fit on a page to save paper [cos old poor ppl habits die hard lol] and when i scanned it, i just edited the panels all on their same out of order pages. and when i copied/pasted into tumblr, i was busy looking to make sure i sorted them out in the right order… so i didn’t really notice how bad it was til i posted and viewed it on my dashboard lmao…. like seeing it all together, I was like wwwwwwwow WOOOOW THIS IS. TRULY THE WORST THING I’VE EVER DRAWN???? and i slept on that and then felt really bad about it in the morning lol. [i think i made an apology post even??? i forget]

but yea this is what i meant by calling myself dumb xD the fact i drew it out of order and only realized i made a mistake after viewing it the next morning lol.

 reporting art theft is dumb and time consuming and it sucks, but it doesn’t usually bother me more than just being really annoying [unless ppl are making money, those times i get p mad]. but the past couple weeks this fuckin comic has been popping up a lot, so i think a big name reposter must have reposted it in the last month or something. cos before that i only saw it once or twice…

my Opinion on brendon singing camisado

(and other fever songs)

 Honestly, Brendon singing the songs is fine. If Ryan released them on an album for all the world to see, I don’t think he would really mind Brendon singing them even though he has left. And for fucks sake, bands sing songs written by former members all the time, ever heard of the Ramones? What I’m more…. iffy… about is Brendon singing the songs Ryan wrote while acting like he never existed (ie, refusing to say his name like he’s Voldemort). While I’m not asking for a MLA 8 formatted citation of Ryan’s lyrics, a bit of recognition would be nice. 

Either way, in the end it’s not up to me (or any of us), and it’s really for Ryan/Brendon to sort out (if it’s even an issue). If Ryan was really upset about it, he would probably make a complaint to Fueled by Ramen or Brendon. 

I’m probably lame for saying this but while la la land was…cute and unique for the time period we are in, I do not understand all the gushing over it. I didn’t leave the theater feeling like I learned anything or witnessed something utterly satisfying and new

I think an amateur who favors animated films such as myself definitely must have a totally distorted position on filmmaking (not to say animated films are lesser, just they know what their audience is and are typically recycled) but I never really thought something that was perfectly simple should get higher praise than something well done but flawed, yet utterly ambitious and impactful. It happens very often with just about any sort of art, literature, work, or storytelling, really.

You are going to tell me that the DEO did not pick up ANY OF THOSE MODIFICATIONS ON JEREMIAH’S BODY?!




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I had a sort of similar situation (kinda not really XD) as the last anon. I became friends with someone who likes bts but when I told her my bias was jimin, she shoved me. It was sort of playful but she shoved me pretty hard. There were a lot of bunch of other signs that she wasn't a good friend so I ended up ignoring her.

oh yikes wtf thats so ugly,, i rly Dislike ppl who are overly possessive of their faves like its not that deep

A first date with Leon Vance would involve:

  • It’ll definitely be somewhere kinda fancy or uppidty. Maybe an expensive restaurant or a gala that he has to attend
  • Brings you flowers regardless; a whole bouquet, in fact. For Vance, it’s go big or go home
  • Is a gentleman the entire time. Does that whole holding doors open and pushing in your chair thing
  • Asks all sorts of questions about your life and your job. I think Vance would be really old-fashioned when it came to getting to know his date. And he listens carefully to what you say
  • He’ll end up talking about his job and his kids a lot
  • Laughs and smiles a lot. Like outside of work, I think Vance would smile a lot more than usual. Especially while on a date
  • Is definitely the type of guy who would walk you to your door. Both because he wants to say goodnight and for your safety
  • And he’ll text you later that night, saying that he had fun and hoping you could do it again

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