So I’ve just realized something that pisses me off even more than Robin dying. Regina’s whole arc has been about redemption. It’s been about making good choices instead of bad ones, of clawing your way out of the darkness to find light. Her story, to me anyway, is about finding hope when you never thought you would have it again. It’s about finding happiness in unexpected places. It’s about forgiveness. It’s about love. Regina’s story means so much to me, in so many different ways. I don’t care who you ship, but that fact that Robin was able to meet Regina, know exactly who she was and what she’s done upon meeting her and immediately see under the mask of The Evil Queen is fucking remarkable. He saw a mother going through living hell. He saw a women broken. He knew she was not truly the monster the stories made her out to be, not anymore. He saw Regina and he knew that she was worthy of a second chance. Eventually, she found that second chance with him. Or so she thought, I guess. I saw a post tonight about how Regina is never allowed to be happy for more than one season, and it’s true. To quote Isaac, she really does get screwed over the most. She’s lost her first love, her father, her mother, her sister, she’s even lost her son at times over the course of this show. And now she’s lost her soulmate. Outlaw Queen was about second chances at love. I think that everyone identities with Regina in different ways, and the reason I love her so much is because I’ve literally lived through parts of her story. I’ve had the person I love die in my arms. I’ve had the person I loved most literally forget who I am. The pain and the anger and the fear we see in young Regina, the darkness that’s brewing in her after Daniel’s death, I see that in myself. Her story reminds me to always try and look towards the light instead of the dark. Her story has really helped me, as I suppose it has for many of us Evil Regals out there. And then along came Outlaw Queen. The idea that Robin could see the light in Regina, hand in hand with the dark, and love both of those parts of her really struck a chord with me. It comforted me and gave me hope that someone could love me as I am, with the dark and the light, with my burdens and my regrets. I’m not at all surprised that Robin is dying. The writers have never treated him with the regard that he deserves and maybe we should even be happy for Sean Maguire that he’s getting away from this hell of a show. The thing that really pisses me off is how this all effects Regina and her storyline. Because no matter what decisions she seems to make, she keeps getting punished. She let Robin go presumably so that his wife could live, and she ends up with her sister raping him just to get back at her. She went to the Underworld to help Emma, because she loves her and considers her family. Even when she was given a way out, she stayed. And now as a consequence Robin is going to die. She is consistently being punished for her good, righteous choices. Instead of showing us how hard it can be to be in a relationship when you’ve never trusted a single person in you’re whole life to stay and support you, or how this baby will affect their relationship, or how difficult it can be to blend families, or literally any other more compelling story, they are ripping Robin away from her. Regina’s story used to be about love. 

Now it’s about pain.

I have no idea what the writers think they’re doing. This is the cherry on top of the cluster fuck that is this season. Maybe they’re doing it for dramatic effect, maybe Sean wanted out, maybe they think this is somehow necessary to feed whatever plot line they’ve set up for next season. I have no idea. What I really think they need to be worried about is what message they’re sending. They’re saying that redemption really isn’t possible. Yes, Regina has definitely changed her way of thinking and she’s on Team Hero and she’s repaired her relationship with her son. I’m not denying that. But she made the good choices. She’s consistently chose the high road this season. What does she get in return? Her heartbroken. Again. Fucking great. It doesn’t seem to matter what Regina does, the end result is pain. How is this women, who has the greatest capacity to love of anyone on this show, going to trust in romantic love ever again? My biggest fear for Regina at this point is how she’s ever going to let herself fall in love again? Both of the men she loved (three if you include Henry) have died in front of her. 

Honest to fucking god. This show is supposed to be about hope. Outlaw Queen was about hope. I’m watching the entire foundation of this ship crumble at the hands of incompetent, insensitive asshole writers and they probably don’t even know they’re doing it. Robin Hood deserves better. His children deserve better. Sean Maguire deserves better. And for fucks sake, Regina Mills deserves better than to have her heart ripped to shreds every goddamn time even a glimmer of happiness comes into her life. Show me that she can find love and happiness with the people around you after a lifetime of darkness and shitty decision making. Show Regina that those good choices are actually freakin’ worth it. That’s the real redemption. 

In conclusion, fuck you OUAT writers. 

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Because maybe, GARNET is the name of Garnet her own character, to which if you search her tag, YOU’LL ONLY GET PICTURES OF GARNET

Now, if you wanna see Ruby and Sapphire doing cute couple things, then you search Rupphire where you would get RUBY and SAPPHIRE doing couple things

guys, something just came into my mind and you’re gonna hate me for it

while watching the kiss in detail i noticed something. sara’s face was sad and a bit desperate, and i think i saw tears in her eyes. why would she be sad while kissing leonard? and then it dawned on me.

the ep is called destiny, and the press release said len would learn he can be a hero. and what do heroes do? they sacrifice themselves to protect people.

guys. i think len will sacrifice himelf to save the team. maybe he’ll even say it’s his destiny, and his decision will make him a hero in his eyes.

that’s why sara looks so sad while kissing him. it’s a goodbye kiss.


The Legend of Zelda symbols: the Eye Symbol.

anyways. today is yom hashoah, a day to remember the 6 million Jews (and 5 million gays, disabled people, and romani people) that died as a result of hatred and ignorance. never forget my great grandmother or the rest of the innocent people that were gassed to death in chambers and had their identity stripped from them, the people who’s bodies were burned so that the nazis could get rid of the evidence. today I’m thinking and praying for Jewish people all around the world, and especially in light of the recent hate crimes in France. לשנה הבאה בירושלים.


11.20 | Reasons I love Sam: [ 8/∞ ]:
↳ He ran to reseal the vent leaking a deadly contagion without even a moment’s hesitation.

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26 andriel hahahahaahaha :'''''''(

Ways You Say I Love You:
#26: Broken, as you clutch the sleeve of my jacket and beg me not to leave

  • ok check thyself please this is gonna be painful
  • so andrew and neil don’t really say I love you
  • they don’t do cutesy things in front of the public or the fans or even the other foxes
  • and when they do, it’s a giant shock
  • the foxes still, essentially, think they’re just fucking
  • believe me, there’s a lot of that
  • but the foxes don’t see them when they’re away from everyone else
  • when they’re wandering around alleys in columbia and neil asks “yes or no” and slips his hand into andrew’s when andrew says “yes”
  • when neil has a panic attack because he’s too stressed and the lights and music and toxic air of eden’s twilight becomes too much, and andrew makes him sit on the counter in the bathroom and holds the back of his neck until he comes down
  • when they’re laying in andrew’s bed in the dorm, before kevin wakes up and they just breathe together and hold each other (and themselves) together after the nightmares
  • but the moriyamas see more than they let on though

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