21/100 days of productivity | quite honestly, i was incredibly stressed yesterday night because of all the things i had to do. or, rather, by the thought of what i had to do. because i was really busy yesterday night, and therefore couldn’t get some of my tasks done as i had planned, i started panicking and thought that by falling behind my schedule i had therefore created 2x the amount of work for myself this upcoming weekend. everything was jumbled up in my mind, and i wasn’t even sure what i needed to complete, except that it seemed like A Lot. 

but then, right before i went to bed, i decided to just dump everything i had to do out onto my bullet journal—no structure, and no logic or coherence to the order that i chose to write down all my tasks. i just wrote down everything and anything that came to my mind that i knew i had to complete this weekend. after i finished doing that, and looked over my list, i realized that although i did have quite a few tasks that i was supposed to do, it wasn’t as bad as i had built it up in my head to be!! it was still manageable, as long as i planned out my time wisely. also, the fact that i had built in buffer time into my pre-planned timeline/schedule (bless my past self……) helped as well hehe

my advice to everyone if you too are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to complete is to just write everything out, split it up into smaller tasks, and just work steadily (even if you have to do it slowly) at it. it’s a lot less stressful once i saw what i needed to do written out and not as a jumbled mess in my mind ^-^

Remember when someone asked if my sister and I were twins

Well she showed up at our house today wearing the exact same sweater. We both bought them at Target, because they were on sale, duh. Pretty sure we don’t look like twins though. Just goofy. Also the family enjoyment of on-sale clothes is clearly strong.

Who wore it better? 

prince-of-space asked:

I understand that you've taken the proper precautions with your RWBY art, tagging them as spoilers, but I have to ask, and this is inclusive of you, not aimed solely at you: Why do you feel the need to put up pieces of art that directly spoil big parts of the show as soon as it comes out for sponsors? Why can't you just wait 24 hours before its available to the public? [1]

[2] There are already tons of gifs, images and fanart of one of the biggest spoilers for the next episode, and THE GENERAL PUBLIC CAN’T EVEN WATCH THE EPS YET??? I understand you’re hyped and excited about it, but you guys are sponsors! You have a 24 hour advantage over those of us who financially can’t afford sponsorship, and you just throw it all in our faces by posting tons of spoiler art and gifs all over the place.

because im excited for the episode and want to share my excitement with my friends? ahah

i personally try to tag all of my spoilers, but its not guaranteed i’ll remember to tag all of them. 

if its a big deal then download tumblr savior or xkit to block words including ‘rwby’ ‘spoilers’ and so on, or avoid tumblr all together. 

people getting excited over shows on tumblr immediately as they’re released is not a new thing, there will be a lot of people not tagging or forgetting to tag. if its a problem then please unfollow me either temporarily until the episode is out or altogether if this will be a problem, i won’t mind. these are the things i would do sometimes during volume 2 since i wasn’t a sponsor. 

i saved enough money to become a sponsor these past two months so i wanted to enjoy the perks, sorry for the inconvenience.