Markiplier Reaction Gif Series: THIS

Someone asked me a while ago to make “this” set and a different one. Ever since then I’ve been combing through recent videos, looking for any time Mark points upward. I’ve finally collected enough to justify a set.

Please enjoy. 

All these gifs (plus two pictures) were made by me, and all are free to use, no credit required. Plese reblog them and spread them around so everyone can have a set of THIS gifs from Markiplier. 

All are 299 px or smaller  so they won’t stretch or distort when used in text posts. 

Please, take and use for all your emphasizing needs!! 

Track #markiplierreactionset for updates to this series, and know that all of my gifs are public domain (take and use without credit) unless otherwise stated. 

(That last one doesn’t have giant obnoxious borders, I just put buffers in there to give you a better estimate of its proper size. Click through all gifs to see actual size, some are cropped weirdly by Tumblr)


i was tagged by winter-senpai for the 20 (14) beautiful people challenge!! thank u so much aa <3

i tag arogogo mintiel funashi sleeposaurus toastoat freebearhugsandkittens faranya komaydah charapi fairykiid juuzoucore senro its-a-corpse-party and sandyclavvs! i hope you are all ok with being referred to as beautiful hhh

this “wait for the official word” stuff is so silly. there’s never going to be an “official word”. the shameless people are not going to take to twitter and be like, “we have an announcement. noel fisher is never returning. bye #gallavich fans!”. lmao. the closest you will ever get is closer to season six when actual tv writers start asking about noel and mickey’s character, and the response will be something like this: “well you never know, it’s possible that mickey could return any minute now or in season timey-wimey bimbledee doo, so just keep tuning in so you won’t miss it! by the way we have lots of discounted #gallavich merch available in the showtime store!”

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To make things brief, my friend does not see the appeal in his face and I thought instead of using my own words to argue pointlessly, I can show her that there IS in fact a lot of other people that agree with me and also find him frustratingly, incredibly, ridiculously, aesthetically pleasing.

I mean, strength in numbers, right?

Hello to everybody who decided to follow me in spite of my url and hello to everybody who decided to follow me because of my url. 
(thank you for following me I love you you’re all so nice I’m so happy!)

Sorry, I’m going to talk about myself for 5 minutes, please bear with me.

I am so happy!
I’ve been studying abroad for something like 8 months but now my year is finally over! Which means I’ll finally go home! I just can’t wait.

I mean, Wales was great, I loved it, but I miss my SUNNY town y’know.

Basically, tomorrow I’ll go to Paris (I hope I’ll get to see that Eiffel Tower omg) then I’ll take the plane to go home. I. CAN’T. WAIT.

That’s all. ~ Sorry, I am so excited I had to share it. 
I hope everybody is going to have a great day like mine right now. :))