Okay so here’s an awesome idea from theghostof-sherlockholmes after my actual deer Dipper art, where Dipper, feeling guilty for the monster accident, makes a deal with Bill to turn everyone back to normal except him. “ But the deal doesn´t include him, he´s stuck, or so he thinks. But of course Bill messes with him and Dipper slowly turns into a full little Deer, including his instincts growing and his human part fading until they lose him completely. So Mabel and the whole town try to save him and somehow undo Bills Deal, accepting to become monsters again. So everything turns back to monster-normal. I think it would fit Dippers guilt and the solidarity of the town. Also it would give us some nice parts in this AU with Mabel-angst-fluff about her actual deer brother. ”

I really love this idea and I will draw about it more, thanks a lot for this even if I made myself sad…

i honestly adore troye, as you may well know. and the thought of the internet, something he loves, becoming a scary and uncomfortable place for him really upsets me. this boy has brought nothing but happiness, creativity and inspiration into our lives, and he is entitled to respect and his own opinion.

ok thank you for the doodle suggestions! Now prepare yourselves, art like this doesn’t come round that often… BEHOLD

hahah apologies for the incredibly high standard, i just needed a doodle break, this is what I’m actually working on

its still really rough and anatomy is all over the place, but I’m getting there