SF Goth x Pibbidi/Pibbidy???
I mean, this is basically Goth x Fell Palette soooo…. Obligation to make this???
Original Goth by @nekophy
Original Palette by @angexci
Pibbidi/Pibbidy (idk how it’s spelled, I remember it was originally Pibbidi but now it’s Pibbidy??)- @blogthegreatrouge
SF Goth- @wit-fox

anonymous asked:

why are you so wonderful screeeeeee

probably because i focus an unhealthy amount on what other ppl think of me and i regularly sacrifice my own health for other people’s comfort WHOOPS


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“I just heard a *thump* at my door and the loudest, saddest meow right…”

its customary to knock to let people know youre there

One (1) knock and then