....or is it

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if I can build an igloo out of chunks of snow and… more snow, you can build one out of gingerbread. *crosses arms*

Snow is self adhering, easy to fortify by packing and you can support it from the inside while you build! Plus you can spray it with water for additional strength. Gingerbread is cookies.  *Crosses… legs?*

I’m making sexy gingerbread people and that’s final. KEEP THIS UP AND I WON’T SEND YOU ANY (please ignore that I wasn’t going to send any cookies before because I am half mad with cookie bloodlust and cannot spare a single delicious corpse)

I am so sneaky. and shady. and vaguely dishonest, but that's something you can talk to my parole officer about

To solve my numbering problem with my 10 Men in 2010 spam (I had 11….. uh yeah), I’ve decided to re-number the whole orgy harem group, and have delegated the previous No. 10, the first runner-up.

Sorry, Rob, you pulled the short stick

No need to get violent

This means that my poll for the second runner-up is closed (Rupert Grint was beating out Chris Pine… to my disappointment), because the original runner-up (Colin Morgan) is now the second runner-up….. that’s not confusing at all.

Anyway dw, my laziness permitting, I’ll probably do one for both Chris and Rupert anyway.

After I do Colin’s.

And numbers 1-4. Whom are all very hot. Get excited.

A hint preview: