....now back to studying


f u c k why is my face so big in this pic :( ANYWAYS so I was tagged a couple of times for the 20 beautiful people thing (thank you levichou worldalex1s erenyaayger 5-foot-a-bitch and gangsta-levi <- I think this one was a different selfie tag? but I’m super lazy so I’m just going to combine them I’m so  r r y )

uhm okay I tagged 20 people before so uh I’ll tag toukqa tobiors noya-no-asobi braune-katze ackerbooty hot-for-heichou pancaikes matosua hipster-tooru tobiors because you are beautiful people and anyone else who wants to do it i guess~ you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to! now to crawl back into my basement and study my butt off… (6 more tests and a final to gooooo~)


Finally uploaded my dance cover for BTS I Need U. I cannot wait til I get their album! It was too hot outside, and now I have to get back to studying for my Thermodynamics final…boo kahluapeete epicotakuboss25 aceofanacondas

Two midterms done! I went and did errands during my break. Now I’m back at school about to study for my third exam tonight. After I procrastinate a bit more of course.

There have been three earthquakes in the past 24 hours. The biggest being a 3.9 which left me agitated because it woke me up haha. The other two were little ones. It makes me worry about the impending San Andreas one that scientists have been warning us forever about.

I’m heading to Walter’s after class tonight. Our six year anniversary is this weekend! We’re celebrating it early since it happens to fall on Mother’s day this year.

And since we’ll be together before going home for Mother’s day, I covered Walter since he’s the absolute last minute type when it comes to things like this. During my break I picked up some cards, vases, and ribbons and we’ll pick up some flowers before going home. I’m also making my mom mini Polaroid magnets for the fridge and I’m making some for Walter to give to his mom too haha. I got all the pictures printed and supplies all ready so all he has to do is glue some things together. I would just do the whole thing but I want him to be able to say that he himself made it haha.

I really need to cut my hair. It’s so long that it got caught in the car door earlier haha. I’m trying to wait a bit longer though because I want to donate it.

I wish we could do bullets on the app.

I really don’t want to study.


“We can continue to be friends and play together forever, right?“ "Yes. We’re together forever.” “Do you remember what I said before?” “I’m sorry, I don’t quite recall.”

Imagine that the Director and the Counselor were college roommates. The Counselor was a psych major and the Director was studying A.I. theory. And one day the Counselor made a comment about how it would be interesting to study what happens if you put A.I. in people’s heads.

Imagine the Counselor getting this phone call 30 years later:

Director: Hey Aiden, remember that thing with the A.I. and people’s heads?

Counselor: No?

Director: Well I did it anyway. The A.I. is based off of me and it split into one based off my dead wife. Did you know that A.I. can split? It’s like creating a multiple personality disorder.

Counselor: …

Director: I wonder what will happen if I pit my daughter against the A.I. based on her mother.

Counselor: Leonard …

Director: I’m also going to stick an A.I. in her brain eventually.

Counselor: …

Counselor: Leonard, I think you need to calm down and talk to a psychiatrist.

Director: That’s why I called you, now do you want to study this or not?

Now in the future when someone posts ‘war flashbacks’ we all know it’s real.

We are truly an ARMY. This is what we can do if we work together and I’m so proud!!!! I have never been a part of such an amazing fandom. Thank you thank you!!! Now you can all go back to studying and goodluck!!!!!

Until tomorrow for the text votes!!!!