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Ye!~ Ye!~Good Afternoon!~

Heyaa!!~~ Haven’t Been much active, not that I was busy, just got caught up enjoying my break, relaxing at home~ & also working more shifts!!~ 

Well its back studies now this week XD

Mail day😀, finally got my own edition, and the loner copy can now go back, wonderful!
FOSFOROS: Study on the Being & Essence of Satan and on the Occult Philosophy in Six Parts.
By Johannes Nefastos.
Edited by Matthew Wightman.
Second Printing, in a limited edition of 400 copies.
Published by Ixaxaar - 2016
___________________________________ Ixaxaar Occult Literature are at the pinnacle of occult publishing. They raise the bar higher and higher and they push the envelope further and further in all that they do, this is clearly evident in all their publications to date.
Ixaxaar’s consistency is well known and for a very good reason. A case in point is Fosforos, not only is this a beautifully written text but is one of the best bound and designed books I’ve seen. Ixaxaar and their writers clearly put blood, sweat, and tears in every aspect of their publishing house, and must be congratulated for setting such a high standard in todays occult publishing!

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The super amazing @lol-get-rekt tagged me in this fun thingy and man do i love procrastinating!

Name: Cristina

Nicknames: Cri, CriCri (i actually hate this a lot), Sammy, Flowey(just Sara calls me that)

Star Sign: Cancer (yes i indeed am very sad)

Age: 20, i feel so old

Gender: Female!

Height: 5′2′’ ik i’m short shush

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw caw caw matherfucker

Favorite Colors: Green, blue and black!

Current Time: 11.20 am

Current Location: In bed bc i’m a lazy piece of shit

Average Hours of Sleep: mh 4-6 ish thank you responsabilities and messed up sleeping schedule

Last Thing I Googled: how many feet are 1.58 m America get your shit together, feet make no sense!

Blankets I sleep with: It’s too hot for blankets, i would litteraly melt

Favorite Fictional Characters: *unintelligible noise

Favorite Book: you have to stop making me choose just one of my babies! Def Harry Potter, i recently read Six of crows and i’m very in  love and basically anyhing by Neil Gaiman, love the man so much

Favorite Artists: Musically (is this even a real word???) def Twenty one pilots and Panic! at the disco

art in general Schiele, Van Gogh Michelangelo and Canova are my bbys

Random Fact: I’m made 90% of stress

When Did You Create Your Blog: i have no idea… at some point last year i think?

Follower Count: 138 *sobs

Post Count: 3800 90% are memes,

Most Active Follower: @not-mlp-related i see u fren, u tha best

What Made You Decide to Get a Tumblr: My friend convinced me to get one bc there were the gays here

Do You Get Asks on a Daily Basis: HAHAHAHAHAHA no one loves me

Why Did You Choose Your URL: Bc i’m ace af  also i love tea and ace-tea kinda souns like ice tea and yeah…

I tag: @elositomorado @purrplelace @tangentqueenofdragons @missimpala-at-221btardisstreet and @phan-is-amazing 

i just realized the story is halfway done since last night i posted chapter 11, and there’s 22 chapters total. woop woop, happy halfway point everybody, hope ya’ll are having super days!! :)


IT’S BEEN A LONG, LONG TIME HASN’T IT!! I wonder if anyone even remembers me haha. Shoutout to the 230 of you that have stuck around!!

I’m sorry for disappearing so suddenly,, I feel terrible about it. But I want to try and get this blog back on it’s feet in the next couple of weeks.

Since my last couple of posts (where I mentioned that I had lost my job very suddenly and was feeling very poorly), I’ve begun to slowly get back on my feet! I’m at university now, studying game design, and having a lot of fun with it!

I’ve had some other really heavy stuff happen, though, and finding my old blog and my characters here has been a nice distraction. As such I want to try and start doodling for this blog again!

I’ll be cleaning out the blog/redesigning characters and certainly getting a new mascot, as well as a new url! I’ll keep you guys posted! xoxo

It’s good to see you all again!! Have a good day!

VR Storytelling Still Has a Long Way to Go to Find Its Heart

“It’s important to remember that this is the equivalent of the 1900s in film,” says Luke Ritchie, Executive Producer at Nexus VR Studio. Based in London, they’re a division of independent creative studio Nexus, which has produced a host of award-winning works over the past 20 years and is now betting on VR content as the next big thing. He believes that we will look back at this time much like we now study the Lumiere Brothers’ Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat reel, which had audiences jumping out of their seats to get out of the way of the incoming train.

We’re only just beginning to figure out the potential of VR as a storytelling medium, so many of the rules, techniques and conventions that we take for granted in filmmaking and theatre, for example, haven’t yet been tried, tested, or codified. In sum, we need to get busy writing the VR rulebook.

But do we do this from scratch, or do we try and adapt existing techniques from familiar media? Both, believes Ritchie. VR is a unique medium with its own set of parameters, but a lot of the craft skills.

Read more here.

juseiya  asked:

Good luck with your exams! I'm sure you'll do fine, get some nice scores! :3

(Hey, I know how I told you guys that there will be no updates until I finish my exams but here I am checking the blog during my break XD) 

Thank you very much! I’ll do my best! It really makes me happy that you (and some other followers) have been there to wish me luck during my auditions, and now my exams! :) I appreciate it!! 

Now, back to studying! 

writing again

Honestly, I haven’t use my blog for quite some time, and I think I will start using it back again. Of course, I been sharing pictures and invitations to exhibitions and art event. However, I think I should use this too as a writing space. I am not a writer but I will try my best to share some thoughts of how I feel working and living in Barbados as an artist. 

Well last night, I cried. I am tired of feeling like a foreigner even in my own home Barbados now. I came back from the states about a month ago, I was studying for two years with a Fulbright to get my masters and a ha I got it! Now i am back home about a month now and I am starting to see things differently in Barbados.

 I am learning how to move around  Barbados, the politics, the history and the contemporay. I am learning not to waste time with people who are not serious. I do not want to be around people that just talk and no action or just move in a circle and doesn’t realize it. I realized that the people you hang around with, are the reflection of yourself. I believe they are your mirror and if you don’t like what you see, just move away from that mirror. Since, I noticed that I am happier white the people I hang around with. The conversations I enjoy and need. I want to hang out with people that have the same dream and passion. Why the sense being around people that do not understand this dream or do not know how, when and where to try. 


Just finished my MCAT. After 2 months of prep and so much that’s been happening in my life during those two months, it feels as if a huge burden has been lifted off of me. I can finally enjoy the rest of my summer without having to stress out anymore. I can finally go see my family without having to always think in the back of my head that I need to study now. Subhannallah!!!!!!!

I wish I’d had Tumbler when I was 11.  That was my first glimpse into witchcraft.  I had this tiny book that belonged to my mom and it was a bunch of folk magic spells.  I wish I would have had tumblr back then.  I would be a skilled witch now instead of study, study, study, I would just be like: witchcraft, study, study.