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Bucky the Jerk, part 6


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Hi my lovelies, I am here, and I am writing. I bring you Chapter 6 of Bucky the Jerk - please don’t kill me, I know it’s been ages. I have no idea what i think of this one, I feel like it’s awful, so i will really really need your opinions on it.

Please comment or send anons if you’re shy tolet me know what you thought. I am but a small anxious bean.

THANK YOU FOR WAITING ♥♥♥ you make this happen.

The day went by in a haze. You didn’t go out of your room, even when Natasha threatened to kick it down. You promised her to come down for supper, but you dreaded the prospect.

You tried to read a novel you had with you, but the words ran away from you and you kept re-reading the same sentence without grasping it.

You went in circles around the room.

The kiss, the kiss, the kiss - it repeated itself in your mind’s eyes, you still felt Bucky on you. You still remembered exactly where and in what order he touched you, you could still taste him on your lips. You kept touching your neck where he touched it as if expecting a burn to surface on the skin. You felt so hot that you might’ve as well been burned. He marked you, scorched you, and you hated him for it.

Your strange feelings for him came out of nowhere after that night-time kiss in the hallway. They weren’t even feelings - just lust. You tried to be honest with yourself - the lust was there all this time. The lust was there when he called you names, it was there when he said you had no taste, it was there when he called you “princess” with a smirk that clearly said “I don’t really mean this lovely pet name”.

Oh, Gods, you hated him. You hated him so much - it made you want him more. You tried to be rational, to analyse, but just kept circling the room, almost breaking your own fingers from nerves.

Lust is not love - you kept telling yourself. It’s nothing. Fleeting, an illusion - here and then gone. You didn’t even know Barnes that well to have any sort of a feeling towards him. Well, you knew his whole backstory. You knew he got nightmares, you heard him scream sometimes and it curled your blood. You knew he was kind, that he worshipped Steve. You knew how hard it was for him to build a friendship with Tony, but how much he cherished it. You knew he was such a sweet tooth. You knew he’d never let you get hurt for all his shitty behavior - he protected you like a dog on missions. He carried you to the Quinjet and from it to your room when you broke your left ankle in a fight. He looked so angry… Maybe you did know him a little bit. But no, no, this was all superficial - anyone who saw him day after day would pick up on these things. Absolutely.

You couldn’t keep track of time, and at some point, you heard a gentle knock on your door.

“Yeah?” You answered, still pacing, contemplating biting your nails to relieve at least some of the stress.

“Can I come in?” Came Wanda’s voice.

You went to the door and opened it. Wanda walked in with Natasha close on her heel.

They both sat on your bed, Nat crossing her legs and eyeing you suspiciously, Wanda with a look of compassion.

“What?” You asked.

“I have two questions.” Natasha said, “The first one is whether or not you’re coming down to eat, or if you’ve decided to live in this room now and die of thirst and hunger.”

You rolled your eyes at the redhead.

“And the second is - what did you do to Bucky? He looks like he’s buried someone.”

Your cheeks flared up with indignation.

“I did not do anything to him! It’s all his own fault!”

Wanda raised her eyebrows and looked at Natasha.

Natasha bore her eyes into you, silently demanding an explanation. So you explained.

“He said this morning that he has feelings for me or some shit… and he kissed me… and he wants to be with me, or I don’t know…”

You looked at your friends, who just sat there calmly with little smiles. You lift your hands in dismay.

“Yeah… We kinda knew.” Natasha said.

You needed a second to accept that information.

“I am so confused right now.” You finally said.

“Want us to clarify?”

“Yes please.”

You kept standing in front them, arms tightly around your body, trying to calm down and failing miserably. Wanda finally spoke, a guilty expression on her face.

“We confronted Bucky about a month after you joined and demanded to know why was he acting so awful towards you. He said it was just “harmless fun” and you didn’t mind…”

You scoffed.

“Yeah, that bullshit that he tried to sell everyone - we didn’t quite believe it.” Nat chimed in. “So after a while, Wanda performed some Emergency Information Extraction.”

You smiled a bit, quirking an eyebrow at your friend.

“Don’t judge me, she made me,” Wanda said.

“Ok, so let me get this straight,” You put your hands in your hair, trying to suppress the rushing train of thought that kept screeching Bucky’s name, “You two knew for the last, what, six months? That Barnes has feelings for me. You let him be a complete and total jerk to me, stood by as I cried and thought he hates me. And you think it’s ok somehow?”

Your friends looked guilty.

“We were always trying to push you two together. Put you on missions with him, left you alone in a room, made sure you sit close at movie nights. But you were oblivious, and he got so anxious that he mucked it up every time.” Wanda explained.

“Yeah, that doesn’t really make me feel any better.” You started to pace again, “Does anybody else know?”

“Uhhh…” Wanda said and Natasha scooted a bit closer to her. You stopped in front of them.

“Who knows?”

“Sam,” Nat said.

“What?!” You exploded, “Sammy knows? And he’s been…. Oh, my dear Sammy. Wait, how does it even tie together? He kept trying to protect me from all the nastiness.”

“Yeah, he did. He thought our tactic was stupid.”

You laughed.

“Sammy’s always got my back.”

You laughed again, and then a realisation hit you.

“Fuck, that’s what he meant!”

“What?” Nat and Wanda said together.

“Sam! During the game, when you dared him to tell me a secret. He said that someone in the room was dying of jealousy.”

Natasha burst out laughing.

“Sam is as subtle as an elephant.” She said through giggling.

“Yeah, he is actually - he got me wondering, but how the hell was I supposed to know he meant Barnes? Wait, no… I was sitting with Sam all cuddled up.” You put a hand over your mouth.

Wanda raised an eyebrow.

“Does Barnes think Sam and I are a thing?”

“Well… not quite…” Wanda mumbled, avoiding your gaze.

“Wanda, what did you do?”

“Um… well, during the game Bucky sort of asked me to poke around and see if Sam likes you.”

“What? You never told me that!” Natasha exclaimed.

“And you did that?” You asked Wanda, ignoring Natasha’s rumbling.

“No, of course not! I just told him I did.”

“Why?” You scrunched up your face, trying to understand what in the hell was going on and how did you come to live in a school drama anime.

“To light a fire under him. Now that he thinks Sam has feelings for you - maybe he’ll finally do something about his own.”

“What?!” You yelled and ran to the bathroom to splash some cold water on your burning face.

Natasha kept huffing and reprimanding Wanda for keeping this juicy tidbit from her.

When you came out of the bathroom, not bothering to dry out the water, letting it fall down your face and neck and wet your clothes, you almost felt better. Wanda and Nat were waiting.

“I guess that explains the kiss.”

They looked at each other.

“Uuuhh, the one during the game?” Nat asked.

“No, the one in the hallway in the middle of the night. And the one this morning in the kitchen.”

You were absolutely sure that real women never did the “excited friend squeal”, but here they were.

“He kissed you?!”

“Yeah…” You saw flashes of the memory and at once felt yourself flare up. Damn it, Barnes.

“You have to go talk to him!” Natasha said, barely containing her excitement.

“And say what exactly?”

“What… what do you mean? Don’t you like him?”

You didn’t know how to answer that question. All the feelings you had for Bucky previously and the ones you developed during this weekend were mashed together into a big blob of who-the-hell-knows.

You shrugged.

Wanda stood up and took your shoulders, looking you in the eyes.

“You know you have to talk to him. It’s a strange situation, yes, but you can’t figure it out alone in silence. It takes two to tango, and this has been going on long enough.”

“Yeah, for him! I mean… He’s had these feelings for me and he knew exactly what they were - and I thought he hates me! And I went from that. I was defensive, and yeah I guess I know him and I find him attractive…”

At that Natasha stood up as well.

“Ok, you know what? I am telling you to go talk to him. You can protest and bitch about it, but you have to. This is ridiculous, you obviously like him!”

“Obviously?” You asked. You had no energy to argue.

They both nodded with absolutely infuriatingly knowing expressions on their faces.

“Fine.” You bit out and turned to go find Bucky.


Bucky sat in the lounge with everyone, ignoring his beer. He kept getting distracted from the lazy conversation, but nobody reprimanded him for it.

He sat there all day, trying to recover from kissing you. He came to the conclusion that it was virtually impossible and that you seeped so deeply into his skin, that he would never get rid of the desire to have you.

He stared into the fireplace, thinking about that torn croissant he picked up from the floor at your feet. You were barefoot and you had dark-blue, almost black nail varnish on your toe-nails.

“Buck, what’s wrong?” Steve asked, poking him in the shoulder.

Bucky snapped his eyes up.

“Uh, nothing. Headache.”

“Oh. You need a painkiller? I think there are some in the…”

“No, I’m… Uh…” He couldn’t finish the thought, because he saw you walking down the hallway past the lounge, not even sparing the team a glance.

He followed your movements, jerky and uncertain, and when you rounded the corner and were out of view, he jumped up and went after you.

He saw you run upstairs and followed. You stopped in front of his door and knocked five staccato times.

“Y/N.” He said, approaching you.

“Jesus fucking christ!” You jumped and clutched your heart, “Bucky!”


“What are you doing here?”

“Um… aren’t you knocking on my door?”

“Yeah, but I was expecting you to come out from the other side of it!” You panted, “Ugh, you really scared me.”

You chuckled.

“I’m so jumpy today.”

He looked at you, waiting.

“Can we talk?” You asked him.

He nodded and opened his door, letting you in and following. His room was drowning in gloom, curtains closed and bed unmade.

You stood in the middle of it, your mind empty but for the screeching “what the fuck am I doing” rolling around it on repeat.

“Um… So, I thought about our thing and I… I don’t know anything, Barnes. I don’t know what I came here to say, to be honest. I felt like I knew.”

“That’s ok. Take as much time as you need.” He said softly, coming closer. He stood in front of you, solemn and sad, his hair tied back and his eyes shining.

Those eyes hypnotised you.

“I suppose there is one way of speeding up my… thought process.”

“What’s that?” He asked, instinctively raising his hand to touch you. He thought better of it and pulled it back, but you grabbed his palm.

You stared at each other for a second, silent, savouring the prediction of what was about to happen.

You pulled his hand and placed your lips on his. Softly, calmly, a chaste kiss that disintegrated you whole.

He grabbed your waist and you felt his breathing speed up. He dug his fingers into you almost painfully, but you enjoyed it. You nipped lightly at his lip and he opened his mouth, licking gently at your lips. You let out a shaky half-moan and he slipped his hands up your back and enveloped you in a bone-crushing hug. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, melting into him.

You felt him.

You took a step back towards the bed and he followed you, not daring to break the kiss.

You turned and sat him down, settling on his lap. His hands were everywhere - on your hips, your calves, up and up and gently brushing your bum, and your waist, back, tangled in your hair… You moaned into his mouth and he pushed his tongue, gently, between your lips. You granted permission and touched him with your tongue just as tentatively. His breathing hitched. You opened your eyes for a second and saw that his were tightly shut, his brow furrowed, his cheeks red.

“Y/N…” He pulled away, looking at you.

“No,” You swung your leg over and straddled him, “You don’t talk.”

He didn’t have time to be surprised, because you attacked his lips again, moaning out at the contact. You grabbed his t-shirt and pulled it up impatiently. He struggled out of it and you thought he was about to say something again, so you dove for his delicious looking neck and put your fingers on his parted lips.

He kissed your fingers, kissed your palm, kissed down your arm, up your shoulder, forcing you to move away from his exposed neck. You whined and pulled on his hair, earning an unexpected, pleased growl from him. You reached down and pulled your top over your head without a second thought. He swore quietly and slid his hands, carefully, up your waist.

“Touch me.” You said, so quietly, you weren’t sure he’d hear. But he obeyed.

His mouth was hot and urgent on your left nipple, his hand demanding on your right. You arched your back towards him and started instinctively grinding against him. He took a deep, shaky breath and put pressure on your lower back, pressing you closer to the angry bulge in his jeans.

The waistband of your soft sweatpants was so easy to move aside, which he did, before giving you a glance. He saw lust and permission to do anything and everything and pushed his hand inside.

You held onto his shoulders and hair, grinding softly, his torturous fingers inching towards your core.

You wanted to call his name.

He finally reached the band of your panties and hesitated. You pulled on his hair and he slid his palm in. You were dripping wet from the moment you touched his lips, aching inside and out, rays of heat shooting through your spine from every touch, every sigh.

His mouth left a hot, wet trail down your throat, and just as you grabbed his belt buckle, he carefully slid two fingers between your lower lips. You felt your head fall on his shoulder.

He slowly pushed his fingers up and down your soft pussy, massaging your clit. Bucky felt a rush of blood shooting to his temples from every little moan he got from you, every excruciating grind of your hips. He pulled you up and quickly slid your pants down your legs, and as you tried to step out of them and bend down to unzip his, he grabbed your thighs and pressed his mouth to your core.

You exclaimed a soft “Oh!”, holding on to his shoulders. He licked and lapped with such enthusiasm, moaning into you, that you almost fell down from how weak your knees went. His fingers were painfully demanding on your hips and you bucked ever so slightly into him. You felt him drop one of his hands and heard the jingling of his belt.

You were both struggling for air. You could hear Bucky panting, as he unbuckled his belt, pulled the zipper down and stilled. You slid your hands down his torso and pushed his pants down his legs. You could not believe how shy he was, despite the passion, and how aroused you both got.

You didn’t drop your gaze, even though you were desperate to look at his cock, but instead, you took it in your hand and pumped slowly, marveling at its hardness and size. Bucky grabbed your hips again and pulled you towards him, desperation on his face. You couldn’t stop looking at him - nobody ever in your entire life has looked at you like he did. You saw adoration, you saw lust, you saw excruciating pain and longing, impatience and so, so much love.

He pulled you down on the bed and you obeyed, laying down on your back. You cupped his face with one hand, hugging his back with the other, and he pressed flush against you. his metal arm held you by the waist, hard and unyielding under you, and his flesh one caressed your thighs, inching towards your wetness again. You moaned, almost inaudibly, when he leaned down and kissed you, and he immediately tugged your leg up and aside. You felt his hard tip teasing your entrance and as you laced your fingers through his tangled hair that got untied from how much you tugged on it, he slowly pushed inside you.

You couldn’t breathe from how full you felt at once. It was painful to the point of absolute bliss, your tightness so unusual, that he gasped and knitted his brow.

“Are you ok?” He whispered, disregarding your desire for him to stay silent.

You tried to still your breathing.

He kissed your collarbone and looked up at you.

“Am I hurting you? You’re so tight.” He said, pulling out a bit.

“It’s fine,” You choked out, “It hurts, but I like it.”

He smiled, lustily, and pulled out completely, entering you again just as slowly, collecting your moisture. Your leg automatically wrapped around his waist, and he moved his hand to your hip, humming in approval. He was very slow, careful, tasting you, stretching you out for himself.

When he heard you moan and gasp, he picked up his pace a little bit. You grabbed his back, burying your face in his neck and let out a shaky breath as he squeezed your breast. He twisted your nipple between his fingers, hard enough to make you arch your back and tighten around him. You bit down on his shoulder and his hard cock twitched inside you.

You heard his mumbled oaths, as he pounded into you, his face near your ear.

He called your name.

And then again.

And then you couldn’t take it anymore and you moaned, kissing him urgently, letting him swallow your sounds. He gave your nipple one final flick and pressed his hand to your waist, pulling you so close to him - it almost hurt. You licked his lip and just as he slammed into you and stilled, spilling inside of you with a strained grunt, blinded by passion, you broke into a million pieces under him in a mind-twisting orgasm.

You lost your breath somewhere in between his demanding hands and lips, and couldn’t quite catch it again. You lay there, spent and slightly shaking, Bucky wrapped around you.


You were in his bed.

You tried to drag yourself back to reality.

Bucky was slumped over you, his hand still holding your waist. His breathing was laboured, and he pressed lazy, wet kisses to your exposed chest and neck.

You were scared to open your eyes and meet his because of course, something had to be said. Of course, you could always take him for round two… But no, no, you had to talk. Of course, this amazing experience didn’t explain anything to you - you were even more confused now, in love with his body, but still untrusting of his intentions.

“Y/N…” he whispered into your ear, shifting and laying beside you.

You didn’t respond.

He pulled you towards him and you instinctively wrapped your arms around him, as he kissed the top of your head and nuzzled into your hair.

“Y/N.” He said again.

“Yeah, I’m here.” You said, trying to keep your voice level.

“Did that speed up your thought process?” He asked.

“I… might need some time for it to sink in.”

He didn’t say anything, only pulled you closer. You kissed his chest.

“Will you leave now?” He asked.

“I probably should.” You said, feeling his hand on your lower back, tracing random patterns, inching slowly down towards your naked bum.

“You think?” He hummed, cupping your bum, massaging it lightly.

“Yeah…” You said, arching your back and pressing into his motion, “In a second.”

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saw this on my Instagram today and it made me so fucking mad. what a dumb thing to say. “always hated her for some weird reason” uh what the hell is that supposed to mean? oh, i think i know. conformity. you saw everyone hate on her for whatever redundant reasons they came up w and thought to hell w it ler me also jump in and be a part of this party bc it’s a trend. NO STOP ok it’s not cool. she hasn’t done anything drastic for yall to be hating every breath she takes??? yall be acting as if she did the worst of crimes and that everyone out there can hate on her just bc she’s @taylorswift. don’t be so backbonless. you wanna hate her? a person you don’t even personally know? w.o any valid reasons? just bc others are headasses? what is mankind becoming? (im not gonna comment on this person liking the song bc that’s beside my point)

Mixed Family

Requested by @homicidalteenagedream     her amazing idea. Hope you like it and I did it justice. Changed a few things. Thanks for requesting

You felt the music move your hips to the beat. You moved your hands over your body. You must have been doing some dirty dancing, out of the corner of your eye you saw a tall,tattooed man with a kutte starring at you. It was like you were the only girl in the room for him.
He walked over to you, placing his hands on your hips. Leaving no space between you and this mystery man you grinding on him feeling his hard on.
He whispered in your ear.“ You want to get out of here Little Girl”. You nodded
He grabbed your hand leading you to his bike. You pulled up you skirt and threw your leg over, placing your hands around his waist holding on tightly as we flew off.
Going back to his place which was a dormroom at a garage. You learned his name was Happy and he was in a motorcycle club called Samcro, you new all about Samcro but didnt tell him.
He pushed you on the bed as he jumped on top  of you. You giggled at his eagerness .
“You ready for me Girl”? He asked before pushing inside you.
“God yes, fuck your big”. You gasped at how big he was.
“Shit Y/N, your so damn tight”. He grunted
“OH Fuck Daddy.. I didn’t mean that”. You said embarrassed.
“Its cool, I like it when women call me that”. He thrusted deeper
“Son of a..”. You came gripping on to Happy for dear life.
Happy came as he rode out your orgasm. He slide off of you and pulled a cigarette out of his pants. Taking a puff and pasting it to you. You declined.
“We should do this again”. He got up and dressed.
“Yea, I had a very good time”. You laid on your side watching him
“I got to go but you can stay or I can give you a ride”.
“Um, I’ll call a cab before someone sees me”. You said trying to find your clothes.
He pulled you to him giving one last kiss before he left.

After that night you and Happy saw each other regularly, it was a friends with benefits thing Happy said".
One day,Happy came over like he always did you felt different. You were falling hard for him. You decided not to tell him,cause he didnt feel the same. So you causally stopped coming around and not answering him. Then he just went away basically he lost interest in you.

One months later.
Hey Juice, what are you doing". You walked over giving him a kiss.
“Nothin Baby, just checking on things”. He was typing on his computer.
“Sounds good, you want anything”.
“I think I want you”. He pulled you over on his lap
“I want you to meet my family Y/N”.
“I would love to Juan”. You kissed him
“Great this afternoon theres a BBQ in the works so we are going”. He said picking you up and placing you on his bike.
Arriving at the club house, flash backs came racing in your head. Happy. Juice new about Happy but never said anything to anyone. He new is was over.
“Hey Juice who’s this lovely lady”. Tig asked
“This is Y/N my girlfriend”. He said proudly smiling.
“I thought your right hand was your girlfriend”. You and Tig laughed. Juice got angry
“Calm down Baby”. You wrapped you arm around his.
“Lets go meet everyone else”. He took you to meet everyone. They were so nice to you. Gemma even started to warm up. Then you saw Happy.
Happy must have saw you cause he pushed the croweater of him, she yelled at him and he slammed the club house door.
“What was that all about”. Gemma asked.
“Umm. I kinda know Happy from another part of my life”. You said nervously
“Oh, so you dated Happy”?
“You can say that, but no”.
“I see, its over between you two”.
“Yes, we just lost contact and then I meet Juice”.
“OK, that was weird”. I dont know why he would act that way but we are leaving so nothing is said or done". Juice said taking you to his bike before anyone can object.

Few weeks later.
“Babe you ok in there”. Juice called throw the door.
“Yeah, can you get the phone ”. You said wipping your mouth
Juice came back with your phone and you called the doctors. They said to come right in. They did tests and gave you a pregnancy test.
“Juice what if.”
“Nothing, if you are then great ok”. He said taking your hand
The doctor walked in.
“Your pregnant, Congradulations”.
“How long”?
“About Two, two and a half months, maybe three”. “Its kinda hard to tell right now”.
“Umm, is there anything I need to do”? You asked nervously
“Take vitamins and get plenty of sleep, no stress and eat heathy”.
Juice held you for a long time. You couldnt believe it.
“Juice I’m sorry”.
“Why, its no ones fault”. “This baby was meant to be here”. “Just sad it aint mine”. He smiled at you cupping your face
“How am I going to tell Happy”?
“I can tell him if you want”.
“No, I have to”. “I’m going to right now”. You got up grabbing your purse.
“Alright, if you need me Im here”. He kissed you deeply

Driving to TM. Fuck you were scared. Happy is going to freak out worst than he did at the BBQ. Pulling in you saw Happy sitting on his bike.
“What are you doing here”? He snarled
“Can we talk in private”?
“Sure”. You walked behind him to his dormroom.
“What do you want”?
“Umm, I dont know how to say this”.
“Say what like how you didnt call me or come see me”. How you hooked up with Juice when you were suppose to be with me". He shouted
“Hap, you just wanted to be Fuck buddies thats all”. “I wanted more but I was scared that you would shot me down and laugh, so I stayed away. And for Juice I am so happy with him, he makes me feel something like I never felt before”.
“You thought about me like that one time”. “You should have just told me”. “I might have felt the same”.
“Did you Happy, cause everytime I called you, you were busy or something came up”. “But lord forbid that i had something planned when you called”.
“Happy I didnt come here to fight”.
“Then why did you”.
“I’m pregnant, its your”. “If you dont believe me call the doctors”. You gave him a piece of paper with a number on it.
Happy was dumb founded. It hit him hard.
“You mean that I..that your..with my kid but with Juice”.
“Yeah, Juice said that he will step up and help raise it if you didnt want to”. You looked at a heart broken Happy
“No,I’m going to be there”. “I’m not doing what my dad did to me and my mom”. He stood up
“Can I.. you know touch it”. He asked pointing to your belly
“Yeah. Juice hasnt stopped since I found out”. You laughed
“Your really happy arent you”?
“Yes, Happy I am”. You put your hand on his
Six months later
You,Happy and Juice welcomed a 8 pound 3 oz baby boy named Ransom Gage Lowman. He was the light of your life. He was mixed with the looks of his daddy but had the heart of Juice. Some how the three of you managed to get along great. Happy was the best man at yours and Juices wedding and was there to welcome yours and Juices little girl. You have a very happy mixed family

Why wasn't Mia just made to be Light? (Netflix Death Note)

Something hit me while I was watching the American Death Note for laughs with a friend the other day, and I’ve been thinking about it: Why wasn’t Mia just Light?

OK so everyone knows by now that Mia acts way more like og Light than Turner does, and I got to thinking why wasn’t she just written as Light in the movie? They had her acting enough like him, so it wouldve been easy to change it. That coupled with some tweaks to the plot and it could’ve saved this movie:

●Switch their places and change it so she’s James’ daughter. Hell, keep the cheerleader title if you must and have her written as bored with it or something.
●Have her and Light switch names (he can be Mike or something)
●Omit the bullshit Watari killing and replace it with more pressure from L.
●Keep Light wanting to ditch but Mia forces him to stay by having his name in the note. (The page burning rule stays)
●Light does the same thing where he writes her name in the note for leverage to have the note but no asspull at the end.
● Ferris Wheel finale plays out the same but neither of them survive.

The movie plays out smoother, we get an alright adaptation of light, we get a female light, and both Watari and L live. It doesn’t fix every problem but changes the film from god awful to at least mediocre.

The Wayne Girls

Imagine if the Batboys we know in love were a bunch of girls? I’ve discussed with people that I like genderbenders not because you can put them in slutty outfits or whatever, but because I like experimenting in how the world would subtly change with the little tweak. Ok so I started this AU as a joke and I cant help but play with it some more because it’s kind of fun and I’m trash it’s interesting to see what traits would change, not really in the characters themselves, but how people perceive them.

So Bruce and Alfred will be the same in this AU. Parents murdered, vengeance sworn, and Batman is born. It is all the same until, one night early in his career, he goes to a circus and soon after takes in little circus orphan. Be warned, I’m going to launch into a seriously long essay under the read more. Sorry, I’ve been playing with this for a week and it’s just needed to come out.

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People who think that Vriska is a good guy are probably:

1.just taking everything that’s spoonfed to them without much thinking(”Oh!  The comic says that Vriska is a good guy now? Ok.”).

2.using her as an escapist fantasy. They probably always wanted a character who treats everyone like absolute garbage and doesn’t compromise with people at all, but still gets praised as a hero who is “just missunderstood” and “just looking for emotional connection while not knowing how” so they can project themselves on to them because everyone irl wants them to own up to their actions.

3. not understanding her character at all. Vriska was an amazing character in act 5 not because she was a good guy, but because she was a perfect villain. She had no redeeming qualities. She didn’t care about anyone. She blinded Terezi, she killed Aradia, she crippled Tavros and completely destroyed his confidence. She ruined her friends’ reward and got them stuck on a meteor because she created a terrible monster who later killed millions of people only because she wanted to fight him

She was egoistic, iredeemable and chaotic. And Hussie was showing us how awful those traits are. Those traits are what led her to death. When she got revived, it was like a 180 shift. Hussie was suddenly trying to show how those traits are  a good thing. She became a bad girl with a heart of gold despite all the terrible things she has done. She got so much screen time and overshadowed the characters who didn’t have finished arks. It completely ruined Vriska, the characters and the entire story. I just don’t get how someone can mess their own story up this badly.

That is 45 minutes I will never get back {8x09 Review}

As those of you who read my reviews know, I do write in real time so whatever mistakes I made in the beginning of the post I may have rectified at the end. I am anti-Damon/anti-Delena/anti-Bamon/anti-Bonenzo/anti-Steroline and I will probably mention misogynoir, anti-black treatment and make references to other shows. If you do not like it, keep on scrolling. I also did this on my phone so bear with me. Alright. Let’s go.

1. It’s actually refreshing to see Stefan feed on a dude because it seems like we only ever see them feed on women lately.

2. Why aren’t cops interested in a string of murders happening throughout the States? They aren’t exactly keeping a low profile. Stefan massacred an entire hospital and Anger Management group.

3. TVD really fails the Bechdel test and I like how we don’t actually hear about Bonnie’s trip to Paris, just that she’s wearing a vial of Enzo’s blood.

4. “Is that it? We’re due at an event” Candice’s delivery was actually on point.

5. I’m confused now, so Sybil is on the “war path” because she wants a weapon that can destroy her and now Seline wants to kill her to make amends (did I miss something? Because I know Sybil didn’t forgive her but, like, did they declare war on each other?)
I still don’t understand why Caroline would team up with Seline? Or why Caroline would care about what’s happening with the sirens? Why are they relevant now that Damon and Stefan are Cade’s servants?

6. So this year the carnival was before Miss Mystic when Miss Mystic was before the carnival in seasons 1 and 2?

7. Stefan and Caroline looking at each other did not move me at all, it’s not even like they “locked” eyes, like it’s so underwhelming. Makes me miss 3x03.
Sybil and Damon actually look so much better together than Damon and Elena since Sybil looks age appropriate.

8. They are REALLY trying to romanticize 1x19, fam, it was a dance and not even a “it all makes sense” dance like SE’s 3x14 and 3x20,it’s a “wow Damon, I didn’t know you could dance like that” dance and a “suck it, Stefan!” dance. They really need to fucking chill.

9. It’s also transparent that Stefan doesn’t have a flashback to Elena even though it’s been repeated that SE was the foundation of the show. And not even that, Caroline, Bonnie and Matt do not have flashbacks of Elena and Jeremy isn’t even mentioned but oh yeah, season 1 feels.

10. “Sybil just “sirened” that girl.” Lol, compelled.

11. Bonnie and Enzo actually just look awkward, they’re very stiff and Enzo is SO monotonous.

12. “What did that woman do to you?” Caroline, my girl, it isn’t that serious. He doesn’t know why the necklace meant something to him and he’s a little upset. Maybe if Ian actually played tortured well I’d feel something but right now, I’m just like why DOES the necklace mean anything to you? You gave it to Elena because it was an SE symbol and you wanted her to have it because it reminded her of Stefan. Why would YOU have any attachment to it? And you giving it back to her in 2x08 is about the fact that you gave it back, not the necklace itself. LIKE?

13. LOL yeah Caroline’s “a love so deep and magical” speech really just sounds like she’s trying to convince herself about her relationship with Stefan because when did Caroline actually see anything of the Damon and Elena relationship? Like honestly.

14. “Take it from me, Elena Gilbert never really goes away.” Mmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmm.

15. Oh this is why DErs are going to freak out because he broke the necklace and he said that he only gave it to Elena to protect her from Damon, lol, but this season is full of retcons anyway, so.

16. I find it strange that Caroline is more focused on saving Damon than Stefan.

17. Oh my GOD, we’re only 20 minutes in?

18. Bonnie and Enzo do not look good dancing, they look uncomfortable.

19. I’m actually getting really annoyed at seeing the same footage of Elena and Damon dancing because it’s aggravating! There’s nothing more to this episode THAN the dance. Are we forgetting that the moment it’s over, Elena is all about Stefan? SELECTIVE MEMORY.

20. Why are we acting like Damon’s humanity will crush him? He was fine with killing Lexi, turning Vicki, killing Jeremy, killing Aaron, kidnapping Jeremy, trying to kill Caroline, raping and abusing Caroline, etc. Like why wouldn’t he be fine with this? Elena won’t care.

21. Why do they keep saying Matt is stupid? How is Alaric any smarter? A fucking siren was his nanny for months.

22. The battle for Damon’s subconscious is really underwhelming because I don’t see the big deal? Why does Sybil even want Damon? And what exactly is so strenuous about what’s going on in his mind? The fact that he’s remembering someone he can’t have feelings for?

23. This entire fight is ridiculous to me because I don’t know what Stefan and Damon are fighting about? Damon is feeling and Stefan isn’t and it’s a problem? Like? This is so underwhelming.

24. Bonnie and Enzo are just … ehh sure, whatever. Fine.

25. LMAO Caroline doesn’t even seem sad about what’s happening to Stefan. But Damon got all this pity? WHAT are the writers doing?

26. LMAO Caroline leaving Stefan just reminds me of 3x07 when Stefan is like, “So you’re quitting” and Elena being like “Oh hell no, I’m just done for the day, fam.” Like Elena was IN it. And Stefan actually had the capacity to look ashamed and moved and the language was a lot more passionate, not this “we had a deal” business, are you two engaged or business partners?

27. I honestly don’t get the storyline with Damon and Sybil, like it just seems so small potatoes, like what is the POINT?

28. So Sybil giving Damon back his humanity is Tessa giving Stefan back his memory.

This episode was a mess because absolutely nothing happened. Caroline left Stefan. OK? Damon got his humanity back. Sure. And Bonnie asks Enzo to be a human. Fine? WHO GIVES A SHIT? WHO CARES. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? I also don’t get how Sybil made Damon’s life a living hell, because she forced him to kill people he didn’t want to but he did it anyway? That doesn’t seem to be the issue, the issue for Damon seems to be that he got a taste of his own medicine by being compelled, I’m sorry I mean “sirened” and that he couldn’t say no to Sybil even if he wanted to. And the fact that he feels nothing for Elena but still sees her and feels warmth because of a necklace is like … what, is it like you get one taste of happiness but then suddenly it disappears and you’re lost and alone and … WHAT? Like be LOTR, Frodo about it where Frodo doesn’t remember what water or food tastes like or the wind, have it be like Damon remembers ALL of these things when he holds the necklace but then Sybil manages to take that away from him and so he’s tortured with remembering happiness and he’s fighting to push out Elena’s memory because it hurts him too much to feel but she won’t budge. I feel like that’s what they’re trying to do but they’re doing it poorly. LIKE EVERYTHING DELENA. And Stefan.
No one seems to care that Stefan is going off the deep end, like they just take him at his word that this is what he wants and this is what he was made to do and he’s his Best Self this way. He has no humanity! Why is Caroline just like, whatever, fine, sure but Damon is the one who needs saving? WHAT? And why is Caroline acting so superior as if she didn’t turn off her humanity two seasons ago and went around the country killing people? So it’s not OK for Damon to spiral, everyone needs to bend over backwards to stop Damon but if it’s Stefan, they just let him do the shit he wants? WHAT? This is how you know the show isn’t interested in story and only interested in their fave, which is Damon.
Bonnie and Enzo just keep telling each other how much they love each other without us ever seeing why that would be. Old news.
This was an excruciatingly bad episode.

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what did Jennifer Lawrence do?

it’s like she treats mental illness like a joke, for example she was in an interview with jesse eisenberg (i thnk it was him) and he was talking openly abt his OCD and when he was done jennifer lawrence was like ‘that’s so interesting. i want cool quirks’ which is so ignorant because OCD is a mental illness not a cool quirk and its probably hell to live with. also she said when she was a teenager it was ‘cool to have eating disorders’ bc some celebs were rumoured to have eating disorders at that time??

she has said loads borderline sexist things like ‘katniss is such a strong characters. like a man, but with a vagina!’ which is implying that people with vaginas cant be strong(?) and also that men cant have vaginas which isn’t tru so she’s pretty ignorant. also she said when she was a kid or a teenager or whatever she played loads of sports and more or less ‘tomboy’ things and she described her past self as ‘so dykey!’ which is a mean word for a lesbian,,,, and besides since when is playing sports a lesbian thing??? ??? what

when she was talking abt her role in x-men she said ‘If I’m going to be naked in paint in front of the entire world, I’m going to look like a woman. I’m going to have curves and have boobs and have a butt. Because girls are going to look at that, and if I look like a scarecrow, they are going to think, ‘oh that’s normal, that’s not normal’’ like wtf u have to have curves and books and a nice bum to be a woman??? there’s no wrong way to be a woman u don’t have to look a specific way. ugh 

ok and some transphobia too!! she said her cat is a girl but has such masculine energy that everyone acts like tis a boy and call’s it ‘he’ and she said it got weird for a cat so they started calling the cat ‘chaz bono’. WHAT THE FUCK. idk much abt chaz bono i just know he’s a transgender man and she just decided to compare him to her cat??? as if he’s a woman with ‘masculine energy’ just like her cat….. ???? fucking hell

and here’s some stuff abt her body-shaming 


weeb class from hell

September of last year, I was really excited to go back to school because I got accepted into a video game design class and I was super stoked. I was so happy to be there on my first day but right from the beginning, the entire class experience was horrible due to all the weebs attending.

I’m an anime/manga fan too so I didn’t mind too much at first! I won’t go into detail about every classmate since literally all of them were weebs of varying levels, but a few of them really made me not want to go back.

Firstly, there’s M. She was in college (I was in high school at the time), but she looked and acted like she was maybe 11 or 12. Her hair was super long and greasy and she wore the same 2-3 anime shirts over and over, and sometimes literally wore FULL COSPLAY to school for no reason whatsoever. I admired her bravery at least. I started talking to her because I was excited to meet another anime fan and was surprised that we shared a lot of interests, and she could be really funny sometimes. We both shipped souji/yosuke from Persona 4 and she got pretty creepy about that, she started calling me Souji instead of my actual name and demanded that I call her Yosuke in return (in front of everyone), and would show me nsfw pictures of them and say “Look, it’s you and me!”. She was very clingy and always wanted to hug me or hold my arm or do weird childish things to get my attention (one time she STOOD BEHIND ME for 10 minutes and meowed at me until I would acknowledge her). M also liked to get pity for the smallest of things and she constantly made up stories. One time, a door lightly smacked her in the arm and she complained about it for days on end, to everyone in class, multiple times. She was like this with almost everyone. I was pretty uncomfortable, but it was tolerable for the most part. After a few months she got worse.

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idk where this came from or where its going but can we talk abt aedion ashryver

  • so his whole personality until hof is all an act right
  • all his parties and flirting and the whole “adarlans whore” thing ((i mean im sure he did do a lot of things to help towards that whole image like he said in qos, the lines got a little blurred))
  • i mean its perfectly understandable his attitude is all an act to shield him from the king and from suspicion and from himself
  • but what if terrasen never fell
  • just imagine this ok so like idk how or why but just bear w me
  • from the flashbacks we can conclude aedion was mischievous and was fiercely loyal to aelin and the two of them probably got into a lot of trouble together lbr
  • so like would he still have that same personality of being cocky and flirt w everyone and treat everything like a joke?? like obviously he would talk his job of protecting aelin very serious but would he still have that humor to him?? how much of it isnt an act? bc even after he knows shes safe and he finally is with his cousin again he still has a small part of that personality
  • which brings me to this: what if when terrasen did fall aedion and aelin made it out together
  • aedion was what like 13 and aelin was like 8 so imagine little aedion and aelin running through the woods that night away from the Bad People and not stopping for anything just running and when aelin gets tired aedion puts her on his shoulders 
  • so what if it was just the two of them in hiding constantly running and raising themselves
  • he would have grown up over night, always having to look out for the two of them and he would be even more protective of aelin than he already is 
  • but ofc since she was like 8 he would try to smile and joke around w her to make things seem less serious so she didnt have to worry abt things
  • even on the days when they didnt have much to eat and were constantly running he would still smile and joke around and make sure she got to sleep at a decent time and make sure she got enough to eat and drink before he even looked at the food 
  • every night he would keep watch while she slept soundly next to him and worry abt how they would get through the next day and he would never get a full nights sleep, it would always be little naps here and there or he would be half asleep all night, always ready to run in case he saw the slightest sign of trouble
  • bc now he was responsible for his little aelin, his little cousin
  • his little queen
  • he would teach her how to fight for herself in case they ever got into trouble and how to catch her own food and what to do in case they ever got separated
  • he would be there for her when she had nightmares or to hold her when she cried abt her parents or marion, always keeping a brave face for her
  • but at night when she was sleeping he would finally let himself break down and be sad, but only when he knew she wouldnt see bc he had to be strong enough for the both of them
  • can we just. talk abt aedion

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Ok so everyone is being butt hurt about Vriska and how shitty she has been to Tavros and Jake but seriously it's Vriska bring Vriska, like what's your opinion on this?

same old Vriska, possibly a little worse than how she was before Terezi killed her off (before retcon), I suppose most people know this is how she is and they just feel like venting about it?

but for me the main difference is after she died she acknowledged she was a bad person and that was sorta her thing (sorta like Meenah acts about herself) and I was ok with that because you can like a character that does bad things and is sort of an ass and /knows it/

what I don’t like about retcon Vriska is that she does bad things too but she justifies it by thinking she’s acting in everyone’s best interest and that she’s an actually good person for it;;

Ok lets just go back to “Sworn to the sword” for a moment
To “Do it for her” and more exactly, this verse
“What they don’t know
Is your real advantage
When you live for someone
You’re prepared to die”

It makes so much sense now. Pearl’s advantage really was that no one expected a pearl to act this way. Pearl was TERRIFYING, and so strong.

And no one expected Ruby to do what she did eighter. She changed fate when she chose to save Sapphire, and thus saved the whole rebellion by getting everyones attention and therefore giving Rose & Pearl time to escape

And then Sapphire saved Ruby, when she could have just choosed to not care at all…Ruby was just one common soldier, Right?

Pearl, Ruby and Sapphire’s advantage was that they did something totally unexpected…and that’s just so powerful in every single way