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The Dreams that Haunt us

Summary: You usually have nightmares after missions, but this one is worse than usual. Luckily, someone’s there to help you out.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1621 Words

Warning: Fluff, a bit of angst, nightmares, illness, very very slight gore, like it’s not even there

Notes: I wrote this in, like, an hour, so forgive me if there’s mistakes, I didn’t edit it. I also didn’t get to elaborate or create a good title, sorry! 

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You sit up with a jolt, chest heaving with distress and terror. You’re sweating, beads of water dripping down your forehead. Your heart is racing, thumping rapidly within your ribcage. You glance cautiously around the dark room, eyes flicking and analysing every shadow and corner. Nothing seems to be replicated from your nightmare, so you take a deep breath, trying to control your breathing, taking in lungfuls of the cool air. Tears are still forming in the ducts of your eyes, leaking out in a most shameful way, especially for an Avenger like you. You can taste the saltiness on your lips, quickly swiping a hand over your lids.

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If Love’s So Easy, Why Is It Hard?

Chapters: 16/? [Chapter word count: 6,131]
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Clarke Griffin/Lexa, Clarke Griffin & Lexa
Characters: Clarke Griffin, Lexa, Anya, Raven Reyes, Octavia Blake, Lincoln, Abby Griffin, Marcus Kane, Titus, Echo, Bellamy Blake, Monty Green, Jasper Jordan, Maya Vie, Harper, Emori, John Murphy, Gustus, Original Child Characters, And a ton more people that I don’t feel like writing here but are all tagged on AO3
Additional Tags: Modern AU, Romance, Fluff, Angst, Hurt & Comfort, Drama, Anya & Lexa are siblings, Lexa & Costia (Mentioned), Clexa Babies, Clexa, Family, Pregnant Clarke, Blood, Character Death,

The Griffin-Woods family seemingly has the perfect life, at least until Lexa’s (over?)zealousness as NYC’s top young prosecutor means she starts making some very dangerous enemies whose only goal is to remove her from the equation. By any means necessary.


reaons why travis is my fav rp-er in taz:

  • gets really into rping and is serious about his acting and the story
  • adores his own character and wants the best for him, you can tell
  • praises griffin’s dming consistently 

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Funny you should post that. I was actually really thinking about KS yesterday, and considered sending you an ask, but figured it would come off as annoying and didn't want to be "that" person. Remember though, any progress is good progress and no progress is still ok, because writing is hard and you've already told us how crazy your life is. I'll just keep daydreaming my own fills until you're ready.

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I was working on a daily flash fiction piece and it go too long and now i can’t stop thinking about it and the characters and that’s the story of how I may have just accidentally started writing my first novel 

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Heyo! So I have been reading your prompts and I have fallen in love with them! Your writing is so good and I always smile after reading them. Since I'm Hinata trash and I love your Kidnapped! prompts, instead of Corrin getting kidnapped can there be a prompt where the children get kidnapped and Corrin and Hinata are worried? It doesn't have to be both children, it could be only Hisame or only Kana if you want. That choice is up to you! :o)

[So this is what I’ve been reduced to? Kidnapping innocent babies?? :”U]

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Hinata completely shut down. His hands shook as he paced, one gripping the hilt of Hisamaru and the other clenched tight in a fist. Of course, you weren’t any better. The crumpled ransom note was clutched in your hand, sitting with your legs drawn tight together as you tried to process what was happening.

They were supposed to be safe in the Outrealms. That’s what the point of putting the children there was. But when the two of you went to visit your sons, they were nowhere to be found. They’d been taken.

Your husband turned on his heel, running a hand through his messy hair. “They can’t be gone. T-they’ve gotta be around here, somewhere! The Outrealm isn’t that big, they- they’ve gotta be here!”

“I’m sure they are,” You managed, looking up at him, “We just have to find them, and pray they aren’t in any danger.” Though neither of you thought prayer would do much good; they’d been kidnapped. It was more dangerous than you ever realized.

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My Sides

I saw @pansexualroman @killerfangirl3 , @dan-yuna , @obviouslyelementary and a ton of others do this and although I wasn’t tagged I just had to join in because like it seemed right up my alley and Y'alls were so cute! This fandom might just get me back into writing at this rate.

Without further ado!

Emotions (Eleanora) - Emotion is the loudest of the group and that is saying something because host is a naturally loud person. She is in charge of keeping her emotions in check and keeping the host from  appearing ‘crazy’ (It doesn’t work.) She tends to have dramatic mood swings and don’t EVER try talking to her before she is awake and has had some kind of caffine. She is one of the happier sides. Emotion and Smarts duke it out for who is more in charge but in their fighting, ADHD usually takes over getting them all off track. ~  Nora is the queen of pastels, flora patterns and Flower Crowns.
-Brags about being the oldest.
-Can be a bitch.
-Is a Drama Queen.
-Falls in love to easy.
-Is the closest to fear because Emotions is the only one the understands them.

Smarts/Trivia (Saffi) -  The big nerd center, and clearly the smartest and most logical thinker. Although she represents the logical side, she tends to not be listened to as much. She also embodies the host’s love of nerd culture and fandoms. She will spend her time researching a fandom for week if it weren’t for ADHD to distract her. Fears and Smarts don’t have the best relationship because the brainy side knows what the other is freaking out about and knows that its no big deal but Fears will just ignore the logical side’s reasoning. ~ Saffi wears tee-shirts with puns, fandom wear, or Cosplays from time to time.
- Talk to her about any of her fandoms and she lights up with joy.
- Does not understand ‘how to Relationship’ no matter how well versed she is in the shipping scene.
- Appered not long after Emotions.
- She thinks everything is basic knowledge, was the type of student to do none of the homework but still pass every test.
- Unironically wears big hipster glasses that she actually needs.

ADHD/Imagination (Arella) - Lives very in the moment, Is RaNdOm XD RAWR!!! Is stuck in the early 2000’s culture. Although this side couldn’t focus to save her life and is quite possibly the cringiest side of them all, she is a much loved side. She may be the most childish but she stops fights between Smarts and Emotions, makes sure Fears and Smarts eat and practice self care if they are too focused on something. She is the one with the crazy plans and the one that causes spontaneous singing and dancing in public. Likes to help others but she tends to hurt more than she helps. Is 100% of the reason why the host procrastinate so often. ~ Arella loves Neon colors, bright poppy shirts and cat ears completely unironically.
- Was there for a while but only made herself known at the age of 7.
- Her favorite moment was in 2003 when she was introduced to the internet.
- Meme’s are her lifeblood.
- Is genuinely happy most of the time.
- When on medication she lies dormant, the host act way different with out her there.
- Likes to Cosplay with Smarts because YAY COSTUMES!
- Is always up for ADVENTURE!!!
- Has has the largest collection of fidget toys… just so many.

Fear (Faye) - Just the worst, always on edge and causes all sorta of Anxiety and Depression. Fear is the reason the host is behind in alot of milestones. Having only developed in middle school, Fear is always lingering in the background whispering about what could happen and all the bad scenarios in the mind. Fears don’t listen when the others try to explain that it will be okay. Fear does have some good qualities though, like: keeping me safe from truly bad things, worrying gets me to be proactive, and it helps he host cherish all the good in life. Fear doesn’t believe Smarts  and often picks fights with them before apologizing profusely. Fear loves talking to Emotion the most, and honestly fear just doesn’t understand ADHD. ~ Faye wears darker colors and a big, fluffy, gray hoodie., and a few reflective bracelets to be safe in the dark, also keeps a whistle on them at all times.
- Is afraid everyone hates them.
- Is unnaturally afraid of death and driving.
- Checks the closet for monsters and hates being in unknown dark rooms.
- Loves blankets and being with others.
- Is the youngest by far, before showing up in 8th grade the host was a pretty fearless girl.

Lastly I don’t know too many people in the fandom, so if you want to do it @imanarwhalbitch that would be cool. Lol.

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Oooooo when you have the time could you write some fluffy fredrobin??? Modern!AU??? I love your writing so much thank you for spending your time writing all these fics!!

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A few things happened when Frederick came home and you were crying. At first, he was extremely worried. His briefcase quickly set aside, jacket hung on the rack before heading straight to the source of the sniffling. A deep frown curved his lips downward, finding you either by the window or on the couch.

Instantly, his arms would wrap around you, gently bringing you to his chest and pressing kiss after kiss to your forehead. He’d cradle you tight, letting you sob softly into his dress shirt. Whatever makeup on your eyes stained the linen, though he hardly minded.

Instead, he caressed your hair, rocking you slowly, moving back and forth. And you would wait a while, simply revelling in his touch and his embrace. Eventually you’d calm down enough, and he’d finally ask you a careful question. “What happened this time?”

You huff and hiccup, holding up your phone to show him a video. “I-it’s just…t-t-these ducklings are…are playing with all these kittens and it’s just- it’s just- s-so beautiful…!”

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this is the same person.

look at the changes : the clothes, the hair, the expression, the make up, the body language, the look, the colors.

character development by walt disney animation studios, ladies and gents.

Oh. My. Gosh. This was….INTENSE. I did not expect to write this much. ANYWHO!!! Here’s the follow up from the last chapter! The inspiration came from one of @furaitsu ‘s wonderful Anons, as well as this sweet-as-shit pic by pinki .

If you’d rather, here’s the link to the whole fic on Ao3!

((Edit–next chapter!!))

Alright…here we go.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

    Saitama refused to mention the cracks in the table. It’s not like he was gonna replace it—a couple of fist-shaped indents didn’t make it work worse (unless you laid a cup or bowl on them, ‘cause those wouldn’t sit straight). Anyway, when there were plates over them you hardly noticed they were there at all.

    Genos watched as he pushed his chicken over one of the craters. The kid wasn’t bringing them up either (which was a miracle), but he was giving him that look again. It was the one where it was like he was scanning him, or listening though his teacher hadn’t said anything.

    Saitama busied himself with a sip of lemonade. He wasn’t sure if Genos knew he was doing it, but it had been happening a lot lately. Ever since…

    For the umpteenth time, he imagined the wide-eyed cyborg above him, lips shaking like he’d been told he was kicked out of the Association. The drink clinked as he put it down.

    ‘How…do you feel about me?

    He’d replayed the scene in his head so much he could almost hear Genos asking it. How Saitama felt about him. The man glanced over at the cyborg, catching him as he looked down to his plate. His teacher never answered the question, but…he couldn’t. He didn’t have an answer.

    …How did he feel about him?

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  • *pats fictional character on the head*
  • Ur gonna be OK i'm here now
Death Cannot

This is for @upthenorthmountain, and I want to state for the record that it is all her fault :P This started as an anonymous fic in her inbox, because she promised that she could handle the angst when I told her I had an idea that would make everyone would hate me. But then life got out of control and I never finished the story, so I collected the bits and rewrote them a bit and added a conclusion. And I’m very sorry, in advance, please direct complaints to @upthenorthmountain because did I mention that this is her fault? This is her fault (also it is dedicated to her, thanks for putting up with my plot bunnies, Anna <3)

EDIT: Also, this fic has a short epilogue–Reunion.

  • Death Cannot 
  • Rating: G
  • Words: 4025
  • Warning: Character death
  • KA Harvest Fest Prompt: Haunting
  • “Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.” - The Princess Bride

Kristoff crouched down on the floor and surveyed the area under the bed critically. “No monsters here,” he announced.

A chubby little finger pointed to the closet. He got up with a grunt and went to open it, revealing a row of brightly colored dresses, a few shelves of folded clothes, an overflowing bin of blocks and other toys. Kristoff solemnly examined them all.

“No monsters here either,” he said, but he left the light on anyway.

The little girl in the crib was three and a half, her red hair just long enough to form two little pigtails. It was very important, he had learned, for her hair to be in pigtails before bed. Ella’s hair had an amazing capacity for knots, and there had been a few times when he’d worried that he’d be forced it cut it off. Kristoff stroked a hand over her head. He bent down to kiss her forehead and tucked up her blanket.

“You’re always safe,” he promised. “There’s someone watching over you.”

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Seriously though…Is Delphine the only one running DYAD now? She’s the new Rachel, she’s the scientist, she’s the monitor, she’s also the doctor?? How she manage all of these ALONE?? She didn’t even have an assistant like Martin or Daniel. She only have Dr. Nealon that she didn’t even trust 100%. Even Cosima & Scott didn’t trust her. Imagine all the burdens she got on her shoulders just because she can’t trust no one so that nobody can hurt the Leda clones…Just imagine being her…

silent solace

jimin peers out over the rails, eyes plunging down the flat surface of the apartment facade as vertigo hits him hard and heavy. he relishes in the mind numbing dizziness, for once feeling like he’s able to somewhat escape the deafening roars of hurt and anger screaming in his head.

he knows he should just let it go, understands that they’re just words, nothing more. they are things he shouldn’t be taking to heart. because in the grand scheme of things, it’s not what those tiny little letters on the monitor spell out that defines who he is, but jimin himself who decides the kind of person he will become.

they’re just words.

a combination of consonants and vowels that holds no power over him in any way.

but jimin would be lying if he said it didn’t bother him in the slightest, if it doesn’t hurt him at all.

because it does.

it hurts alright, oh it hurts.

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