....it was so cute tho

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This is really random so feel free to not answer this but do you have any good anime recommendations?

Sorry, there are no good animes

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2!p........dachuu???? ??????????????? ??????????????? ???????? i'mlost????????????????

LMAO I’M SORRY BUT OKAY 2P Dachuu is basically Dazai and Chuuya with inverted color scheme. It’s an AU mostly popular in the Korean fandom. Think black Atsushi and white Akutagawa but with skk. 

So basically 2P Chuuya is Chuuya with white outfit and blue hair meanwhile 2P Dazai has white hair, white outfit and black bandages. Personality wise 2P Chuuya is very cute and clingy and all lovey dovey as opposed to the normal tsundere Chuuya. 2P Dazai… well I don’t know much about him tbh aside from the fact that he’s also lovey dovey to 2P Chuuya as normal skk look on in disgust.


we finally have a girl who does :”^)