....i will get them all again


one of my favourite lines from the script!! i’m proud of him :’)


I know about sectumsempra angst

I’ve read my fair share of fics about them

But what I want to know, where I want to read about, is what happened after Draco failed to identify Harry at the manor

Because you can’t tell me Voldemort called him in for a job functioning chat

Or that all the other death eaters and death eater fanboys just asked him to buy a set of glasses or pay better attention to Harry’s looks next time

Oh no they must have tortured him for his mistake

But how?

Did Bellatrix get creative with her knife again?

Did Fenrir bite him?

Did voldemort crucio him until he forgot his own name?

Did the snatchers lock him in with a hippogryph?

Did they?

And when Harry sees those scars, what does he do?

What does he do when he sees ‘liar’ and ‘traitor’ edged in the skin across his back?

What does Harry do when he sees the gigantic bite marks Fenrir left on the previously so kissable soft spot on Draco’s neck?

What does Harry do when he can’t fuck Draco up against a wall because Draco’s through crucio spasms destroyed back could never handle that?

What does Harry do when Draco comes back for eighth year with a limp, and passes out from fear when faced with Buckbeak?

What does Harry do when he can barely find a single piece of skin on Draco’s body that he can mark as his own, because saving Harry and the war got Draco more than just some thin lines, a scolding and a dark mark?

What does Harry do when he sees the price Draco had to pay for Harry’s freedom?

And what does Draco do then?

These are the things I need to know and read 100k fics about

Oh joy. Just had to deal with an hour long meltdown from my anxiety-ridden youngest. We had a great night solving puzzles at the museum and swimming at the YMCA, but we had a fight because he refused to walk his dog then threw a paper at me. Which, yeah… I don’t deal well with acts of aggression, so I sent him to his room so we could both cool our tempers… where he promptly skyped his dad to complain about me… which led to his dad saying something about taking me to court so they could live with him.

Holy panic attack, Batman. Q freaked the fuck out about ten minutes after he hung up. He doesn’t even want to spend a weekend with his dad, let alone live with him. His dad is physically aggressive and short tempered and lacks predictable discipline strategies. He yells all the time. We’ve had conversations, the three of us, about how scared Q gets when my ex loses his temper, and how it makes him not ever want to visit. My ex is almost six feet tall, 350 pounds, and terrifying to my little 10 year old.


We talked, and I calmed him down, and Q decided he’s going to stop complaining to his dad and start writing in his journal instead. I told him that’s fine, though he could call Grandma too if he wanted to vent. Which, everyone vents about their parents, so it’s fine. I told him I’m not mad, and if he actually wants to live with his Dad, I would not be mad about that either. But he said the kid equivalent of hell no, and that was that.

Sheesh. Parenting.

Your strangeness is your beauty. You are incredible because you are odd, you cannot be classified into a type or a sort. Your flaws are wonderful weapons. Your zany ideas are the stuff of legend.

Don’t worry about the nay sayers and the people who will mock you or are determined to fit you in a box and pull you down. In video games and in life, you know you are going in the right direction when you encounter obstacles and enemies. The most interesting people I know, the most successful people I know have fought their way there. They have been ridiculed and mocked. They have been betrayed by people who promised to love them and let down. They have lost jobs and hit rock bottom again and again and despite all these obstacles, they made a name and a success of themselves.

Because you do not get to the top by being well liked all the time. Heroes and the most intelligent tend to be solitary creatures because they do not go with the flow, they are not part of the usual crowd.

Being so well liked by everyone has its own problems, it means you have never pushed the boundaries or escaped your comfort zone just for a while so you can see what you can do. And eventually you become so lost in what others think or say about you, you lose the ability to become anything other than the skin of yourself you put on everyday.

The only way you will find peace in this world is to just keep being you. Unapologetically, unabashedly you. And eventually you will find your tribe, you will find your passion, and you will find what moves your soul.

—  Nikita Gill, Your Weirdness Could One Day Change the World

When you feel my heat
Look into my eyes
It’s where my demons hide

Boueibu Shipping Week, Day 3


This… doesn’t have much to do with the song XD. The piece was mostly inspired just by the title and it’s about how these two are not really what they might look like, or the impression people get of them.

ANYWAYS, you see all those awesome final touches that make this pic what it is? Well, those are nothing but @elucida‘s wonderful job :D!

Thank you so much for your help and for making this look this good, girl <3.

today’s episode totally exceeded my expectations for what we had been thinking would happen with regards to the fall tbh. we got:
• robert dancing to “i can’t get no (satisfaction)” , canonically making him a rolling stones fan especially when he’s drunk and missing his husband ✔️
• robert getting his leg stuck in that damn spiral staircase and falling down the stairs in the most dramatic manner ✔️
• him crying over aaron and externalizing his feelings instead of constantly burying them within the depths of his soul - therefore leading to the robert breakdown we have all been waiting for ✔️
• robert saying he misses aaron and basically admitting that he feels lost and empty without him by his side, constantly loving him ✔️
• once again, him d a n c i n g like the idiot he is ✔️✔️✔️

IQ Meets Experience

A/N: An anon request for a fic where the reader is a young genius (about 21) and they get into the BAU because of their genius. Kind of like Spencer. Due to age, they aren’t that confident and start to make mistakes in their profiling, but Reid assures them that everyone makes mistakes. They’re also intimidated by everyone in general, looks, intelligence, and otherwise. The requester didn’t specify him or her, so because I get them so rarely, this is a Spencer x Male Reader (who is bisexual because my bisexual ass has a mighty need). @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn @unstoppableangel8


This is like high school all over again. I’m never going to fit in. Intelligence is one thing, but everyone else is a minimum five years older than me, plus they’re all beautiful, intelligent and nice, and here I am, this bumbling genius, idiot that despite an IQ of 190 can’t get my damn profiling right. 

Fuck me.

I started at the BAU nearly a month ago, brought in on sheer intelligence and the basic ability to stand upright, because physical prowess there was none of whatsoever. “Dammit all.” Once again, I’ve spilled coffee on my way out of the cafe, causing my hand to burn, which in turn caused me to drop the coffee on the ground, so I had to go get a new one. This was the third time this week. 

After grabbing another cup, I walked carefully to the Bureau and into the elevator. JJ and Morgan were on their way up at the same time. “Hey, Y/N,” Morgan said as he slapped me on the shoulder. “How are you this morning?”

Play off the clumsiness and the burn on your hand as a joke. “Well, I’ve burnt my hand for the third time this week, but otherwise I’m okay.” Morgan chuckled as we all left the elevator and I couldn’t help but think that not only was I never going to get the hang of this job no matter how badly I wanted it, but I was also just never going to fit in. My bisexual ass couldn’t possibly be more intimidated by the beauty of everyone on this team. JJ was a goddamn angel sent down from the heavens. Morgan, as Garcia said, was sculpted from the most decadent chocolate. Hotch had his own charm, though it was hidden most of the time. Emily was a raven-haired goddess. Penelope was a fucking ray of sunshine that I could never even hope to be, Rossi was well…Rossi, which I’m sure he would appreciate me saying, and Reid…goddammit. His confidence level is just a hair’s breath above mine, but I have no clue why. I have the hots for everyone, but Reid…Reid is an angel with cheekbones that could cut a roast, deep-set eyes that convey all the emotions of the universe, and stupid fucking hair that makes me want to pull my fingers through it. Oh, and lips that gave me the dirtiest of mental images.

Everyone is cool and intelligent and pretty and I am so out of my league. Why the hell did I accept this job? That’s right, because I wanted it more than anything in the world - still do - I just wish that I could actually fit in.

“Morning, Y/N,” Reid said, his smile nearly killing me inside. I did manage to control myself and give him a good morning back. Go me.

Just as my train of thought was going to pull over to ‘Please-Fuck-Me-Reid Junction,’ Hotch came out of his office. “We have a case.”

Everyone got up and made their way into the conference room. I followed behind, but kept my distance. Though everyone was welcoming and warm, my stupid brain refused to let me believe that I actually fit in. I hadn’t for the entirety of my 21 years. Why would I now? “What do we have?” Emily asked as her hair fell in front of her face. God I’m bi as fuck.


As happily as she could under the circumstances, Garcia stood up and started briefing us on the case. “New York City. Three women have been found with their throats cut.” When the pictures came up, it was fairly easy to see they were prostitutes. “Now, by their clothing and the locations they were found, one might assume they were prostitutes. But they aren’t.”

Oh fantastic. Now I’m making assumptions. What is wrong with me?

“All three of them are suburban moms from Long Island. All blonde. All between the ages of 25 and 35, and all were abducted from a date with their significant others just prior to their deaths.”

“The clothing,” I started without realizing it. “Was that what they were wearing on their dates or were they changed post-mortem?”

“We don’t know yet,” Hotch replied. I was going to have to get used to the way he spoke. I kept thinking that when he spoke to me I was wrong, or I had asked a stupid question, but I knew I hadn’t. Adjustments were taking longer than I wanted. “Y/N, why don’t you give us a reason that the clothes would’ve been changed post-mortem.”

I swallowed the lump in my throat and attempted to form a hypothesis. “Well, the fact that they are suburban moms is obviously important to him.” I tried to think of a reason, but the only one I could come up with sounded convoluted to my own ears. I said it anyway. “These women could be substitutes for a mother or caregiver in his own life. They fit the bill look-wise, but not professionally, so he changes their outfits.”

“So the unsub’s mother or mother figure was a prostitute and he’s substituting these women for them?” JJ asked. I nodded and JJ reciprocated. “That’s definitely possible. But what started this unsub off?” Again, the question seemed to be geared toward me. I had no idea. That was one thing I really needed to work on. I could dissect a crime scene with the best of them, but coming up with a motive for murder was always more difficult. Who was able to think like a killer? Well, everyone on the team but me apparently.

For a moment, I stared at the screen, trying to come up with a motive. “Motive, I’m not sure, but the trigger could’ve been the mother figure’s death, or possibly a return to prostitution.”

The rest of the team nodded and started to throw around other possibilities. Of course most of them sounded better to me than my own theories. “Wheels up in 30,” Hotch said, bringing me out of my daze. I’d only been here for a month, but I’d already gotten used to Hotch saying ‘wheels up.’

As the rest of the team filed out of the room, I stayed behind. Reid was gathering his things; he must’ve noticed the doubt in my eyes. “You okay, Y/N?”

“Yea,” I sighed. “I just can’t help but think…you know what, never mind.”

“You can talk to me Y/N,” he said. “I’ve been through a lot. Probably a lot of what you’ve been through.”

“I just keep fucking up when we’re profiling. I have an IQ of 190 and I feel like the dumbest person in the room,” I said quickly. That was practically word vomit. I guess I’d been bottling that up since I started. “Plus, everyone is so nice and intelligent and good looking,” Fuck that came out of your brain. Good job, asshole. “I just don’t fit in.”

Reid smirked as he picked up his files and started walking out of the conference room. “If anyone knows about not fitting in, it’s me,” he said. “You do fit in here. I can promise you that. Everyone loves you. And when it comes to profiling, mistakes happen. Human beings are too varied to not make a mistake every now and then.”

“Yea?” I asked. “Are you sure? Because I feel like an idiot. And with an IQ of 190, I feel like that shouldn’t be a word that exists for me.”

We walked down the stairs and towards the jet. Both of us had our go-bags ready to go so we figured why not just go to the jet straightaway. “Intelligence is one thing. You have that,” he started again. While he spoke, I started to feel better, his voice washing over me like a hot shower after a long day. “Profiling is taking that intelligence and applying it to real life crime. Even with crazy intelligence, that takes practice. You’ve only been here a month. Just give yourself some time.”

I heaved a deep sigh as we both walked onto the jet, taking seats across from each other. “I guess you’re right. I’ve just been straddling the line between being comfortable with my intelligence and not fitting in for so long that I’m tired. I want to take a firm step to one side, if you know what I mean.”

“I do,” he laughed. “After a little more time, you’ll wobble over to one side. We’ll pick you up and then you’ll be there. Okay?”

“Okay,” I smiled. It’s a good thing everyone else started to pile onto the jet because I could feel my brain getting ready to say something stupid - probably about how hot I found Reid. As the plane readied for takeoff, the rest of the team sat down beside me and we began talking about whatever the fuck before we had to turn our attention to the profile again. Emily asked my opinion as the plane took off. Maybe I would actually fit in here eventually.

personally in my campaign, i’ve had about 4 sessions of it now and only. one real battle. i had planned for 2 but the bard made all the enemies fall asleep and they ran away. then the most recent game had like, a mini battle but i never wanted them to hurt their opponent, just catch them bc i’d planned to be an important npc. so i think that goes to show my priorities lol. 

Ask Box Temporarily Closed

Due to the amount of asks coming through, your father, uncle and I have decided to close the ask box until we can sort through all of them. We’ll let you know when it’s open again. Honestly, all of the love we’re getting from everybody is overwhelming.
Sleep well, kids.
-Dad Steven

What keeps me going

Writers in general tend to be a depressed lot, and when I am like I have been of late, I get this and it just makes me feel really good, so I screen cap it and it sits on my desktop. All of the beautiful posts from @andantezen and @simsmono (singled out because the last couple days) and everyone else give me so much of all the feels, I sit and read them over and over again they mean so much to me always, but right now even more so… that anyone takes the time to write something, anything, I am so grateful. All words all the little hearts everything is appreciated and nothing is ever taken for granted. I’m so thankful I have so many people who are dedicated to keeping up with my story. I love you guys.


PS you get written sexy time Thursday AND Friday. 😉

anonymous asked:

I just have to add that it's interesting that some people believe that Taylor is just so smart she could hide for this long without the paparazzi getting ANY pictures and then one day they magically cracked the code and start "getting lucky" with shots of her again.

Yes Anon, we all agree about this here…

I guess most people in general (and also many het Swifties) are just naive to believe celebrities don’t have deals with paparazzi/press agencies/tabloids….

Here, it makes us all laugh to read comments/posts/tweets coming from furious fans asking tabloids to leave them alone, because it wasn’t their choice to be photographed….LOL

Somehow it’s cute to see them defend Tay, it really is, but it’s also so far from reality regarding these kinds of deals/arrangements….

No need to be a PR fanatic nor expert to understand how the whole thing works, all it takes is to be curious, to use Google smartly & to wake up the little Sherlock Holmes we all have in us ;)

all the love I never gave (excerpt)

Erin asks them questions about their gear, acts like there isn’t this massive Thing between them, like they don’t have decades of history, like they’re just complete strangers searching for a ghost together.

Screw that.

Erin wants to pretend like none of it ever happened?

Holtz isn’t going to let her.

She pans the camera to Erin’s face, if only so she has something to look back over later when Erin inevitably leaves again. Then she directs the camera to the collar of her shirt and decides to play hard. “Where did you find such a tiny little bowtie?”

Erin stiffens, and Holtz can tell that she knows exactly what she’s referencing.

“It—it came with the shirt,” Erin says, her voice shaking.

“How stupendous,” Holtz says quietly.

Erin gives her a pained look.

Holtz lowers the camera.

“Jillian, I—”

Abby rattles a locked door. “Somebody really doesn’t want us getting in here.”

Broken out of what may have been a moment, they turn their attention to Abby, who has already moved on to the parlour.

“Holtzmann, come check this out.”

“Hold your ponies,” Holtz calls, then gives Erin one last chance to say whatever she was interrupted from. When she stays quiet, Holtz sighs and joins Abby.

Ridiculous Ladybug Theories #156

The gang plays D&D together. Marinette and Adrien have characters that are THINLY veiled representations of their alter egos.

They’re also dating in the game because they all play online so no one knows who is who. 

Alya is the DM and laughs hysterically after every game.  

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Hi! I'm a rather shy person and was wondering if you had any tips on how to make more friends on here..?

Hi there, ‘nonny! ♡ I totally understand. I definitely struggle with social anxiety in real life, and interacting with new people can be so hard.

Speaking from my experience here, I made pretty much all of my close simming friends after joining a Discord! (Again, shameless plug - I’m a mod in a great one!Joining any Discord can be so overwhelming! If you have a friend who is in one, maybe start there; or reach out to a mod in the server you’re interested in and get to know them! It may make joining easier.

If Discord isn’t your thing, reach out to some friendly simmers! I’m always more than happy to chat with people, and I know several others who feel the same way! Before I joined a Discord, I would comment on other’s stories, send them messages, etc! I made some really great friends that way.

tldr; Reach out to other people! Go at your own pace, however makes you feel comfortable. ♡

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Who would you be okay with dying in 6B?

  • Peter
  • Gerard
  • Corey 
  • Kate 
  • Chris (idk, I would hate it if he died but it definitely wouldn’t break me apart because he’d be with his wife and daughter again)
  • Hayden
  • Liam
  • Derek (unless he has a child with Braeden and then his ass gets to live)

And of the older four… (scott, stiles, lydia, malia) I would have to say that I would choose Malia out of the four of them to die, even though I do not want her to die at all. But if I had to pick. 

anonymous asked:

Could you do Junkrat reacting to his s/o having really bad self worth problems and visual body issues? Maybe during the holiday seasons? Thank you if you can!!

- You’ve told him about your dislike of your body in the past, but he’s really bad at telling when you’re feeling bad

- He compensates by telling you everyday how much he likes your body

- Sometimes he gets a little lewd, if anybody else heard the things he says you’d never be able to look them in the eye again

- Kisses you all over (and I mean all over)

- He’s not the best at manners, if he thinks you’re uncomfortable at a gathering, he is not above literally slinging you over his shoulder and carrying you away

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swifties use the excuse that she disappeared for a while so paps are stalking her now to get shots because they are more valuable lol they truly think that. homegirl wasn't getting spotted by random people in almost A YEAR and suddenly people start seeing her again and paps are getting her pics again

Yes Anon, you’re right….it’s super naive of them to believe it, but what do you wanna do about it ?

After all, they live in their fantasy when it comes to Tay, about a few important things regarding her life…i don’t blame nor judge them, they have a right to believe what they want.

i just don’t get WHY they don’t connect the dots between these “pap” shots AND the fact that Tay’s return gets closer & closer….because it’s just SO CRYSTAL CLEAR !!!!

i mean there’s a pattern here regarding how Taylor does things…Yes she didn’t disappear for months in the past, but still….

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K but can I just talk about how I went to the fair with a group of friends and this boy was being rly cute??? He kept sitting and standing rly close to me and singing all the songs playing and batting his eyelashes when I complemented them! We were bumper cars partners and we kicked ASS. I just want some cute peter and reader at a fair or carnival please. Even headcanons I just NEED IT !!11!!!!!1!1


  • but sajfjksd yes a fair date with peter
  • (i don’t know what fairs are like else where but i want to imagine they have cool roller-coaster rides n shit) 
  • this is like 
  • the most romantic evening with peter ever
  • you remember seeing the posters for it all around queens for ages so you were supa excited for it
  • like you didn’t even have to hint at peter, he knew you wanted to go 
  • so did he secretly 
  • he was such a perfect gentleman when he came by to pick you up 
  • he brought ur fave flowers 
  • because it was a date 
  • you started off on something like the bumper carts 
  • which originally started as a battle between you the two of you 
  • but then another couple basically challenged you 
  • so it was fucking on 
  • you two definitely dominated the bumper rink 
  • and got kicked out for terrorizing the smaller children 
  • which means you moved onto the mini games
  • peter, being the adorable boyfriend he is, wants to win you a prize
  • you just grinned wickedly
  • “i want that one.” 
  • its the spiderman toy 
  • of course 
  • but it turns out peter sucks at these games
  • like even with his spidey senses he can’t for the life of him get the goddamn ring on the milk bottle
  • you however? 
  • you’re a master of this
  • so it was adorable to watch peter’s ego take a hit as you landed all of your rings perfectly
  • and the fluffy & cuddly spiderman for the lady
  • hey, spider-man is not fluffy! he’s- manly. 
  • you just giggled, taking your toy happily
  • don’t worry peter, i’ll let you win at the balloon darts
  • peter veered the hell away from the kissing booth 
  • not that he needed to worry 
  • but you two ended up on the ferris wheel ofc 
  • peter’s a romantic so of course he wants to have a cliché kiss at the top of the ferris wheel 
  • except the wheel was moving a bit fast
  • it was gonna be a weird & rushed kiss 
  • so he like webbed the middle of the wheel so it was slow just enough for a kiss
  • yeah can someone take me to a carnival all the ones in nz are SHIT

Wow! Not drawing comics for a while totally destroys your sense of how to make them flow right. I totally have to get back into this.

Yeah, I did eat two pages xD. I was sleeping at an outdoor pool and pretty darn hungry. Im never ever doing that again. XD

From the awesome @azure-quill my adorkable girlfriend xp

Reblogs plz? And all asks are welcome! Crystal is honest about everything

plot call / charisma starters

hello! trying to get back in the swing of rookies again after my hiatus. please like this post and reply one word so i can write a charisma starter for your character based around that word! i’ll try to get all of them finished asap so i can get the ball rolling. :)