....i hate you so much tumblr


The number of places I’ve stopped posting at because it’s a circlejerk of Hating On Pike’s Faves is impressive (shoutout to Anders for getting the brunt of it but he’s not the only one, nor is DA the only fandom.)

Like… so many forums, reddit, Twitter, I used to post at these places a lot, but there was so much negativity about the things I like.

I know tumblr gets a lot of flak but honestly you guys have been the most accepting of my weird interests and faves by far, so thank you, I love you all

I hate this

I hate it I hate it I hate it

This is not working. It hasn’t been this bad in months. Once I finish this bottle of Prozac at the end of the week, I am swapping back to my old medication. This is not okay. I shouldn’t have to feel like this anymore. I need you guys to keep an eye on me, okay? My depression hasn’t been this bad in a long, long time.

If I start posting a lot of negative things, or a lot of things tailored to a particular disorder in one sitting, can one of you mention me in a post, or send me an ask, or message me a post about one of my special interests or fandoms or something? Or just to get me distracted? It’s okay if you don’t want to, or can’t. I don’t blame you for it at all. But, if you notice and feel like you can, a message about Pokemon or being mentioned in a positive post would go a really, really long way.

i hate the post about the mishapocolypse that ends with a comment about how “””somehow none of it was leaked beforehand”””

i was faaaaaaar away from that fandom and i heard about it AGES before it happened. nonstop, that shit was widespread. the reason it popped off so much and encompassed ALL of tumblr was because non-spn fans saw how popular it was going to be and wanted in on the event. how can you spend so much time on the internet and not expect it to want to all but take over an entire social media platform for a day? (altho, this was before tumblr was p much ever included on other websites’ “Share” functions, so it might not be accurate to say a major social media platform. but still.)

like honestly, even the fact that mishacolypse is real and actually happened is more believable than the idea that someone missed ALL the foretelling of its arrival. as they said: the spn fandom definitely has the subtlety of a foghorn. something very specifically designed to not be missed.

anonymous asked:

Hi, when did you first decide you were a radfem? I've been very Libfem since I joined tumblr but I discovered this side of it and I've changed my mind about pornography, sex based oppression etc I just have problems w radfems misgendering trans people? But if I even reblog something from a radfem I'd get so much hate and I'm sick of the whole "Burn all radfems :))" meme it's gross

hey love!!
oh man idrk anymore i have realllyyy bad memory. but i think about a bit more than a year ago. i discovered radical feminism thru a woman who back then, defended me when a libfem male was talking shit to me.

its awesome you wanna learn more and changed your mind about porn and oppression, you can always make a sideblog to reblog radfem/gender critical posts.

as for the thing with misgendering:
usually we dont do this since we just assume if you call yourself trans you have sex dysphoria and using sex based pronouns can often trigger said dysphoria.
we do this out of mutual respect, but when you say something misogynistic/racist/ableist/homophobic or are being violent and manipulative you lose that respect and therefore the privilege of having your pronouns respected.
hope i could help and maybe clear some things up :)

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Hello there ^_^ I wanted to ask you for suggestion about BTS fanfictions. Can you tell me which is your favorite BTS fanfiction? whether it's written by you or by somebody else ^^ Thank you <3

Ooh this is a hard question you asked me, hahaha. I like a lot of BTS fanfiction, granted many–most–like 99% are smut ;; I KNOW THIRSTY MUCH, I’ve accepted it lolol. 
I am maknae-line biased so I tend to read more of their fanfiction. I’ll just list a few for you; these are writers I admire for their writing style, and because they wrecked me for good measure. 

Just For Tonight - Jungkook  
Guilty Pleasure - Taehyung 

Jungkook: In Bloom & Tinder 2.0 
Taehyung: Under the Cover of Darkness 

I hate you, I love you - Jungkook
One More Night - Taehyung 

Honey Lemon - Jin ft. Jimin 

I really loved sugascript and pjiminnie, unfortunately I believe they deactivated their Tumblr accounts. They may be writing on other platforms or have another name that I’m not aware of. 

I would also recommend my stories, hahaha. They may not be the best compared to the ones I listed above, but I try. 

Plain & Sweet - Jimin

Phantom Dreams - Taehyung 
This one holds a special place. It’s my most recent story, but also my first ever story to ever reach 200+ notes. I struggled a lot with this one, but I’m happy it’s  received well. 

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking me!
All the best! <3

- Melissa



You can link my tumblr posts on other social media sites BUT DO NOT REPOST THEM. I put in my time and effort to make these so I can make you guys laugh, and I enjoy making them but I hate seeing my work being disrespectfully reposted.

If I catch any more of my work reposted on Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ (or any other platforms) I will stop making these. Yes, it seriously pisses me off THAT much. So don’t be that one rude bitch who ruins it for everyone. I DON’T CARE IF YOU GIVE ME CREDIT ON YOUR TWEETS/POSTS, right clicking and saving and then uploading it onto your account IS STILL STEALING, SO DON’T FUCKING DO IT OK? :) 

On a happier note, here is a masterlist of all my fake subs in this series (in order from old to new):

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 5:

i’ll update this as I go! 

If you enjoy these fake subs, please reblog to spread the word :)  

you know those posts where ppl are like “don’t use any pronouns for ur baby it might be trans or nonbinary!!!!” it could just as easily be cis. how about instead of deciding for them that they’ll just have no pronouns or only go by they/them you just use their assigned gender and pronouns but let them know that if they want you to call them something different that its okay to speak up. you can’t chose everything for your child so just be there for them.


I can’t pretend that there is any other girl in the entire world for me. There will only ever be one girl. You.

the gentleperson’s guide to artist etiquette on tumblr

Hi there! Artists are a dearly beloved part of fandom and Tumblr, and yet they also get a lot of shit. A lot of shit. I think much of it comes from a place of unfamiliarity, so I’ve put together a quick guide to how to make artists happier. 

1) Be mindful that many artists have thousands of followers. If they don’t respond to you, that doesn’t mean they hate you, or that they’re an asshole: It means that they have a lot of followers and fans and can’t get to everyone. 

2) If you tag an artist in something, or write them a gift fic, don’t make repeated demands that the artist look at your post/AO3 and tell you what they think. The artist might be busy, they might not have noticed, or they even might be uncomfortable with what you tagged them in. They’re not obligated to look at what they didn’t ask for. 

3) Don’t write unrequested fanfic on their art posts. This might be controversial, because it’s done a lot in fandom, but honestly: a lot of artists are uncomfortable with this. Some of them have been triggered by what was written. Sometimes they just don’t want it associated with their work. Ask permission first, or write your fanfic in a separate post and link to the art. 

4) Do not RP on art posts. See above. 

5) If you’re a minor, don’t contact an artist about their porn. Don’t tag an artist in YOUR porn. I can’t believe I have to say this! But really: don’t. 

6) Show basic decency in your tags. Don’t hate on the pairing, fandom, character, art style, whatever. Don’t be racist. Don’t be homophobic. Don’t be transphobic. Don’t be misogynist. Don’t say things like “this art but with pairing [X] instead” ESPECIALLY if you’re suggesting that an artist who’s doing m/m or f/f should do a het pairing.

7) Don’t tell the artist your sexual fantasies about their work, even if you leave that to the tags. 

8) Don’t request things if the artist has not asked for requests. 

9) If an artist has a FAQ page, read it before contacting them and follow those guidelines. 

10) Artists are wonderful and I love them. 

I don’t hate you,” she whispered. “I can’t hate you. I wish I did. I wish I could scream and punch walls and burn everything with you in it because I hate you so much. But I don’t. And that’s the worst part. I love you. God, do I love you, even now, even when you walked away and shattered me like glass. And it’s ripping me apart.
You blamed me as if you had done nothing wrong.
—  fuck you
it’s funny how they said
you need someone to complete you
and i spent so much time
looking for the light in another
and forgetting i had my own
not even realizing
that darkness only attracts more darkness
and hatred only begets more hate
and they said listen up,
you’re a douhghnut
you’ve got this massive hole inside you
and okay, maybe not a doughnut because
it wouldn’t be a doughnut without a hole
but maybe a cream puff or a pie crust
or something that needs filling
so i walked everywhere
looking for a special kind of light to fill me
forgetting that i was born with my own
and it is like the color purple
looking for more of itself
and not realizing that
you could not be more purple
even if you tried
and what could someone just as full
of lightness and dark ever give you
that you could not give yourself?
you are not an opposite
your existence does not depend on one needing the other
darkness needs light
and lightness needs dark
but you contain both, and everything and nothing
and there isn’t a single thing in this universe
that could make you whole
other than you coming back home to yourself

Just a short compilation of people who feel the need to hate on jimin because he ‘threatens’ their ship so much. I guess jimin got so much game going on that they can’t handle it. This is for those who keep on saying jimin doesn’t get as much hate as their fav does. It should be alot longer but tumblr wont let me(╯°□°)╯︵(\ .o.)\

On a serious note, please just please don’t take shipping too seriously. You know you just stepped over the line when you actually start hating on another member because of your ship. It ruins the fun for alot of people and trust me, it won’t get you anywhere in life.


mini battle: thenemeton vs mccallientes
↳ round one // stiles and derek + quote

trust is eight feet of water, but i think
that i could drown in less 

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