....i hate you so much tumblr

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I constantly find myself hating on you, but I know it is only out of jealous. You are everything I've ever wanted to be. Beautiful. Successful. Popular. It angers me. I am an "outsider" or "loner" so I don't get NEARLY as much attention as you. I've always wanted to make YouTube videos and have friends on tumblr and Instagram, and I know I never will. You do everything I cannot do with all my effort, except you do it with no effort. It's amazing and I hate it.

Don’t hate me, be my friend. Support me, support those around you. Surround yourself with people who have similar goals and who don’t. 

It’s crazy bc I don’t view myself as any of the adjectives you described me as. 

Don’t focus on how well you perceive someone else is doing and compare it to where you are. Respect other people’s journeys and focus on yours.

You are amazing, you just have to stop comparing. It’s about perception and your mindset. Transform yours to aid in your goals instead of it destroying them.

Okay, it honestly baffles me how we all literally started out on here as blogs devoted to Taylor, but the second she does something that you don’t necessarily agree with you drag her? I don’t think standing by her and respecting the way she chooses to handle different situations indicates that I am ‘up her ass’? Like I love her and I know that she is capable of making decisions. Also, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes that we don’t know about, we are in no position to judge anything, in my opinion. We all say we consider Taylor as a friend, but I feel like if one of your best friends did something you didn’t necessarily like or agree with, then you probably wouldn’t use social media to drag them because of that…at least I definitely wouldn’t. I just hate that Taylor may start to associate tumblr as a toxic place rather than the place she goes to feel normal and connected with the people who are supposed to be there for her.

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LOL at people saying you can't change the world the way you do. You, Essena, Maxi, Ally, and other some other tumblr girls literally changed my life, Because of you I switched my parents over to eating HCLFV and currently working on my big sis (who LUVS meat, cheese, etc.) to trying veganism out for a month. We all know the new generation is all about social media so let the haters hate and keep doing you. Love you so much <3<3<3.

awh this is the best <3<3<3<3

This whole travis thing has completely torn me down the middle of the pll fandom, on one hand I’m seriously so happy and proud to be part of a fandom that will jump up and defend someone they care about who they are only connected too via social media and a television show and also so proud that when I voiced an opinion against what a majority of people on my tumblr feed were saying no one jumped on me or attacked me, everyone who had something to say to me personally did it politely while sharing their opinion and I was so nervous about posting what I did and then getting heaps of hate for it so thank you guys for that 😘

But then on the other hands there is still so much hate going on! And with the recent pictures on Marlene’s Instagram - one of Travis and one of Dre Davis the amount of negative comments on both of them was horrible! Tearing down Travis and also Marlene for not firing him (which honestly isn’t our call to make, we don’t know everything that happens in their lives or on set and petitioning to get him fired when you don’t actually know what’s going on is really horrible, that is his life and career if Sasha complains against him then by all means they can make a decision based on that but not based on fans saying we don’t like you now, get him off the show!)
And then there is also people posting so much negative stuff on the post about Dre Davis, asking why Marlene even posted a photo of her etc. and tearing her down and it’s not just posts about ‘Sara harvey’ but about Dre aswell and honestly it’s getting to the point where it literally makes me sad to think about her having to see this! Yes by choosing the career path she did she opened herself up to criticism etc. and their life being in the spot light, they all did, but there’s a difference between that and tearing someone down for the hell of it because you don’t like her when all you know about her is her role on a TV show!
And yes I understand some of it is just jokes and not meant to actually be hurtful but knowing that it’s just a joke to you doesn’t make it hurt the person your talking about any less!

So I really just wanted to take a moment to write a short post (that ended up kinda long) to just remind everyone to be kind, it’s easier to say mean things over the Internet and things can get taken the wrong way because reading it instead of hearing the person say it leaves it open for your interpretation of how you think they said it but just remember when you go to post something negative that for all you know your comment - which could have been one of hundreds on a post - could have been the one to push the person reading it over the edge.
It could be the post that brings them to tears
That makes them question their lives and careers
That begins their spiral into depression
That triggers suicidal thoughts

As a fandom of a show we have the opportunity to show the actors and actresses on our favourite shows our love and support, so please spread positivity and kindness! Because there is more then enough sadness and depression out there already but there can never be too much love and happiness 💕

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Funny how you cant show my fucking apology?????????

Here is your f***ing apology, which you sent in your previous “ask”:

“I care very much about all the children you have just mentioned, a child is a child no matter what race. I do not hate Jews, I simply hate the Israeli settlers. From what I’ve seen of this blog you appear to approve of them.”

I admit, when I read it I wasn’t aware that it was a f***ing apology, but if you say so … ok.

You seem upset that we did not respond quickly enough to your f***ing apology. For that I apologize. The thing is, although this blog is a team effort, we all have lives outside of Tumblr. We have families, jobs, school, friends, and other responsibilities that take us away from the computer at times. If you need attention that badly, you may want to try and expand your off-Internet life, and establish more face-to-face relationships. I think that kind of attention would be more rewarding than attention from a group of anonymous strangers. Just a suggestion, accept it or not, curse us out some more if that makes you happy. We are just tying to help you enrich your life and free you from some of your debilitating hatred.



But anyway, Okay thank you so much baekhyunshoneythighs for tagging me for the selfie challenge I love you so much you cinnamon roll

So yeah I’m the one with short red hair in all of these I’m so gay I’m so sorry

Bonus (the first one I just took like five minutes ago after a full day of band camp) (the second one is older)

I nominate jim-innie and matthewespinosass and edenalieth and humpingjongin (if ur comfortable with it that is) :))))

You're just a tumblr feminist, sweetheart 😉

If it’s one thing I don’t get it’s a fake person. Someone who claims they’re a “feminist” and put on a front like they are a kind, love spreading individual, when really, they would cuss and say the most horrid things over an article of clothing, even resorting to violence! I’m honestly shocked and disgusted. People like that who spread so much hate must be so miserable in their lives..OH! But I forgot I’M the ‘stoned depressed worthless bitch’ and I 'hate myself’ 😁 No woman who wants to uplift and support one another would say that to another woman! We’re supposed to be lifting eachother up! I’m so sorry for whatever misfortune you’ve been through. Rest easy, my dear 😘

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Hey Trilla Parade, I love your Tumblr. It's so dope and I use it everyday for my own inspiration... Just found a brand called Sixthjune, I think it's from France or somewhere in Europe... Have you heard about it ? Best regards and keep going awesome job ! Tom, Italy.

Hi. First, thanks for the support, that’s nice to read. I don’t want to flame this brand cause it’d be “free”, it has an honorable success and everything so no reason to hate, but, I don’t like it that much.

At the beginning of the trend, at the beginning of Rocky and Kanye, it was a nice alternative to high-end brands, quality was decent and there wasn’t that negative thing to say. But now, they mainly just rip off what’s hot at the moment in streetwear, and people that even aren’t into this style wear the brand. You can see dads or 8 years old in sixth june here.

Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t like the elitist aspect of high fashion and sometimes I still go to H&M too, but this type of brands contributes to associate this style we like that was all about being elegantly while “streetweary” dressed, to a poor, bad quality and clowny image, with guys wearing the same uniform of leopard print drop crotch pants, faux leather oversized tees with zippers on the side and a tacky print, and I find this really sad.

If you don’t focus on its inspirations (read copies) and quality, the brand itslef isn’t bad, I often see cool looking, trendy pieces from them, but in France at least, for me, what people made of it ruin the whole thing, so I don’t f with it.


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I know everyone's replying bc of the anon hate you got and u don't even need this bc you're awesome and hopefully know it haha, but I just want you to know that you were the first lgbt blog I followed, and you've helped me so much just in the last few weeks that I've had a tumblr. The things you post about have helped me find myself and I really respect what you do and I'm really glad you're here and have this blog. You're really great

Thank you! I’m so glad I’ve helped you

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I was scrolling through you're tumblr to see what people meant by you being rude but all I've seen is you being nice to people?? Im genuinely so confused as to why people can send so much hate to someone who seems like such an awesome person. You're beautiful and I'm sure you personality is just as beautiful! (I typed this up but I don't know if I sent it or accidentally pressed cancel tbh, so sorry if this is the second time sending it!)

dude this is so sweet, thank you so much. I’ve just come to accept that not everyone will like me and I just roll with it haha but this means a lot so thank you (and I only received this once!)

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Okay why don't you just delete your blog because seriously, you never post. Like every 2 weeks or so you post or weblog a couple things and that's it. And why do you feel the need to post a bunch of random pictures of you and your bf when pretty much nobody gives a fuck? You blog is supposed to be about high school story, not dumb selfies. Just delete your damn blog for christs sake

LOL sorry I have a life. Hate to break it to you, honey, but I’m here to stay. I’ll never delete my blog.

Did you understand that? My blog? You know, which means I can post absolutely anything I want? Yep. That’s kind of how Tumblr works; sorry you didn’t know that.

So I can post about High School Story, Hollywood U, my boyfriend, my cat, my day, my experience with nacho cheese. Which is delicious, by the way.

And if you don’t like it…


You either support her or you don’t. This is such a simple concept. Stop complaining.
Taylor does so much and you complain about her putting her boyfriend in a picture. I mean you guys are the ones who ask her to have him in the photos. Just think about the fact that maybe taylor is still logging onto tumblr and seeing your evil comments. How does that make you feel! The thought of Taylor frowning makes me cry. And now I’m crying because such a beautiful person is getting hate from the people who are supposed to love her. It breaks my heart. You have stepped over boundaries. When we say we defend Taylor till we die we mean it, regardless of whether y'all are calling yourselves SWIFTIES or not.
*drops microphone

got tagged by Cutiepie reethaa!

Why did you chosse this URL?
Because my usually Pseudonym was already taken…
And i always don’t have a clue with choosing names… i thought about it really long xD At the same time (long ago…), i was working in DTP class on a design for a letterhead. I hated this so much xD that i drew a frog. The design was shitty… and i am sad and happy at the same time that my harddrive crashed and i lost the file lol
And when i was about to choose a name for tumblr… i remembered the frog. Froschkuss - Frogkiss! Yeah!

What is your middle name?
Oh my god! No One must know my middle Name! I have one… and it is the Villain Name of a Disney Character xD
But it is also the first Name of both my Grandmas~ and i should like the name but i can’t xD

If you could own a fairy tale pet, what would it be?
I want a flying Bison T v T

Fave color?
red… and green xD

Fave song album right now?
I still listen to a lot of albums lately… always depending on my mood. Smoke & Mirrors by Imagine Dragons, The Heist by Macklemore xD and the Dragon Age Inquisition Soundtrack~

Top three Fandoms?
Dragon Age, yes! uhm… Last Airbender and Legend of Korra xD

Why do you like Tumblr?
I am amazed by all these talented artists on tumblr! It is my main source for inspiration xD and all these fanfiction… i could scroll for hours…

Tag all of your Tumblr crushes or people you just think are cool as fuck to do this as well!
If you feel like doing it: demoniacalchildsworld cute-ellyna elfrooted alpheratz1

the signs as annoying tumblr comments
  • Taurus:i hate geminis so much
  • Gemini:Never forget / if you scroll past this...
  • Cancer:@staff DELETE THIS
  • Leo:where's the lie tho? / the tea is hot
  • Virgo:THIS IS ME lol
  • Libra:i feel this in a spiritual level
  • Sagittarius:Where is this from?
  • Capricorn:OMG IT'S BAAAACK!!!!!!
  • Aquarius:this is why i hate facebook
I hate being your backup plan, and the one you pour your heart out to when it’s 4am, and you can’t stop crying. You say you’re afraid, and that she’s the only love you’ve ever really known. You say you’ve been through so much with her, and you can’t give up now. You tell me I’m the reason you have a smile on your face, and your jealousy towards anyone that looks my way is upsetting. Here you are with your head on my chest, and all I want to do is to pull you in close. You’re giving up on one of us, but you’ve only gotten to experience how one of us could love you.
  • What she says:I'm fine.
  • What she means:Phil Lester is so perfect. He's amazingly nice, handsome, funny, and very creative. He came up with many popular things such as the 7 second challenge, the tumblr tag, and the toilet tag, and he gets nO credit for it! Plus, even though he would never be mean to anyone or anything, he gets so much hate for nO REASON, LIKE, JUST CUZ YOU'RE JELLY OF PHIL'S PERFECTION DOESNT MEAN YOU GODDA BE A H8ER. He's been doing YouTube for almost 10 whole years now and Dan could be a lawyer right now if it wasn't for Phil, but still he only has about half of Dan's subscribers when he deserves just as many as Dan has! sO GO SUBSCRIBE TO AMAZINGPHIL ON YOUTUBE WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, BY THE END OF 2015 I WANNA SEE HALF OF THE EARTH'S POPULATION SUBSCRIBED TO HIM BYE

I hate seeing corny quotes all over tumblr/the internet claiming for love to be all these “cute” superficial things that it’s just simply not . Love is fucking scary, it’s beautiful but it’s scary. It’s not texting someone cute and flirty texts all day , and wanting that good morning text , or that sweet goodnight text . It’s not wanting a cute person to have Netflix nights with and cuddle with because your bored. It’s loving that person so fucking much that their happiness is your happiness. It’s listening to them pour their heart out to you in the middle of the night , listening to them tell you their fears , and their dreams. It’s wanting to grow with that person , in a positive way . It’s helping each other accomplish goals and figuring out how to get there together . Its having them show you their true inner demons and struggles and loving them more because of it . It’s wanting to see them succeed as much as you want yourself to succeed , it’s finding their flaws to be beautiful. Its wanting to do anything in your power to keep them in your life no matter the struggle, the pain , the sacrifice it may take to make it work. Love is a commitment to protecting someone else’s heart with the same passion you used to guard your own. Love will bend and stretch you. It will take take you on an emotional roller coaster at times, but it will never leave you alone. So many relationships, and marriages end because people don’t want to put in the work it takes to keep one going , it’s hard , love is hard but I truly believe that the outcome is the best thing a human being can experience in our time here . Real love is simple, but it’s never perfect or easy . It takes some serious work to merge your life with someone else’s, but I crave that real unconditional type of love . That is who I am and how i will always feel about love . I’m a very deep person and I love hard and true , and pure . Once you’ve shown me your down for me, and I care about you I would walk to the end of the earth and back to help you .