....i had to


Bill teasing you all night during thanksgiving at your family’s house. He whispers everything he’s going to do to you when you two get home, only heightening your desire for him. Once you make it back home, he fulfills all his promises, fucking the living daylights out of you.


I wanted to draw the Voltron fam doing a chicken fight and it got out of hand

today's video
  • jack, while being "a little drunk": i am just a little drunk. it's not hitting me that hard aha, i am jus a lil drunk aha donut worry aha :D
  • jack, while being "a little drunk": don't trust ANYONE with TWO first names, don't trust anY-
  • jack, while being more than "a little" drunk: *gets questions right* I AM A SMART BOI, I WENT TO COLLEGE TWICE *gets next question wrong* ah fuckk
  • jack, drunk: i failed the world's easiest quiz, i'd like to thank my mom, the academy-

The Punisher + Thor Ragnarok