Oh wait, you know how in the STFU prophecy vid how there’s a little clip of Pink writhing on the floor of the stage? Maybe that’s what’s actually going on and him singing for the crowd that’s dancing around is what he imagines and what we see as the audience. 

Part of the reason he keeps his eyes closed as he sings might be to keep up the illusion of the crowd cheering for him. 


Thank goodness for Starbucks while I write this grad school paper. Iced coffee even when it’s not actually very hot out, because summer.

On a positive note, I checked out of school today and turned in my key, so I am officially done for the summer!!!

Well today I learned that in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Stan Lee’s cameo is credited as “The Watchers’ Informant”, the Watchers being a marvel race that’s the oldest creatures in the universe so they just watch all the life instead of interacting with it now, and what he’s telling them in the cameo is the story of his cameo in the first captain America movie, meaning that Stan Lee has been playing a singular character this whole time and he’s always near the action because it’s his job to observe it and report back

Reasons Why Lance is #Relatable

(I did one of these for Keith so I thought why not?)

  • Loves the rain 
  • Loves his family 
  • Protective of people he met like 20 minutes ago 
  • “I’d recognise that mullet anywhere” 
  • Insecure 
  • Mermaids are his weakness 
  • Loves Keith but also fuckign hates him 
  • Animorphed into a dolphin and caught dirty money in his mouth for a video game 
  • Dramatic™ 
  • Appreciates Hunk 
  • Recognises that Allura is basically a goddess 
  • Makes jokes to hide the pain 
  • Admires Shiro 
  • Does a little dance when he’s happy 
  • M e m e s 
  • [Everyone else rushing to wake up with a blaring alarm going off] *is still asleep* 
  • Excitable 
  • Literally took the full force of an explosion for Coran 
  • Feels like a seventh wheel 
  • [Laser gun noises]