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Can you please do some Sparkanite? With Spark trying to catch a teleporting Martha and Ianite just laughing in the background with Helgrind.

I’ve been looking forward to writing this, anon. I love such cute omg family stuff. I wasn’t sure how to portray Martha’s abilities, but I think I’ve got it down. To infinity and beyond!


Martha’s abilities were not overly strong while she was growing up at most times. The occasional telltale dream here and there showed that she did have some of her mother’s powers, but nothing really major ever happened until the youngest demigod’s 10th birthday.

The family of four were sitting together on a picnic blanket Spark had set up just outside the town as she opened her gifts.

“I hope you like it, Martha,” Spark smiled as she opened her last gift. “Your mother and I put it together ourselves.”

Martha opened the slim box carefully, revealing a necklace. It was simple, a silver chain with a deep purple and black pearl as it’s pendant.

“Oh, it’s beautiful,” She whispered.

Ianite grinned. “It’s an ender pearl from my realm. I thought you’d like it.”

“Helgrind, can you help me put it on?” She asked.

“Of course, Martha,” Helgrind answered, taking the necklace and putting it on his sister.

Martha held the small ender pearl in her fingertips and admired it. She didn’t notice that she had began to glow. “Mom, Dad, than-”

She disappeared.

“Martha?!” Spark gasped, staring at the purple particles that replaced her.

“Oh no,” Ianite stated, concerned. “I didn’t think that’d happen.”

“Where’d she go?” Helgrind questioned.

“AH!” A scream came from behind them.

Martha had teleported to above the river.

“Aw, gods!” She cried, sopping wet, as she climbed out of the river.

“I think the ender pearl accidentally heightened your powers,” Ianite explained.

“Huh…” Martha murmured, suddenly glowing again. She disappeared a moment later, reappearing on top of Spark’s shoulders. “Hi Dad!” She laughed.

“Martha, please be careful,” Spark told her, although he was smiling. “You’re going to fall off something and hurt yourself.”

“Fiiine, I’ll stop,” She groaned, but she was already glowing again. She disappeared and reappeared on the bridge to the city. “If you can catch me!” She yelled.

The next half hour or so was spent chasing after the teleporting Martha. Helgrind and Ianite were doubled over and in tears because they were laughing so hard. It was all fun and games until Martha was laughing too hard to focus.

“Come on Dad, I’m not that far-” She began, but she began to glow again. She disappeared again, out of sight.

They couldn’t see her, but they could hear her screaming.

Ianite closed her eyes for a second before sprinting a couple feet away and holding out her arms. Martha landed in her arms, safe and sound. “Did I win?” Ianite joked.

“Love the necklace, Mom, but I’d rather not wear it anymore,” Martha told her, shaken, taken off the necklace and giving it to her mother after she put her down.

“Aaand, I’ve gotcha!” Spark said, grabbing Martha from behind and spinning around with her. Laughter once again filled the area.

“I think that means you’ve won your little game,” Ianite smiled.

“Oh yeah?” Spark said, putting down Martha and moving to wrap his arms around his wife. “Does that mean I get a prize?”

Ianite’s eyes crinkled at the edges as she smiled. Spark wasn’t sure why he loved that so much, but he did. She leaned in and kissed Spark lovingly.

Their children squealed.

“AHH! PDA, PDA!” Helgrind cried, covering Martha’s eyes.

Ianite shook her head at the two. She loved her family.u

Assassin’s Creed: Bonds #19

Getting this out before my anniversary, my little bro’s 9th b-day, and what would have been my sister’s 18th b-day. Pretty sure my writing will dip like it does every year. I’ll try to get the next chapter before the 16th. It’s gonna be a goood one~

Chapter Nineteen: The Rumble of Thunder

The skyline of Magnolia was breathtaking at dusk. Loke had the pleasure of marveling at how the light would still reveal objects before night consumed all sight…but the stars and planets could be seen. The lanterns were starting to flicker alive, casting the streets in yellow light so unlike the loving sun.

The fire kept behind the glass was just waiting to be freed, to taste and devour everything weak in comparison to its hunger.

β€œThinking real hard about something, Loke? Careful, you might break something.” Gray mocked lightly, crouched right beside the orange haired man, sandwiched between two crates resting on the flat platform of the rooftop.

Sitting on one of the crates, Laxus chuckled in amusement at the jab, flicking Gray’s ear in silent reprimand.

Loke took it in stride, adjusting his sleeves with a casual smile of good nature. β€œJust wondering where the guards are tonight. An awful lack of them, no?” His hazel eyes scanned the streets in his sight, noting there were, in fact, no guards.

That was reason enough to be alert.

Gray snorted, twirling his dart gun between nimble fingers as he hummed. β€œI was noticing that as well. Maybe they all are playing hooky?”

The blond assassin leaned back on his perch, fingers fiddling with a small throwing knife. β€œOr maybe they all quit?” He said with humor.

Loke chuckled, shooting both of his brothers in arms a look of jest. β€œOr maybe they fell in a hole somewhere?” His tone was lilting.

The black haired assassin rose a brow with a small smirk. β€œAll of them?”

Loke did not miss a beat in his reply of, β€œAll of the poor bastards.”

β€œDid you make something nice for our friends in the Magnolia guard, Loke?” The lead assassin questioned with a knowing sigh. The Trickster was famous for pranks on the Magnolia guard units, from tied shoelaces to sacks of flour falling from the roofs.

The orange haired man had the sense to look offended, mockingly placing his right hand over his chest. β€œMe? I only honor the men in uniforms when they deserve it, Laxus, my brother. Only when they really deserve it.” He trailed off, happily looking to the streets again as the two other men inspected him critically.

β€œHe dug a hole-” Gray concluded suddenly.

β€œ-and lured the guards in it.” Laxus completed with a sense of finality.

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i saw clampisms pokemon au stuff and i was like “nice”

sakura’s favor of the gods manifests itself in a ridiculous amount of shiny pokemon. she’s a pokemon breeder and syaoran is an ace trainer ^p^
heres a bonus


5 Most Mysterious Unexplained Videos on the Internet

Ive been meaning to post on here about it for a while but never got to it! Im going to hit 500 followers if i gain maybe 8 more and idk thats a whole lot for me.

Since gosh most of my blogs didnt stay alive for long enough for that to happen in my presence!!

I want to do something but i wanna make sure ill do it. So. If anyones got an idea it’d be nice to know))

Christ. One of the worst thinsg about DA fandom is everyone who calls Solas a racist but doesn’t think twice about what Dorian says about slavery in Tevinter after the mage recruitment questline.

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