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He Just Needs Attention

13k words
everyone fucks jk one at a time, it’s like a game where he has to guess who’s who. game is run by Jimin, the Boyfriend
kinks: BDSM, babyboy jk, top jimin, spanking, rimming, plugging, barebacking, blind fold, overstimulation, orgasm denial, small amount of nipple play, jk likes being embarrassed, there’s probably more but eh

shout out to @riseshinefall for being the best editor on the planet and @darhck for making sure the smut scenes were on point. Y’all made this fic, okay, for real

When Jungkook turns the key, pushes open the door and steps inside their home, he doesn’t think anything of it when he sees all of the other members hanging out casually in the living room. While it is a little late for everyone to still be up, it’s not -that- late. What does surprise him is the fact that all six pairs of eyes are trained on him upon entry. They stop chatting with each other, and Seokjin even grabs the remote to turn off the television. Color rushes to fill his cheeks at the intense amount of attention he’s suddenly receiving, and his gaze immediately turns to Jimin’s. He seeks some form of solace there, but there’s none to be found. In fact, if anything, it’s just the opposite. Jimin looks thoroughly unimpressed with him. Apprehension boils in his gut. This wasn’t about him relentlessly teasing Hoseok throughout the week, was it? Or maybe it was because of the salt he added to Yoongi’s coffee yesterday? The more he thinks about his actions over the past few weeks, the less inclined he is to linger in the room with them.

He swallows thickly and resettles his bag strap over his shoulder, ducking his head to avoid making further eye contact with anyone. He’ll just go ahead and go straight to his bedroom, then. If everyone is going to be weird, practically hostile around him, he-

A soft but firm hand curls around wrist, bringing him to an instant halt. “Baby, we gotta talk, don’t ya think? We’ve all been waiting so patiently for you to get home.”

He shivers at the voice that reaches his ears, tongue gliding out over his lips as he carefully keeps his line of sight pinpointed on his bedroom door. “Talk about what?” he mumbles in reply, resisting the urge to yank his wrist away.

“Oh, I think you know.” Jimin’s tone is downright dangerous, now. He can perfectly imagine the tip of his boyfriend’s tongue swiping over his front teeth, preparing for the kill. When Jungkook doesn’t respond, he continues, “The hyungs told me how you’ve been acting, baby.” His voice drops an entire octave. “You haven’t been behaving like my good baby boy.”

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anonymous asked:

Hello darling Tortoise, I just wanted your opinion on somethin' and maybe some phrases if ya have time an' feel like it. Here, I read some fic with "nesting skeletons" and find the idea real cute. What do ya think ? Would any skelly can be like that, if yes, which ? And under what conditions ?

Oh, no.  I’ve read quite a few fics where the skeles nest during their heats, and I usually back out when I reach that point–with one exception@nihilismpastry wrote a skele nesting one with Axe, and I could get behind that just because he was so out of his mind.  Nesting’s creepy to me, but that said, I could probably see the Horrortale brothers partaking in it out of some baser extinct that’s been ignited from their struggle to survive.  

You know what kind of Undertale nesting I can really get behind, though?  Nesting dolls.  

I was rereading the Prisoner of Azkaban and after that scene where Sirius attacks the Fat Lady, Hermione mentions that he must have lost track of the date and he didn’t realise that all the students would’ve been in the Great Hall. But think about it - Sirius wanted Scabbers, so the ideal time to act would be on the one day the common room would be empty.

Okay, fine. So he didn’t lose track of the date. But what else happened on Hallowe'en? Lily and James died.
Sirius wanted to kill Pettigrew on the anniversary of Lily and James’ death.

i saw this post at like 2am and i had to rush to my computer to draw this hell…..horrible jean passione 

my dragonfly, my black-eyed flower 

Say cheese~! ✌

Mycroft | Watercolour, white gel pen & coloured pencil on hot press watercolour paper