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so the other night i was rewatching the first episode of s3 of Skam and my dad was there, got really invested because I’d told him a bit about it, and now i guess we’re rewatching it together (we’re on ep2. idk how this is gonna progress but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) I sent an ask about this to @tarjeiandhenrik but the whole thing is so funny that I want to document it officially. So here we go, SKAM sesong 3, in my dad’s words.

idk what this is forgive me 

 episode one

 • “do your friends also smoke weed" was the first thing he said so gREat start 

• he laughed at Isak saying Emma looked like Eleven from Stranger Things 

 • not rlly relevant but we laughed @ the Italian subtitles cause they’re so cringeworthy but we couldn’t watch it with English ones cause he doesn’t understand shit 

 • *isak takes out the pill for emma* “oh he has all the drugs” sdfgklhg 

• *isak and emma make out* “you know what, she does look like the girl from stranger things" 

• “does he know he’s gay yet" 

 • he got mad @ isak hiding the weed at "his friend’s house" 

 • I explained to him that "his friend” was the main character of s1 (he’s seen like ten minutes of the first ep)

 • he realised isak was “the best friend” in s1 & he remembered jonas & got excited 

 • he likes jonas. jonas is cool.

 • *linn and eskild burst into the room* “who are these people" 

 • he audibly gasped when the camera focused on even for the first time at the cafeteria 

 • "honestly i want to see him try to get that weed back" 

• sana: "if there’s one thing I don’t like, is when people fuck their friends over” my dad: “she’s right you know, that was a bullshit move”

 • *even arrives at the Kosegruppa meeting* “why is he there he looks too cool for that stuff" 

 • *is confused @ even’s paper towel move* 

• "oh look they’re smoking weed again”

 • he LAUGHED @ even’s “joke” about sucking dick & then tried to hide it 

 • *emma sits down next to isak and even on the bench* “Eleven needs to learn a few things about signals”

• *end of episode* my dad: i’m really tired I think I’m gonna go to sleep

 me: okay goodnight 

 my dad: 


my dad:

me: what 

my dad: maybe we can,, like.. watch the second one tomorrow?

 me: *internally screaming* yeah sure okay

Good bye

Thank you all for sticking with me until now, you were really kind to me and having this blog was a positive experience. However, i decided to delete my account for several reasons. I made my main blog more than 3 years ago and it’s time for me to go on and leave tumblr behind. I’ll miss this fandom though:’)


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She is not called Marinette Cheng, or Marinette Dupain or whatever.

She is Marinette DUPAIN-CHENG, a young half-french, half-chinese girl.

I’ve been seeing recently a lot of posts, blogs that I like and respect, tags, etc, in which she is called Marinette Cheng, and it always makes sad and seems unfair!

How can one just erase a whole part of her identity this way?

Now, I know perfectly well that there has been some white-washing during the last few years and all…

But like… Isn’t that asian-washing? Or whatever you want to call it??

I may be identifying to much with a fictional character, but I know that if I was deprived of whole part of MY identity, to fight white-washing and with the exact same result, I’d be deeply hurt.

If  the creators choosed for Marinette to be half french and half chinese in terms of ethnicity and to show this through her name, then that’s for a particular reason. This choice holds some significance. Marinette is the proof that a mix, the merging between two countries can is beautiful…

And I may be repeating myself but


Also, one last thing, it’s not Sabine Cheng, neither is it Tom Dupain.

It’s Sabine Dupain-Cheng and Tom Dupain-Cheng and the fact that they choosed to take the other’s surname is a real act of love. This is one of the most adorable thing I’ve witnessed in this show, and let’s not forget it, okay?

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o shot boi I forgot that this blog just turned 4

I just turned 18. I started this blog when I was 13 going on 14, after being rejected from my first wiki application because well, I was 13. I became obsessed with getting accepted and started roleplaying on this blog every day. When I turned 15, I applied again and was accepted; now, I have an author page and several successful tales + a canon in the making + one scp of my very own. SCP continues to excite me and teach me every day. Thank you to all who followed this blog from the beginning and encouraged me along the way; I’m far from being done here.

so idk man just saying. @ all the scp fan kiddos who wanna join the site but are scared: that’s fine, but keep writing and improving until you can if you want to. I would never be producing work at the quality I do right now if I hadn’t been rejected the first time I applied. Practice. Write fanfic and stories. Roleplay. And most of all, READ!!! Not only the wiki, but authors you like aesthetically as well as content wise. I read a lot of Stephen king because I like how his sentences and wording flow, and I can apply that over by studying the structure of how he writes (see: I write way more tales than I do scps. To write a successful scp, READ MODERN SUCCESSFUL SCPS!!!).

im pulling the plug

after the shitshow that was the supergirl cast at sdcc today i dont feel comfortable stanning melissa or running this blog anymore. melissa may have nice arms but the rest of her, the cast, and the show itself are really not nice these days and this was the final straw for me

i will be deleting this blog at some point in the next few days but for now my asks are open if u have questions or want to talk

u can still follow me on my main @waveryearp

First of all, thank you all for 600 followers! I honestly appreciate y’all so much, being on tumblr these last couple of months in particular has really helped me through some tough times. Y’all should be proud of the kind, beautiful human beings you are. Now that’s out the way, some of my favourite blogs:

Some cuties I talk to often:

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this is just a post to say that if you’re a member of my family I don’t want you reading my blog. ever. I don’t want you looking me up. I haven’t given you my names for a reason, I’ve told you I don’t want you to read my journalling and I deserve my privacy.
I’m feeling really hurt and betrayed that you would go and look me up after I told you I didn’t want to give you this information.

this was a space where I could talk about my mental health and my trauma. it is part of my recovery and now I don’t have that any more.

you wanted to see the things I was making and so I would go to the effort of making copies that didn’t have my private journalling information on it for you but now I don’t want to share my art with you any more. I had hoped you would respect me enough to not use that to find me when I asked for privacy but I see that’s not the case and I can’t trust you to respect my boundaries.

if you’ve read this you can’t pretend you don’t know that I don’t want you to do this. you can’t look through my blog and pretend that I didn’t tell you not to. just because you’re my family doesn’t mean you are entitled to all of my thoughts and life. I deserve privacy. if you respect me even a little bit you will leave.

anonymous asked:

I admire your blog a lot and since I am only now starting to read the books and just joined the fandom, can I ask why you don't like Emma Watson? I am just curious because growing up, the movies were all I had. It's fine if you don't want to answer, I was just curious. Thank you!

i am very sorry if you took offense to my salt, friend! i really never wanted to make anyone feel uncomfortable or upset or make you feel like something you enjoyed was wrong! 

i will explain a bit more about my issues with the movies. because, as i see it, a lot of the problems stem from the portrayal of hermione and emma ( again, as i understand ) played an influential part in shaving off some of the traits i love about her.

there have been a lot of great posts on the subject that i will happily link once i locate them but basically the problem boils down to this - in trying to make hermione a Strong Female the movies robbed her of every trait that made her an interesting character. taking away the negative traits, the weak moments of a person doesn’t manage to make them strong, it ends up dehumanizing them. it especially worked against a major point that i always loved about the dynamic between the trio which is that they NEED each other. they work well as a team because, together, they balance each other out. hermione was given harry’s ability to think quickly, ron’s - well basically his everything. it didn’t leave them with much to be interesting characters on their own. 

it’s this idea that she needed to be free of her emotional outbursts, her hyper-logical thinking, and her lack of social grace in order to be strong that i found really irritating. they turned her into supergirl and didn’t realize that all she ever needed to be was hermione granger to be cool as fuck. 

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A short note, I think most people know this already but some seem to forget that:

I keep this blog just for fun!
Read the description! It says “crappy translations”!
Crappy as in “poorly done” and “not always 100 correct” (because my Japanese is not that great or even good, haha) .
Also I make subtitle-puns every now and then and make sure to not mistake them for the real translations, www ( I tag the made up subs as “not real subs” or in case I forget, just think, it’s obvious that the joke-subs are not real! )

To be honest I’m surprised that so many people follow my blog and I try to correct as many things as I can.
But if you want better and more correct translation then THIS BLOG IS NOT FOR YOU!

This blog ( and myself too) is the way it is. I don’t want to change it.

Don’t like it? Don’t follow it!(=3=) Spare your sour comments for other things.

Hey y'all

So I’ve had this account for about 4 years now and it’s been good to me, but after so much time it’s gotten cluttered and messy, and I’ve decided that it’s time to move on. Either tomorrow or Monday, I’m going to completely delete this account.

I’m going to stay on tumblr, because I do love this website despite all its flaws, on two separate blogs

my D&D/writing blog (@bronze-dragons which is up now, posting the URL cause I trust my players not to follow it) and an Overwatch blog that will keep this URL and I will make when I get home

If you want to stay with me, I’ll post links to both blogs ASAP, if not, thanks for sticking around these four years!

The BugEyedFreaks Incidence: The Whole Story

@takashi0 @goldmatt007 @teacupballerina @princess-has-a-pen @asa-de-ouro

I’ll sound like a broken record when I write this post. I made the dumb mistake of deleting my last confession post, so I’ll fix that now. Alongside that, I will add new details that wasn’t mentioned before, because I don’t think I’ve told the whole story about what happened with BugEyedFreaks, one of the more popular PPG blogs out there. There’s more to her than meets the eye, yet I learned that by making huge mistakes myself. So, in a way, this is sort-of a call-out post, but also a confession post. What I did to learn her dark side was a huge mistake on my end, and if you don’t want to follow me, or want to unfollow me because of it, I won’t blame you for doing so.

So, let’s begin. For the sake of fairness, I’ll start with my confession about what I did before I delve into Bug’s troublesome behaviour, because I feel that explaining my own wrongdoing is more important than pointing the finger at someone else. Do be aware that this post will be tl;dr. Just wanted to let you know.

My Confessions

The Discord Trouble

As stated before, there’s no way I can make this 100% unbiased. I will have my share of bias when explaining my confession, just a disclaimer.

So back when I started the PPGmac series, I religiously followed BugEyedFreaks; in fact, she was a massive influence to the creation of the PPGmac blog. Her initial desire to make posts celebrating the bizarre aspect of the show was unique and well-respected. She kept herself from following the usual PPG trends of ships, Girly stuffs, and Rowdyruff Boys content. So naturally, I was a fan of her blog.

But things got pretty downhill as soon as she opened her Discord chatroom.

Initially, I didn’t felt like joining the chatroom. It was only after a friend of mine invited me to her chatroom when he stated that she’s doing a livestream. So, I complied and joined her chatroom. It wasn’t my friend’s fault for everything that happened later; I was an ignorant fool.

So what happened exactly? It has to do with a lesson I should’ve learned a long time ago: There’s no reasoning to Tumblr folks with different political opinions.

I will admit, I was the cause of a huge amounts of dramas in her chat. They were mostly caused for a rather weak reason, including making an inoffensive transgender joke; one of Bug’s goons being a prick; arguing about CN’s schedule; etc. But I made the mistake of escalating these dramas. I have friends there who handled dramas a lot better than I did. While I kept barking at these goons, my friends simply kept their mouths shut. They knew how to handle the situation better than I did.

Eventually, when things got out of hand, Bug banned me from her chatroom. Because of it, I made the mistake of nagging her about it. It wasn’t a smart move at all on my end. She said she’ll decide whether she’ll unban me or not, and I should’ve kept my mouth shut. Instead, because of these naggings, she made my ban permanent. Nowadays, I’m thankful she did banned me to begin with, but I’ll get to why in a second.

So, like I once did, I sometimes submit some of my fanarts to her via her PPG blog, and I ask her a few questions. However, unlike before, she never submitted my posts or answered my questions. That gave me the childish impression that we were on bad terms. That wasn’t the case at first, but when I argued with her about it, now we’re on bad term.

Thing is, it turns out she’s not as nice of a person as she seemed to be. A friend of mine named Teacup told me that she has an unhealthy obsession on a certain PPG ship, and that she once made posts created to mock her because she shipped something she doesn’t like. With the hateful comments towards the 2016 reboot and how she complains about the whole PPG x RRB shit, it turns out her awful behaviour dated since 2013 or 2014. I’m not sure.

But here’s where I made the mistake that led to all the trouble I had.

Instead of just ignoring her and carry on, I made an unpublished draft ranting about her and how I would ‘expose her main account and OTP.’ I kept it on draft in case she ever made a posts mentioning me. Though she made a post explaining about a 'creep’ not too long after we got on bad terms, she never mentioned my username, so I could’ve just kept the post private or not alert her about it.

I let my emotions get the best of me.

I never did published that dumb post, but I did alerted her about it like a fucking idiot. She made posts about it on her Discord, and almost everyone mocked me there. Later on, I tried to apologize for what I did, but that’s where things got worse.

I used an alternative account to post my apology on Bug’s Discord, but everyone started harassing me and spamming my DM, and one of them impersonated me using my real-life picture and name. Bug, instead of trying to tone the harassment down, blocked me again, and allowed the cycle of harassment and hatred to continue for a while. Maybe it’s still going, maybe not.

Shortly after, I deleted my Tumblr accounts and made new ones. I initially lied low and waited until I return from camp to re-emerge. However, one of Bug’s goons made imposter accounts named after my deleted accounts, where they slandered me and used my real-life name and pictures without consent. They were initially taken down, but have somehow re-emerged. Thankfully, there are no posts slanderizing me so far.

The Rule 34 Contents

Not too long ago, I tried to apologize to one of Bug’s goons. I didn’t thought they were one of them, you know? The goons that purposefully attack people who disagree with their opinions. I thought they would accept my apology, or if not, reply in disagreement in a mature manner.

I have a hunch they would be just as immature when replying, but I told to myself: “You’re overreacting, Mac. They’ve been kind towards you or anyone else before all this happened. I’m sure they would have second thoughts about you.”

Sometimes, trusting my instincts isn’t as cliché’d as it sounds.

That reply, especially after they trashtalked a friend of mine, made me lose any respect towards them. They clearly overreacted to stuffs I wrote back there, seeing how they, like everyone else on Tumblr, attacks anyone who disagrees with them and over-exaggerates everything. I clearly never said anything that could be deemed “ableist;” they called me racist simply because I tried to explain about racial profiling (which I’ve learned from law class in high school); they called me lgbtphobic because of an inoffensive joke I did including a fictional show hammering the transsexual message to anyone (hammering, I said, not expressing. There’s a difference between the two); and I had the wrong definition of “white supremacy” when a certain drama happened, so I was an ignorant idiot during that time.

However, there’s one thing they aren’t wrong about or over-exaggerating, and that’s what I’m about to explain to you all. Notice how they stated the word “Powerpuff Porn?”

Back in 2016/2017, when PPGmac was a massive success on Tumblr, I felt the need to bring more varieties in my PPG fanarts. I did way too many PPG shippings, and I’ve already explored the kinds of fanarts that properly reflects the show itself. So what is it I haven’t explored yet? Rule 34.

See, I was influenced by Teacup and another PPG artist named Xierra099 for that idea, since they do similar works. I believe, in most cases, that fiction doesn’t affect reality, unless the series teaches kids the wrong lesson, or whoever saw that fiction takes it too literally to the point that somebody gets hurt. So, I figured, nobody would get hurt if I just draw fictional characters in Rule 34, right? Even if the characters are portrayed in their canon-age?

Well, at first, it worked fine. The kinds of Powerpuff Girls Rule 34 works I did were much more tame than others I’ve noticed. None of them had any signs of private parts attached to them, mainly due to the fictional characters being underaged. I’d rather not draw visible signs of genitals on the Puffs and Ruffs, since it makes me a little uncomfortable doing so.

But see, that’s not the problem that got me in a permanent ditch.

What got me in that ditch, was when I made the dumb decision of reblogging these rule 34 pictures on my main blog, and even on my PPGmac blog. I felt that attaching a #nsfw tag to it wouldn’t hurt no one, but that didn’t solved anything. I had an ignorant mentality that all my watchers were adults, or at least senior teenagers. But that was an Achilles’ heel moment that ultimately led to the downfall of PPGmac (that’s why I’m more hesitant of continuing the series).

All that led to my old Tumblr accounts, before the ones taken by that imposter, to be taken down by the Tumblr staffs. I don’t blame them for doing so, because I made the mistake of reblogging these works to my SFW blogs. It was a mistake that’s possibly permanently stamped on me, and I don’t know how long before I can recover from this, or if I can at all. Nowadays, I don’t draw these kinds of stuffs anymore, unless the characters are aged up. And I don’t upload any of these on Tumblr anymore.

The Problem With Bug

…Okay, here’s where I may sound biased. Before I talk about what she allowed to happen at her Discord, I’ll explain about what happened before she opened it.

Like I said, Teacup explained to me about how she was manipulated and insulted by Bug over a ship she doesn’t like, and other bad incidence. The goon I tried to apologize to explained that Bug told me about why Teacup is a “bad person,” but hasn’t given me any good reasons. All Bug told me is that Teacup is bad, and that I should look up her archives. See, I’m a guy who interviews both parties before coming up with any conclusions, so Bug’s argument against Teacup was terrible.

Meanwhile, when I asked Teacup about what happened, you know what she did? She told me everything that happened between the two in greater details.

There may be parts missing from the whole story, but I’d rather be explained in greater details about what happened than being told to do my own research. When Bug told me to look up Teacup’s archive, that gave me the impression that she’s hiding something and doesn’t want to tell the truth.

Well, I’m about to tell what could be the truth she’s hiding. It probably isn’t, but since she never told me anything, I’ll explain what happened from Teacup’s side of the story.

Sinking Ships

Let’s start about the minor details. Bug’s main account is maz-z, and like any other accounts, she simply reblogs stuffs. The stuffs she reblogs ranges from cartoons posts to third-wave feminist posts. Yep, she’s one of them, but I’ll explain a little more in a second. The other minor detail is her PPG ship. Like I mentioned earlier, Bug harassed Teacup because she ships Akubloss, a ship she hates. So what’s her own OTP?

Mojo X Blossom. Bestiality much?

Now, I don’t bash anyone for their ships, since it’s incredibly childish for doing so. Hell, my 13 years old self made that mistake, and I wish I could slap him for doing that. But that’s not the problem; the problem is her behaviour towards anyone who disagrees with her ships, including Teacup.

That started when she made, if I remember correctly, posts about bashing people who ships Akubloss. Teacup, in response, reblogged with a clip from the cult movie The Big Lebowski, presumably a part this clip:

After Bug saw this, she made this post in response:

Teacup quickly noticed that, and told her that she could clearly see that, to which Bug responded “Good, I don’t care if you can see that.”

Now, keep in mind, at the time, Teacup and Bug were both friends before they broke up. As far as I’m concerned, they didn’t really have any trouble with each other before that. So that was more of an unnecessary dick move from Bug herself.

Another thing I’ve heard from Teacup was how she manipulated another former friend in roleplays. Yep, this happened not just to Teacup, but to someone else. Apparently, Bug manipulated that friend during roleplays of The Powerpuff Girls, because Bug has such an unhealthy obsession with Mojo Jojo that she willingly went on to harm someone mentally just to get what she wanted.

When Teacup and her roleplaying friend had enough of Bug’s behaviour towards them, things quickly escalated to a fight, before Bug blocked both of them. Since then, Teacup had since moved on from it, but not Bug. Though she states she doesn’t plan on watching Samurai Jack but will eventually, the truth is that she refuses to watch that show because she believed that Teacup “ruined it for her.” Teacup tried to reason with her as I did, and asked if they could leave all this behind and be friends, but Bug just scoffed that off.

The Real Point Behind BugEyedFreaks?

Something else that Teacup told me about Bug is that her PPG blog tends to manipulate others with lies and misinformation, specifically about herself and those critical of her. I’m not entirely sure if that’s true (she hasn’t made any mentions in her call-out posts, not even me), but comparing her PPG blog with her main blog, there’s a noticeable difference in tone from her own posts. Her PPG blog has become noticeably worse with her behaviour, including lambasting someone for talking their point of view of people supposedly joking about the Wonder Woman movie.

But, that’s just scratching the surface. Here’s where Teacup’s claim of manipulations makes a little more sense.

There are numerous posts from Bug’s PPG blog where she claims feminism shouldn’t be about trashing men. But, on her main blog, she reblogged a post that tells a completely different story on her feminist belief.

Whether she truly sees men as bad or not is debatable, since she’s sending mixed message from both her blogs. This also starts to be confusing as to what exactly is the point of her PPG blog. It’s understandable that, until now, she does her best to not reveal her main blog in her PPG blog, but generally, the point of a blog with specific themes is to focus on a part of the fandom the owner enjoys. While her PPG blog still posts great posts of the original show, the blog had gained more and more unnecessary whining about the 2016 reboot, trash-talking to anyone who disagrees with her, and posts feeding her ego. What Teacup said about Bug’s blog made to manipulate people may not be necessarily true, but she has shown to have a manipulative and aggressive behaviour, but keeps it to herself so that people can still follow her blog. To be fair, not a bad move, but she’s slipping. Her behaviour has become more apparent in her blog.

Well, I think it’s about time I explain what I witnessed from Bug, instead of what someone else saw of her.

Her True Nature in Discord

Like I said, Bug turned out to not be as kindhearted as she seemed. She is the owner of the Discord chatroom of the same name, BugEyedFreaks. The problem with the chatroom is (a) she inserted an invitation on Tumblr, a site infamous for being populated with many aggressive and rude people; and (b) there’s absolutely no rules in the chatroom. She claimed that she’s working on making rules, but as far as I’m concerned, she never made any rules.

Because of the lack of rules and the fact that she opened it on one of the most notorious sites on the Internet, she practically invited several people who were quickly known to be hateful, spiteful, and have no regards to the consequences of their actions.

What’s worse, is that she willingly allowed all this drama and hatred to happen. She never once consider stepping in and telling everyone to settle down. The only time she ever did that is whenever I’m involved in these dramas. Sure, I did made some dumb comments from time to time, but most of the others were far worse. I was blocked twice for wrongful reasons; once when I didn’t even started any dramas, and another where I tried to apologize.

The first time, everyone simply moved on from me being banned. But the second time, because of the mistake I made, started what I could only describe as a witch hunt.

These screenshots were take by another friend who was once a part of the chatroom, but recently left due to the apparent troublesome behaviours from Bug and her goons. They, alongside a few other friends, were against the idea of continuously teasing and harassing me, even after I got blocked. They even spoke up about the impersonation accounts, but everyone there simply ignored them and changed subject.

What’s funny, is that one of them, as you can see, states that I’m also slandering in my previous posts (which, clearly I wasn’t, because I didn’t namedropped anyone). It’s almost as if Bug approved the idea of these impostor accounts made to mock me. Now, I don’t think she’s the one who did it; I honestly don’t think she would waste her time making them.

Long story short, Bug and most people on her Discord are hideous people for willingly going out of their way to commit cyber-bullying and illegal use of my real-life name and picture.

But… admittedly, this all happened because of me. I made the mistake of alerting her about a drafted call-out post (which, thankfully, I never posted even before I deleted my accounts), and that caused a domino effect of harassment and slander. This is probably the biggest mistake I ever made in my life, and I wish I could take back what I did. But what’s done is done. It’s a story where no sides are good.

Oof, it feels good to let it off my chest. If you want to unfollow me after what I confessed, I won’t stop you. I was being as honest as possible.

Oh, and one last thing. Please don’t go harass Bug or her goons on Tumblr or her Discord, even after all the shit she made. She may have done some horrible things, but that’s no excuse to start attacking her. At the very least, you should quietly unfollow her. But that’s something I’ll leave you to decide.

With that said, I’ll see you all, or not, on the other side.

tenko-chabashira-the-lesbian  asked:


aaaaHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH honestly I appreciate all of the artist in thee fandom, and I really like your langst art. 

feel free to message me if you want! we are mutuals now fam!

20 questions

tagged by ; @calisnotonfire

Nickname: beyibi,,

Height: 5'1 ,,, 154 cm

Last Thing i googled : potato peelers

Favorite Music Artist: kmusic ; BTS,    western ; imma just say ski mask the slump god (💀)    that’s who i’m listening to the most rn,, i have too many favs but

Favorite Music Group: BTS

Song Stuck In My Head: as if it’s your last (bp) and catch me outside (ski mask)

Last Movie I Saw: idk

What I’m Wearing Right Now: clothes

Why I Chose My URL: black girls love bts. bts loves black girls.

Any other blogs: no, this blog is all that i need,, i’ll just post anything i want up here instead of making a whole other blog bc that’s too much work 💀

What did your last relationship teach you: you’re supposed to say goodnight not daddy please

Religious or Spiritual: ,,,

Favorite Color: yellow (pink)

Average number of sleep: depends

Lucky Number: 13 bc it’s tight

Favorite Character: they’re underrated af ; beemo from adventure time

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1

How many pillows do you sleep with: 2

Dream Job: idk something dealing w/ music,,,fashion,,,dance,,,,idk


i can’t even tag anyone,,,,💀

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Can I request more ML Fruits Basket AU?? It would make my day if you can!! If you can't, that's perfectly fine; love your blog💖!!*gives cookies*

I’ll probably do a second part one day. But for right now I’m not completely up to it. Gotta be in the Fruits Basket mood and I have so many other things I’ve been wanting to draw :p But I’ll let you guys know when I decide to start on it!

And thank you! <3

“You ever see a new person you’ve never even talked to interacting with a RP blog who tried to force a ship on you, see that they’re doing a lot of the same stuff with this new person that they tried to pull with you, and just want to go into the new person’s IM and tell them “Dude. RUN.”?

I’m sorry, I know it’s not my business, but I just feel so sorry for this other blog and all the manipulative shit they’re gonna have to endure if they don’t turn back now.“

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I know it's hard but you guys should just ignore those anti blogs. They are clearly just trolling. My mother taught me that if you really want to piss someone off just ignore them so show them how little they matter to you.

Mod K:

Now, you have a point – but my mother also told me to state my peace if someone starts something. I plan on blocking them, but I’m letting my feelings regarding their actions known.