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lunafreya is a great name for a smoothie


I see a lot of people defending this “FFXV ROYAL EDITION”, but where were you when fans were shitting all over FFXIII-2 and LR FFXIII? (2 SEQUELS YOU DIDNT HAVE TO BUY TO HAVE FFXIII’s FULL STORY AND OPTIONAL QUESTS)


“Blah Blah Blah Nomura out, but Tabata did this or that”.. WHO FUCKING CARES this game is 10+ years old, It’s an old game full of plotholes and 10 dlcs which barely fix something in the main story.

“If you don’t like it then don’t talk about it” I’ll talk the fuck I want on my blog, I don’t like what Square Enix is doing for this game (but i honestly don’t care about Square Enix), i’m losing my patience because some people are defending this money grabbing bullshit, I repeat, If you want to buy it that’s good, but don’t say that this was done before by Square Enix because it wasn’t. 

Do you want a FFXVI with amazing graphics but incomplete plot and 25 dlcs? I don’t, I’m sorry and I won’t hear your excuses.

I think 2018 needs to be the year where we start defending the FFXIII trilogy and  FFXII thanks

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Frida´s 400 Celebration!

I hit 400 followers today and I want to thank you all so much for following my blog by doing headcanons and playlists. Btw I don´t write personal fics. I am not comfortable with it and I also want everyone to enjoy my writing and not just the person who requested it. My tag for this will be #frida´s 400

Now onto the rules:

Must be following me

Reblog this post

Send me an ask telling me what you would like

Sidenote: I only write about the Hollands and Harrison at the moment


Tell me your name, name of a location or anything you want just don´t make it too long and I will spell it with songs.


Give me a scenario or concept, anything you want me to include and tell me with whom 

Thank you so much for following lil´ ol´ me! Especially @sidespidey who has helped me a lot as this blog has grown!

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hi kittens! After thinking a lot about loona and the future of my blog, I decided that I would like to focus more on loona … who follows me from the begin know that I started my blog as @/viians and it was very more focused on them. And then I started to want to post about other groups (mainly red velvet) and decided to change the “face” of my blog and happening to post less loona than I would like. But this year I was able to get into the university that I wanted, with the course I wanted and I’m really willing to focus on my studies this year, so in respect of my followers who followed me to see more multifandom content I would like to warn that from now I want to return to focus more on loona, which has been the girlband that I really have stanning and arranged the time to give love and support! I still love red velvet, I love joohyun, and I love all the existing girlbands, but loona has stolen my attention and I’ve come to this point when I have to choose a group to give most of me … I’ll continue to reblog multifandom content but I want to focus more on loona … sorry if I disappoint someone I know that I have millions of other groups requests and I am very sad to say that probably will not make it, if you do not want any loona stiff in your dash you can unfollow me, don’t problem! I thank the support I have had from all of you to this day, and to those who will continue with me even after this change continues giving love and support to loona and me!!! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!

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i was suuper into pjo a few years ago when the last hoo books were coming out, and i remember there were so many more fans and fan accounts. now that i'm back into it and re-reading the books, i realized there's not even close to as many as i remember:( anyways, i love your blog and i just wanted to say thanks for putting cool pjo content in my dash!! <3

Yes, deep down it’s more “ quiet ” now than before, but I honestly prefer it that way, there are not as many fights as there were before, although i miss that there are more blogs that create content. But you know, we manage what we can with what we have and we are like the phoenix.

hmm I don’t want discourse to be the first thing people see on my blog tonight but I’m not in the mood to search the tag so!! tonight I’m going to talk about two veryyyy special pokemon!!

for people who don’t play pokemon, these two are called gligar and gliscor! yes, I have brought them up before comparing them to sandwings, but I shall do so again in a more detailed and sophisticated manner. now you may be wondering why these two girls are special. here is why.

they are a cross between a bat and a bug. ITS A BUG BAT!!! they’re also based on gargoyles!! EXTRA COOL AM I RIGHT!!!

but that’s not all.


that’s not even all!!! they’re total powerhouses and can learn super cool moves like guillotine and acrobatics, and even though they aren’t the most accessible pokemon they’re very valuable. find a gligar and give it a home today. maybe evolve it if you want. I highly suggest it. gliscor is a beauty please do.

now you may be wondering. “hey em you know this is a wings of fire blog right” yes! I do! and I’d like to bring up a couple more things about these pokemon!

1. they’re ground types. for some reason. even I’m not sure about that one.

2. they have poison stingers.

which other species has these traits?? that’s right!! sandwings!!

conclusion? if these two coexisted in the same world they would be friends!!! imagine qibli making buds with a little gligar!! bug bats and dragons!! I can think of literally nothing better

This Is A Call-Out Post

For literally all of you amazing followers who have decided to stick around with this blog since the beginning when we were just starting off.

I know we aren’t as active as other blogs, and we aren’t as good anymore since we just reached a point where it became hard to post regularly due to a thousand reasons. 

In fact, this blog isn’t really considered “We” anymore, but, as the main Admin, I don’t really feel like even thinking about saying that my beautiful admins aren’t admins anymore. The truth is, I, Admin bel, kinda run this blog by myself, and so I’m making the best of that for now and trying to keep up with these requests! ♥

Am I ending this blog? Oh, hell no. This blog is a passtime, and a perfect hobby for someone like me who loves interaction and writing. I just made this post because I wanted to thank every single one of you who still sends requests- who still talks to me, who still reads those requests and give me likes and reblogs.

Those things mean the world to me, and I really want to try and keep this blog as active as possible for this blessed fandom! I wanna help keep KHR alive, so if you wanna support me, or that cause, just keep sending requests in and keep hitting me up, guys. ♥ Thank you! ♥

1,000+ followers!

Ok , first of all I wanna apologize to all of you. I’ve been having really rough weeks due to personal reasons plus the things  I shared here. Sorry for just shutting down people i usually talk to, I just needed time for myself, to figure out how the hell get out of this dark zone i was in

Things are looking good slowly, I’m on vacations with my parents right now, and I’m literally in front of the ocean. I’ve never felt more at peace.

My anxiety and depression are “gone” for now since all I do in the day is art, take the longest walks, sit on the beach to keep drawing, eating what i want to eat, and just chill with my fav music. 

So when I finally got wifi here, I logged in and found this amazing news. Thank you all so much to sticking with this blog, my silly ideas and my darkest days.

I really appreciate every single one of you and the ideas you send. I read all!

anonymous asked:

i'm not even in this fandom but one of my friend linked me thalassophile bc they know i love stories abt mermfolks and omg it was so freaking good??? i fell in love w your writing and i asked my friend if you had written something else and they send me your blog and now i've p much read everything you've written and i still barely know who sid and geno are but i just wanted to let you know that you're really good and i love how you write 💖

First of all I’m totally honored and second of all this might be the smartest way to approach this. Just enjoy the fiction and avoid all the real life hockey nonsense. Because it’s nonsense sometimes. 

anonymous asked:

Hey! I’ve come across your blog and I just want you to know that, as a 9th grader, I really appreciate your accepting attitude and I wish I had a teacher like you.

My first year teaching, I could only make two promises: that I would love my students, and that they would learn. I’m in my third year now, and that first promise is always my largest focus. I hope my students see what you see, and I hope you find a teacher who makes you feel safe and welcome at your school. 💕 Thank you for the message!

justsmileforevar  asked:

Im really glad job interview anon is doing so good!! Its really nice to see these kinds of supporting posts on your blog ^^

That’s actually so great to know  ♡

I’m usually just so afraid I’ll be bothering everyone with asks. Especially since I haven’t really drawn in a while, and isn’t that meant to be the point of my blog? But I also hate ignoring them. For those who have sent some in, you are aware I read them, correct? And I always really really want to answer. But I have to pick between those I have.

I’m just going to start tagging them as “Katya jase” from now on. So y’all can block that tag if you feel like it might be annoying to see too many asks pop up on your dashes from time to time  ♡

Thread List - Jan 2018

I hope you’ve all seen my update about my blog [here] and this is the thread list I make to let you all know of the few last threads I’ll keep before cleaning my Tracker, so I can start over this new year.

Now I’ll list the threads I want to keep, tagging the rp partner, but I’ll tag all others too, just so they know our threads are dropped. 

Again, dropping my threads is a way for me to relax and don’t feel too stressed, while also help me get out of this writer’s block I have, at the moment. I’ll keep the number of threads low for now and see if this helps me.

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Hello! Where do yo find the nice comments? Thank you!

When I started this blog 3 weeks ago, the inaugural comment was from one of my fics. I posted it and linked this sideblog on my main blog and got some submissions from my friends over there. I also grabbed a couple from random stories on AO3. 

Now, anyone who wants to can submit a comment they appreciate. Either a screenshot or a link. :) 

tldr; lovely people send them to me

akira-mahisaseru  asked:

I haven't done V's route yet but I read some spoilers just to see what to expect. Then I decided to stop reading so I wouldn't ruin the surprise. But now... SAERAN DIES?!?!?! WTF, I mean he was never my favorite character but I still liked him and he just dies?!?!?! Come on Cheritz, no wonder people think my boi SaeSae will die on Saeran's route. I'm disappointed now. Do I really want to do V route now?

Oops… sorry for the spoiler. Like, my blog was never spoiler free, but still… sorry hahaha
Yep, Saeran dies in devotion to his beliefs in Mint Eye, exploding the building as Rika instructed him to do. We get to see Rika suffering and maybe regretting on this, so I don’t hold that much of a grudge on her at least in this.
Well, in my opinion, it’s nice that you play V’s route because… dunno, it’s good to play all the routes and have a complete view of the game, but in my own experience, I couldn’t really care about answering the guests’ emails and which ending I was going for after that tragedy in particular, so… it could be a waste of hgs if you’re not that interested in the events of this route, ijs

anonymous asked:

Hey, I only recently started following you, and now I heard that maybe you're gonna stop writing:/ I think you're talented and I would continue read your storier. That said, you don't have to write for anyone, I hope you do what makes you happy:) I was going to suggest uploading your fics in ao3, it's easier to read and probably easier for writer and reader to manage the comments. I don't know why you're deleting your blog though, maybe you don't want to post your fics either. Have a nice day!

It’s like you read my mind nonnie!! If I do delete this blog I was planning on moving my fics over to ao3 so that everyone could still have access to them. I think I’ve figured out what I’m going to do, but it’s a work in progress.

Official Hiatus

So I hate to say it, but it was really a long time coming with my inactivity! It’s time to put this blog and @asktheshamansleuth on hiatus officially. ;_;

I still love my OCs and want to tell their stories, but my creative drive? Has been completely elsewhere since September (anyone who knows me well enough knows why). And it’s likely going to stay that way for a bit, I’m sorry to say. Plus, I’m having my first artist’s alley table in the Summer and I have to refocus everything to prepare for that!

I’ll still pop by every now and then if I draw my OCs or something I like but for now it’s time to go on a big break. I’ll see everyone here later and thanks all for your support thus far! 💖

anonymous asked:

A long time ago I sent some hateful messages to your inbox, and I really regret what I did. Coming back now to apologize now as I'e grown since then and I've been working on my issues. Not asking for forgiveness or anything, I'd completely understand if you didn't want to do that. I still check on your blog from time to time, glad to see you succeeding and again, I'm sorry.

Wow. I didn’t really expect this.

For starters, I really appreciate the apology. I think people fail to realize just how much those messages actually impact the people they’re sending them too, and I know I and a few others have really been greatly affected by them.

Next off, I’m happy that you’ve acknowledged your mistake, and I’m also happy to hear you’ve been working on your issues! Sometimes people send others stuff without really a clear mind, and if there are other things affecting them at the moment it can get a bit hectic. I’m wishing you the best of luck and I’m hoping everything will work out for you in that manner.

Third, you said you’re not asking for it, but I forgive you anyways. Like I said sometimes there are other factors in life that can drive people to say things or do things that they look back on later and are like ‘why did I do that’ - I’ve done it more than once myself. The fact that you’ve come back to apologize in the first place is more than what most people who send anon hate too, and once again, I greatly appreciate it.

Furthermore, thank you for this, because this message really means a lot to me. Once again - best wishes to you ^^

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I just really love your blog, you're my favorite person right now. I really want to be your friend, but I'm old and I've found out that many people don't want to be friends with me for that exact reason; but I seriously love your blog and everything you write. Even the ships I don't ship, but your writing makes me ship those ships. You're amazing and I hope you have a good day ^_^

Bro, age is just a number. If people don’t want to be your friend because of how old you are, they’re shallow AF. If anybody wanted to be my friend, I would totally accept! I get easily nervous though so I can’t tell you how long it would take for me to respond if you ever tried to message me ( I would love it BTW ).

I always find it awesome when someone older is in a fandom like Voltron because really, I’m going to be that elderly woman that dedicated her life to collecting fan memorabilia instead of having children because I don’t have enough money for both. Hell, I don’t have enough money for university right for either of those options. Basically, I’m going to stay the same until I die. I’m getting off topic.

I’m really happy that you like my writing, it always just brightens my day when I get messages like this and I really appreciate it. I hope you have a great day too! Never forget how amazing you are either, and tell those people that they’re straight up bitches 👌 (I hope this isn’t as harsh as I’m thinking it is)

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frostedmax  asked:

Omg your art is awesome and creative. You are so kind and cool and like- how you still have a motivation to draw everything that people request? I saw others artist that tried to go like that but they didn't succeed. And here is you so talented with your beautiful art- Hhh I just wanted to say I love you blog! I found it literally right now and I wanna to go through all art but damn school... Gonna check afterwards. Ily^^ Have a nice day~

oh geez, thank you so much! yeah, doodling requests at the end of the day is a nice way to relax and practice everyday. Its so nice to see awesome ideas in my inbox from you lovely people!