I finished this semester at college working with four other incredible people on a game for our game class for our final project. 

This game is Introspect, a game that explores some of the basic traits of Dr. Markus Saunders, a psychiatrist who one day receives an anonymous note that makes him slightly distraught. You explore a surreal landscape that helps you learn more about Dr. Saunders. 

It would mean so much to me and my team if all of you could take some time to play through it. The average play time is a little under 10 minutes, but 15 if you want to take the time to listen and enjoy the mood of the game. I worked on all of the music in the game while three wonderful artists ( @endernach ) put the visuals together and one incredibly talented programmer made it all work (I have no idea how he did it, but he did). We spent an enormous amount of time understanding how we wanted this game to feel and how we worked together as a team. For our very first game, I think it turned out pretty damn great and I think my teammates would agree with me!

You can play Introspect for free here. Full-screen mode and earphones/headphones are highly recommended! (As a music side note, in three of the rooms you will enter, there are two versions of each track. Feel free to hang out in each room both at the beginning and the end to listen to them!)

Which drugs the signs are most likely to get addicted to (based on people I've known)
  • Aries: MDMA
  • Taurus: Cocaine
  • Gemini: Acid
  • Cancer: Speed
  • Leo: Alcohol
  • Virgo: Vicodin
  • Libra: Xanax
  • Scorpio: Meth
  • Sagittarius: Weed
  • Capricorn: Mushrooms
  • Aquarius: Ecstasy
  • Pisces: Heroin

lola @schwulmoon tagged me in the 6 selfies of 2016 challenge! it’s a gotdamn miracle that i’ve made it to december, so here are some pictures of me to celebrate.

i tag @the-supreme-dromaeosaurid, @pinkiest, @khtaixas, @memeflame, @actualkierenwalker, @resistrebelrejoice, @bananahaver and @genderdeathriot - only if you want to!

[image descriptions: six pictures of a nonbinary lesbian. in the first two pictures it has short hair and is smiling at the camera. in the other four pictures it has ear-length hair. in the third picture it’s wearing red lipstick and making a shocked expression. in the fourth picture it’s poking its tongue out at the camera. the fifth picture is black and white, and it is wearing black lipstick and looking at the camera with a blank expression. in the sixth picture it is wearing blue eyeliner, touching its hair and looking at the camera with its head tilted to the side.]

You know………… I love myself more than I have ever had, but I honestly still see myself as ugly and I can be better. So many times I want to be better bcs I’m not satisfied. Everyone around me is so much more beautiful. And I hate that I compare myself, but I can’t stop. I have grown so much from when I used to hate myself, but I just want to be happy you know?

I want so badly to watch “For the Love of Spock” but I’ve been psyching myself up to watch it since it came out and like… I don’t think I’m emotionally prepared. I don’t know if I’ll EVER be emotionally prepared. Maybe I should just watch it and deal with whatever emotional fallout happens, but fuck. Even seeing people talk about it hurts.

I don’t know if this needed clarifying but..

I’ll write just about anything that takes my fancy. Any ship that seems interesting.

My favorite is Delitoonz, with a close second on Wildtoonz. I also like H2oChaos, H2oWildcat, Moogla, Nova, H2oMini, Jigglycat (tho I haven’t written that yet), Vantoonz or H2oVantoonz..

(I am currently not taking requests or prompts though because I want to finish some chapter fics and old requests.)

insecuriosity replied to your post “insecuriosity replied to your photo “Ok, this one the last one :P” …”

Predaking could be a contender - but then again… I doubt Hen-megatron would allow that thing to go on top!

Megahen is kneel to no one! XD

krizzeys replied to your photo “*angry chicken noises* I planned to make Megs a rooster, but then I…”

I’ve worked on a chicken farm in the side of my studies for years and this appeals to me mightily. We once had this tiny rooster sidling right beside this grumpy hen sitting on her eggs because the other chicken would peck at him.

OMG! Yes, Starscream will totally sit near Soundwave for safety reasons XD