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When your father stops being a father, you don’t stop being a daughter. When your husband stops being a husband, you don’t stop being a wife. When your friend stops being a friend, you don’t stop being a friend. You have your own duties. Don’t let anyone who has a right over you hold you accountable on the Day of Judgement.

dannymay day eighteen

So I accidentally made a new AU today, and it might not be scientifically accurate, but it is pretty Rad. And also gives an interesting take on today’s prompt.  

ao3 link here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10780767/chapters/24348504

prompt: green/nature

Green was all Danny saw. Shades of green were the only things he could see. It was all he knew, nowadays. He didn’t know why, but Tucker had a theory about why. The portal accident not only gave Danny his ghost half, but he was hit by a ton of ectoplasm. Possibly a literal ton, but that force might’ve crushed him. But Tucker believed that the ectoplasm somehow managed to worm its way into Danny’s optic nerves, to where he saw everything through a green lens.

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Meet the blogger meme

i. name: Shantel

ii. nickname: shan, lit pls don’t be like my uni friends and call me shanti, //shudders

iii. zodiac sign: gemini, but high key taurus too

iv. height: 159cm | 5′2″  (did i… grow??????)

v. orientation: u know what idk actually, bi-curious??? heteroflex??? who am i kidding i’m pretty bi, i do like the term heteroflex tho

vi. ethnicity: Chinese/Peranakan (double too)!  i love being asked how i can be Chinese but not be from China

vii. favorite fruit: oRANGES PLS, people who know me from the where are the tangerines phase k n owS 

viii. favorite season: autumn all the way ugh <3

ix. favorite book series: the knife of never letting go

x. favorite flower: SUNFLOWERS THEY’RE SO HAPPY

xi. favorite scent: ok i’m going yankee candles here, i like like, fresh clothings and like citrus-y scents and also the ocean, girl loves her oceans.

xii. favorite color: all shades of blue!! omg i love being the asian girl with the blue hair in uni (says the one going to dye her hair purple after the blue hair phase rip)

xiii. coffee, tea or cocoa: tea 100% all the way

xiv. average sleep hours: uh, 0-3 hours or 15 hours there are no in betweens. 

xv. cat or dog person: i lean towards the dogs but i love cuddling with cats too

xvi. favorite fictional characters: i… can’t..

xvii. dream trip: ugh omg everywhere, and especially the US, i need to see what’s up on that piece of land ok. I’m a curious little asian.

xviii. blogs created: i got a rp/writing blog @shantelchiitriestowrite and my like profesh portfolio of short films and scripts and knick knacks from what i do!! @shantelneoruien everyone other blogs are like rp blogs and trash blogs for school rip.

xix. number of followers: 202 and half of them are probably sex blogs //finger guns

go forth friends!! <33

free characters according to the fandom

Frozen Variations: Bus Stop

What’s this?  An unannounced, non-DA!verse Frozen AU fic? :P  I’m taking a break from “Lock and Key” for a while since, except for this weekend, I lack the time and energy to write a lengthy chapter (school stuff, and all that).  And then last night, thinking about Kristanna Week, I had a sudden burst of inspiration for one of the fics on my to-write list.

I’m not 100% sure about the specifics of this modern AU: Anna and Elsa are orphans who inherit their parents’ fortune and manor house.  Anna is as free-spirited as in the canon!verse, while Elsa is more reclusive, focusing on her studies or something.  Kristoff is just an ordinary guy who suddenly wanders into Anna’s life on a rainy day.

The premise and title of the fic were mostly inspired by the song “Bus Stop”, by The Hollies (1966).  Some inspiration for the fic may have come from last October’s KA Week prompt “Rain”, which is when I added it to my list.  It doesn’t really fit with any of this year’s prompts, though “I don’t take people places” may come close.

Due to the aforementioned reasons, this is pretty short.  However, if I get at least as many nice comments as I did on my last KA fic, I may be persuaded to try continuing it—time permitting, of course.

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“Bus Stop”

Setting: Modern AU
Characters: Anna, Kristoff
Pairings: Kristanna
Rating: K+
Words: 675
[Also on FFnet.]

Anna hated waiting for the bus.

Well, maybe not hate, exactly, but it wasn’t fun.  Often it was because there was no one else at her stop to talk to. 

That was why she liked riding the bus instead of driving—there were so many people to talk to, and even if some of them ignored her, there was always one or two who would listen politely while she rambled about whatever was on her mind.

But the main reason today that waiting for the bus was not fun was that it was raining.  And Anna, in her haste to catch her usual bus, had left her umbrella at home.

So here she stood, getting more soaked by the minute in her rather useless hoodie.  She wondered how long it would be until the bus arrived; because it was raining, she didn’t want to risk getting her phone wet to check the time.

Then, just as she was considering returning home to fetch her umbrella, the rain suddenly stopped.  Or, at least, it stopped for about a foot around her, and continued coming down everywhere else.

Looking up, she saw an umbrella over her head.  Her eyes followed the umbrella down the pole to the handle, and all the way up the muscular arm to to face of her rescuer, a blond man maybe a little older than she.

“Hi,” he said, wiping rainwater from his face.  “You looked like you could use an umbrella.”

“Uh . . . hi!"  Anna struggled for words; he wasn’t particularly handsome, but he was at least a head taller than her, with broad shoulders.  "Yeah, I kind of left mine at home.  Thank you!”

“No problem, Miss . . .?”

“Aren . . . Anna Aren.”

“Kristoff Bjorgman,” the man said, offerend his hand, which she shook politely.  Then he frowned.  “Wait . . . not the Arendelle Arens?”

“Uh . . . yeah?"  The Arens were well-known locally as somewhat well off, if not filthy rich.  Most of this publicity came from the tragic accident that claimed her parents a few years back, and she and her sister Elsa inheriting their house and fortune.

Kristoff raised an eyebrow.  "Why in the world are you riding the bus?"  She frowned, and he quickly added, "I mean, surely you have a car or chauffeur?”

“I ride the bus to meet people,” she said simply.  “But there’s usually no one to talk to until I’m actually on the bus.”

“Well, Miss Aren, I’d be glad to keep you company.  And, uh, keep you dry.”

“That’s very kind of you,” she said, smiling.  “But please, call me Anna.”

“Anna,” he echoed.  “So, if you don’t mind my asking, where are you headed?”

“Oh, just shopping.  I was going to go look at some dresses, since I heard there was a sale, and I need one or two more because I was kind of rough on one of mine.  But I don’t know if I can keep them dry all the way home . . .”

“Let me help you out,” Kristoff offered.  “It’s the least I can do for a pretty girl like you."  He suddenly clapped his hand to his mouth, face turning red, as if he’d just realized what he had said.

Anna felt herself blushing; she was starting to like this fellow more and more.  "I’d like that . . . Kristoff.”

When the bus arrived, they boarded and sat on a seat together.  And for once, Anna wasn’t disappointed about not talking to the other people on the bus.

Anna shopped around almost all day, Kristoff with his umbrella in tow, and she did find a couple of dresses that she liked.  She even went so far as to ask Kristoff how he thought they looked on her, and was amused when he couldn’t come up with anything more than a breathless “great!”

When she boarded the bus once again to take her home, Kristoff was holding her hand.  And Anna thought, as he held her hand all the way home, that the two of them would be seeing a lot more of each other in the future.

Wow I don’t even know what to say? I am so proud that I’ve finally reached my ultimate goal. I’ve had this blog for years but I haven’t always been a fandom blog. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. Hopefully it’ll only grow from here. (Obviously I wrote that little blurb a month or two ago but i finally finished and here is the final product! if you aren’t in it, i’m really sorry! my memory sucks and also some of u guys go through urls the way i go through a box of junior mints ok. either way, i love everyone on my blog roll! if u aren’t on here i still love you, regardless) Enjoy this grainy low quality edit.

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It is the year 2026

Freddie is looking through Twitter archives, encountering an unfamiliar photo. “Ma? who’s this man holding me?” the 10 year old boy inquires.

Freddie’s mother momentarily looks up from her hologram magazine to glance at the grayscale photo, “Oh just some kind man who needed to pretend that you were his son so his love for another member of his band would stay closeted.”

“Why would he have to do that? What’s wrong with loving someone?”

His mother pauses, setting down the hologram device, “Everyone used to ask that back in the day, Freddie.”