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So... Matt's picture and flashbacks show him in the cadet uniform, while shiro and his dad are in the instructor uniform... So assuming that cadets graduate the same time someone would graduate highschool... Does that mean Matt is lance, Keith, and hunk's age? I mean a sibling age difference of 3 ish years (pidge 14 Matt 17) is more common than like 6 ish years. He also looks young. Much younger than shiro... So... Umm... Shatt added to age discourse?

Most likely, but I can see him as 18.

Because if he was 17 and on that mission there would be a heck ton of lawsuits and they would be held responsible, whereas if he was an adult it would be more like “He knew what he was getting into and it was his own choice” sorta thing.

But with how the staff is with the writing he could be like 80 for all we know.

Maybe not even human

He could be anxious bees in a human suit

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Ok, three different things, but all the same pairing: What if UF!Sans's crush just came up and sat on his lap for no apparent reason while they were watching TV or a movie? What if said crush mentions at one point (probably in response to something on the TV) that they find fangs sexy? What if at some point after this (probably days to weeks later) said crush got drunk and LICKED UF!Sans' gold tooth. Just. Leaned over and licked it.

:D OH MY GOD IT’S THIS ONE!  This ask circulates through the imagine blogs, almost everybody has gotten it!  I feel like a real imagines blog now!  I’m legit!

He’s a little surprised when you just sit in his lap.  If he’s your crush chances are he’s flirted with you, but he honestly didn’t expect you to reciprocate it that much; he thinks you’re way out of his league.  His hands hang in the air for a moment, itching to settle on your warm soft waist, before he gives in.  Humans are so… nice to the touch.  He’s wanted to do this for a while actually, wondering how your flesh feels, but he’s been playing it cool with you.  Flirting with somebody he actually likes is tricky.  It’s just as nice as he’d dreamed it would be, and he actually relaxes into this.  No, it’s even better than he imagined.  Nah, he isn’t cuddlin ya, whaddya take him for?  Some kinda sap?

When you mention idly that you think fangs are sexy his grin gives a little nervous twitch, eyelights flicking to look at you.  His arms tighten a little around your waist, (when did they wrap around you like that?) and he seriously considers asking if they’d like try to them out.  His eyes go from their eyes to their neck, that beautiful soft neck, he just has to lean forward…  “heh, maybe you’ll feel em some day.”  And like that he settles back into the movie, every nerve on end.  There, not too hard, not too soft, God he doesn’t want to scare you away. 

But he hasn’t stopped thinking about it.  Not once, and ever since then his eyes will flick to your neck now and then.  A couple days later you’re at Grillby’s, the nice secluded little booth he likes best, and you two are having a great time.  It’s when he’s staring at your neck again that you make your move, dragging your tongue over his tooth.  His sockets snap open in shock, turning still as a statue, and for a second you think you’ve broken him.  Until suddenly everything is a blur and you’re not in Grillby’s anymore, this is his room.

He grows and slams you on the bed, one hand on that waist, his hands have been tingling from how warm it is for days.  The other is just resting on your neck, keeping you nice and pinned in place.  “heh, you’ve got a taste for gold, sweet cheeks?  or fer me?  c’mon babe, you can get a better taste of that.  an’ my silver tongue.  maybe i’ll even copper a feel.”  He leans forward, and is still for a beat, looking into your eyes… and when he doesn’t see any fear, you really want this, want him, then he finally gives you a passionate kiss.  He nips gently at your lip, tongue slipping past to tangle with yours.  When he pulls away he buries his face in the crook of your neck immediately, running his fangs over your skin and making goosebumps rise.  There are more nips, a lick, and then finally a good bite.  He groans low, sockets half lidded, and when he pulls away even though he doesn’t have lungs he’s panting like he just ran a mile.  “you’re sooo sweet fer me.  i wanna taste ya more, babe.  gonna give ya all the teeth ya can handle.”

happy bellarkefamselfienight! this has been me a lot. Computer on my lap, messy hair, today I’m wearing my 2008 nanowrimo shirt as I continue on my camp nanowrimo writing month. I hit my 30k goal a couple days ago, but my novel is not done yet, so I’m going to keep going until it is, writing 1k-1300 a day. 1300 is my average, but 1k was my goal and it seems to be a great, sustainable goal for me. I think I still have another 15k words to go until I finish the novel? IDK.

I wrote a new bellarke fic… it’s their reunion in Polis, canon compliant until tonight. Time’s Up.

Thank god the hiatus is over. Bellarke reunion imminent. The second half of the season is going to be crazy and I can’t wait to see how it shakes out

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Olay but can we talk about how Cameron designed the entire Dolan Twin Warehouse 😦🙌 Like damn, that's some talent right there. I fucking love her omg My sister in law is so smart/talented/amazing hahahaha She's my favorite Dolan without a doubt 😆😏

Cam is an ACTUAL goddess like we need to appreciate her more!!! she’s done so much for her brothers and she just seems like an amazing gal 😍

I was working on a daily flash fiction piece and it go too long and now i can’t stop thinking about it and the characters and that’s the story of how I may have just accidentally started writing my first novel 


I was tagged by @parkmochibean to do a self positivity/selfie tag thing (thank u for tagging me nat ♡♡♡) 

Rules: you must post two selfies and write ten things you have learnt/are learning to love about yourself, tag mutuals and blogs that you like

i’m still learning to like:

  1. my face lmao
  2. my body
  3. my kinda chubby cheeks
  4. my voice (makes me cringeee when i hear it on recording yikes)
  5. just myself in general

i’ve learnt to like/like:

  1. my witty/sharp tongue
  2. my loyalty to my friends and family
  3. my perfectionism/cleanliness 
  4. my need to finish whatever i start
  5. my sometimes cynical but mostly realistic expectations/view of things

tagging (ofc only if u wanna): @lushguk @ultimated @dreamjeongguk @bangbangbangtanx @jiminvy @haengboktae @emjooni @ourlilbangtan @jungkoog and anyone else who wants to do it ♡