.....look at the size of his....... ahoge

kazuichi souda has a huge ass

The latest in my series of essays tackling important DR2 canon issues: The question of Souda’s plump tuckus. I mean, it’s not really a question. He has a huge ass, and I’m going to prove to you.

Warnings for: DR2 spoilers. The spoiler being that Souda has a huge ass.

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so let’s talk about yamaguchi’s ahoge

at first there was a tall blip and a short blip

then the tall blip started to grow

it started curling 

but as karasuno started winning more matches, it started growing and reacting 

look at it vibrating with happiness

and just when u thought it couldn’t get any longer..

here yamaguchi is so scared that his ahoge grew to the same size as his head

(part 3 of haikyuu hair series)