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One of my proudest moments so far in my budding career as a DC Comics nerd is I got to draw the page intended to write The Killing Joke out of DC Canon, written by Cameron Stewart and Brendan Fletcher.  At the very least, the page strongly suggests that the events were a false memory implanted by a guy called “The Fugue”. This is in Batgirl #49.

I think this was a good choice! Alan Moore never intended for that story to become a permanent part of DC continuity, and he now regrets the choices he made with Barbara Gordon’s character. I’ll always be a huge fan of Alan, no matter how far his views deviate from the impossibly dull norm.  Maybe I’ll spend the last half of my life renouncing the internet, writing impenetrably dense novels, owning a secret ganja farm and worshipping a glove puppet too (hashtag life goals). It’s a big honour to be able to contribute to and support Alan’s vision, even if it’s only in a tiny way.

BSD Novel: Dazai Osamu and the Dark Era (Chapter 4, Part 8)

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tikkunolambitches  asked:

Coran as a "Sally Lightfoot Crab" and Allura as a "Light Blue Soldier Crab" (Zarkon as a Japanese Spider Crab)

Coran: Sally Lightfoot Crab. Look at this thing. I love it. God bless.

Allura: Light Blue Soldier Crab. Majestic. Amazing. 11/10 perfect for Allura.

Zarkon: Japanese Spider Crab. Listen pal. these things have always freaked me the heCK OUT. they have them at the aquarium near my house. i think one time one of them killed all the others. they’re terrifying. 0/10 do not engage.