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  • <p> <b>friend:</b> responds with one word<p/><b>me:</b> ok i see how it is. i see how much you hate me. i guess ill never speak to you again since you're leaving, lol. jesus you could've made a cleaner break but i do see how it is and although i resent the fact that you dislike me and dont respect you anymore in the slightest i will accept your decision. but really, fuck. you.<p/><b>friend:</b> hey sorry i was busy<p/><b>me:</b> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loev you!!!!!!!!! ilove you hi!!!! how are you?!?!!<p/></p>

“Yanno guys like Robert De Niro, and so many of my idols, they played these men– they were able to do these things on screen or on stage that, yanno, they tapped into certain energies that only got me into trouble and I sort of channeled all that into this thing that I loved and it made me um, really become a man, I think, and grow the heck up, and find something that I love more than anything else in the world… It really saved my life, acting.”

Some Grease Monkey! Tyler HCs

• Hair is constantly a mess, EXCEPT when he gets motor oil in it. Then it kinda lays down some.

• Some times wears a baseball cap, and his curls just stick out from underneath it.

• Always has a monkey wrench in his front pocket.

• Ethan hugs him one time and jokingly says “Is that a wrench in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.”

• If Eth ever has car troubles he’ll only go to Tyler.

• But sometimes he makes up problems just because he loves any excuse to see him

• Ty mainly works on old antique cars.

• His favorite is a 1957 Pontiac Star Chief. Preferably in red.

• Work outfit includes a red mechanic rag in his back pocket, an old tee shirt with a few holes and grease stains (if he even wears a shirt), and black cargo pants.

• His hands are never clean.

• Enjoys racing dirt karts, motorcycles, cars, etc. Whenever he can.

• Tries to get Ethan on his motorcycle but it scares the shit out of him.

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Hoping that this will give some inspiration but "Even's 25 things to do in summer list" is something Isak discovers Even does every year. The lists usually contain mostly little things like trying out new ice creams but now it's different as the whole thing is full of stupid romantic stuff with Isak

i loved this idea so much!!!! i haven’t done it quite as you described it, but i hope that its good enough! and i messed with canon a little bit, and i hope youll forgive me, and enjoy!


Even is ten years old when his mum first suggests making a list of 25 things to do in summer. She helps him with it, because he can’t ever concentrate well enough to write that many things down, there’s just too many interesting things to do! He gets sidetracked, several times, but eventually, after a couple of hours, with his mum giving him suggestions, there’s a scribbled list on a scrap of paper, and he intends to complete all of them.

It starts with number “1. Climb four trees.” He ticks that one off within a week, and then ticks it off another 7 times over before the end of summer. The list also includes “8. Build the lego millennium falcon,” but in the end, that gets built by his father, after he got bored. There’s also “15. Watch a new film every week,” which turns into watching three new films every week, and he loves all of them; films become a new obsession for him, only this one seems to last longer than his other obsessions.

The list ends with “25. Try at least five new flavours of ice cream.” That one proves difficult, actually, because he’s tried most flavours already, but he manages it. He tries Ben and Jerry’s phish food (yum!) rum and raisin (never again) coconut (weird) white chocolate (too sickly) and black forest (nicer than he expected) but in the end, he decides he’ll stick to chocolate in the future.


The list becomes a thing every year. As he gets older, he manages to come up with more ideas by himself, and when he’s twelve years old, he manages to complete the entire list, all by himself, for the first time.

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