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1. the person I like and why I like them

I don’t have any romantic crushes rn but! I do like several very many people in a non dating way!! I tend to admire people who do not let their bad experiences turn them into bad people!

4. the best thing that has happened to me this week

a new friend came over yesterday and we made miso soup and gyoza and cookies!! (someone else asked this but I accidentally answered it privately eheh)

18. post a picture of myself

hehe jaykay

dis me rn:

Ecoreati, il governo si piega ai petrolieri

Niente tweet sta­volta, per Renzi non era #lavol­ta­buona.

Per le asso­cia­zioni ambien­ta­li­ste, per Sel e per il M5S la deci­sione di sop­pri­mere la norma che vieta la discussa tec­nica di ispe­zione dei fon­dali marini, uti­liz­zata per son­dare la pre­senza di idro­car­buri nel sot­to­suolo, è una dimo­stra­zione di subal­ter­nità ai desi­de­rata delle com­pa­gnie petro­li­fere. Le stesse che hanno bom­bar­dato i mari della Sar­de­gna, della Cala­bria o la costa adriatica.

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Eheh, quando si tratta di toccare gli interessi dei poteri forti, per Renzi la musica cambia decisamente. 

Pensare che con il jobs act doveva risolvere la disoccupazione, con l’Expo la fame nel mondo, con la riforma della scuola cambiare il paese, ma gli ecoreati… No, per quelli non c’è spazio. Ciao Ilva, ciao…

Ben tesettürlü şahıs olarak yanıma mavi saçlı kızın oturmasından gocunmuyosam, rahatsızlık duymuyosam o da benim onun yanına oturmamdan gocunmamalı.
O rahatsız oluyorsa kendi derdidir, benim derdim değil.

Ya bi de aklıma ne geldi biliyo musunuz. Bi havayolu reklamı var ya, kadın bana başka yer bulabilir misiniz diyo hostese, bu zencinin yanına oturmam falan havaları. Hostes siyahi yolcuyu alıyo kadını orda bırakıyo.
Süper yaaa…
Otobüste de hostes neyin olsa da tesettürden rahatsız olan kız için bizi vip koltuğuna alsa. Eheh.

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Salve, Octavi! I heard that you like chocolate, so what is your favorite kind?

*Jedediah reads the next question aloud to Octavius*

Octavius: Oh yes, I do!

Jedediah: *grins* Oct’s got a real sweet tooth.

Octavius: As for my favorite kind of chocolate, however, I am not sure if I could pick a sole favorite…

Jedediah: Wanna try an’ narrow it down as much as you can then?

Octavius: Alright, I shall try. *after a moment* I suppose I can narrow it down to the Lindt chocolate, Hershey chocolate, and the Ghirardelli chocolate.

Jedediah: How’d you ever get to try all o’ these different kinds?

Octavius: *self-conciously* Eheh…Larry knows about my adoration for chocolate after I tried it for the first time. Since then, he sometimes offers me different kinds.

Jedediah: *smiles gently* And course, you always try ‘em.

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Hey :3 It's not really a question but I wanted to let you know that Tom Hiddleston recorded an audiobook and it's really awesome. Just type "Tom Hiddleston - The Red Necklace" in.

Hi. I’ve heard of that and there’s the odd audio clips on tumblr. Anyone who has listened to it though always says they have no idea what it’s even about because Tom’s voice is too distracting ehehe.

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Please do no worry this is far more then plenty, and I feel truly honored to have chance to play this game and you aren't slow with writing, rather fairly fast, and well I suppose games have to be tricky so I will stab in the dark and pick '▷ At the courtyard' purely out of personal preference, truly surprised though that no one took chance to go anon in place of me, how ever I would like to thank everyone for that, but mostly thank YOU Ira... this means so much to me,,,

No pls pls plssss I’m the one who’s actually very very veRY VERY happy to play this with you because your options always keep me on the edge. (i have to admit i’m always waiting to see what your options are! then i get to execute the plan eheh heh heh…)

And yes the people who actually enjoyed this stuff are also probably waiting to see what your options are too; we’ve got a very kind audience. ;D you make them happy as well since you’re still playing the game~ 

Hello, another anon (Anon A? Anon B? How should I identify you?)! 

:D I’m really glad you like cheesy Tokimeki Kuroko thing eeey~ Surprisingly your choice is the same as the Game Anon’s choice, so I don’t end up having to write more. ^^ Still, thanks for letting me know about your choice! It’s always nice to hear feedback like this <3

ok well without further ado, let’s go!

TOKIMEKI KUROKO ~3: a heartwarming lunch!~

EPISODE | O N E | T W O | T H R E E 

the episode titles are starting to sound like some light novel chapters…

NEXT: It is lunch time. You are not required in the library for today. Where do you want to have your lunch?

◻ In the class

At the courtyard

◻ At the rooftop

◻ In the cafeteria

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One time

Daddy and I were out to breakfast and I was sitting across from him and I (COMPLETELY ACCIDENTALLY 🙊🎀😋) had my hands around the collar of my shirt and it was drooping down!
And in Daddy’s stern voice looking down on me, he said
And of course innocently, because I had noo idea I was doing anything wrong!! I said,
“Yes Daddy?”
And he said, “Are you trying to put on a show for the restaurant? …That’s not what good little girls do”

 Ehehe silly memory. I had no idea what I was doing Daddy is always sooo worried! 🙈😛

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Niente cogito, voglio solo dirti che amo e stra amo te e il tuo blog. Non fraintendere, ti "amo" nel senso che ti apprezzo moooltissimo! Cia' cogito, cià <3

Uh mammamì!
Allora, secondo me sei memicele e se non lo sei scrivi proprio come lei, comunque gVazie caaaaVaaaaaa (o caro?), ma una volta tanto che mi scrivete ‘na cosa carina senza insulti scrivetela senza anonimo noooo?! Magari il mio è un amore ricambiato! (Rosso si sta ingelosendo eheh). Ti mando un affettuoso paccherello sulla testa e ti benedico, vai in pace!

Basic sketch for the fanmix cover art. Got Hinata in a school uniform descending into the GakuenVerse, and RTN!Hinata descending back down to her world. I put Naruto into a regular HS uniform cuz I draw him like that a lot, but I’ll change it to his Bancho self later. (Been wanting to do this fanmix since the beginning of 2014, ehehe)

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But I have this thing, that I have been iching to tell you, since Mul can play with his water hair in his hands, then can he make things out of it? Like "his crushes"? And this is a thing: Mul invites Smokey over to hang, and Mul goes to his room real quick, and since he takes so long Smokey checks on him and he finds Mul making Smokey out of the water, and Smokey is please n' shit, and Mul comes back and Smokey tells him about him seeing that, Mul gets all flustered and Smokey just.. Smiles

Oooooh, that sounds hella interesting, eheh.

The thing is, he can only manipulate liquid stuff when he can touch it/real near it, so I guess Mul would do that when he’s nervous or something? Idk, but ye, that’s a neato idea omg

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Hyung line reacting to you guving them silent treatment? (Theyre the one who did wrong) tehehe thanks

Jin/Seokjin-J-hope/Hoseok : Would apologize literally a hundred times for what they did wrong ! like “Come on Jagi, I’m sorry, I want to hear your voice again, please talk to me, I’m sorry” They would feel pretty guilty and sad if you don’t accept their excuses.

RapMonster/Namjoon-Suga/Yoongi : They would apologize once, if they find out what they did wrong. If you  don’t accept their excuses, I think they would let you sulk in your corner, until you had enough and speak to them again. 

eheh Namjoon and Yoongi are really something uh?

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