.....and do laundry

i’m literally amazed that it’s not only possible but actually relatively easy to be a functioning person (dishes, cooking, laundry, etc) now that I’m on meds that really work for me…….truly incredible that i have any executive function at all outside the hours of 3pm-5pm……wow

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Domestic jupeter headcanons?

  • it is cold on mars, and peter a) doesn’t own many warm socks and b) is a thief. so he just steals juno’s, which has the added benefit of forcing juno to buy new socks and do his laundry a little more often because before that peter was complaining constantly about the state of the socks which he had stolen, peter
  • when peter has a place he’s actually returning to, he becomes a squirrel. there are caches of various tools and clothes and food items everywhere in juno’s apartment. it is actually kind of a problem. there are knives in the couch, peter. peter.
  • “I can’t take you anywhere,” juno says, somewhat impressed, as peter empties at least four tables’ worth of silverware from the restaurant they went to out of his pockets (and also a doorknob, and a dog collar, and someone’s wallet, which juno makes him return.)
  • peter is, so far unsuccessfully, trying to teach juno to break out of handcuffs (it doesn’t help that juno probably enjoys being in the handcuffs a little too much)
  • they flirt by bickering
  • constantly
  • “can you please stop feeding every animal that shows up on the fire escape?” - juno, frequently
  • “when you buy some groceries worth feeding to a human being, darling,” - peter, usually
  • peter thinks juno’s penchant for tasteless art is the single funniest, most endearing thing he’s ever seen. he occasionally shows up with pieces whose previous owners are probably glad to see them gone. juno is equally touched and annoyed that his boyfriend wants him to hang stolen goods on his walls
  • juno gets back at peter for stealing his stuff (like his toothbrush, and his last expired PI license, and his socks) by pilfering peter’s jewelry, mostly stud earrings and any rings that look like they could break a nose. peter retaliates by painting juno’s nails when he has things he needs to be doing with his hands
  • casual touches!!! all the time!!!
  • c a s u a l  k i s s e s
  • “move out of the doorway I need to get through” “not until you kiss me”
  • peter is always careful to be uncharacteristically loud when he’s approaching on juno’s blind side so that he doesn’t surprise him
  • living with juno is basically like living with an alcoholic cat, including the bits where the cat starts running around like a maniac for no reason and then stares at the wall for three hours
  • peter’s good at expressing affection through words and gifts. juno gravitates more towards doing things for and with peter.
  • juno starts cooking a lot more often. he was always good at it and now he makes a bit more of an effort, getting rita to help him scrounge up recipes from places peter has mentioned he’s visited, places he’s mentioned he wants to. he doesn’t want hyperion city to close in too much around peter, does his best to bring a little of the universe in.
  • juno is exactly the right height that peter can sneak up behind him while he’s cooking and put his chin on top of juno’s head, like the smug gangle he is
  • peter usually enters via the windows (there are so many cameras at street level). this makes juno yell a lot
  • they honestly just like being together and sitting on the sofa half on top of one another and swapping stories for hours
Sid x MC - Good Guys Like Me

Language. Wrote on mobile. Poor editing.


The dishes clanked as I set them one by one onto of each other in the cabinet. When I was finished, I leaned against the counter and looked around the kitchen. I guess it’ll look like home someday.

I’d moved into the tiny apartment the week before after breaking up with my now ex-boyfriend, Dax. It sucked.

Days were spent pouring into work, evenings I tried to read or do something distracting, and nights, well I saved those for pity parties and late nights TV if I couldn’t sleep.

One Friday evening, I thought I’d do laundry - I doubted anyone else would be using the common laundry room a weekend, so I figured I’d have it to myself. I was stuffing my sheets in the dryer when a guy walked in carrying basket of clothes. He was tall, so tall, and good looking; tan, dark hair, light eyes, wearing a white t-shirt, jeans, and sandals.

He nodded at me. “Hey.”

I shyly said hi back. I didn’t normal talk to strange people, actually, I hate it- but when he dumped the whole basket of whites and colors all together, turned the water on cold, and didn’t turn his jeans inside out -I started to cringe.

“Umm…” I tried not to sound condescending. “If you put those white shirts in with the red ones they might end up pink.”

He looked at me quizzically. “You the laundry fairy or something?”

“No. Sorry.” I turned my attention back to mine tumbling around in the dryer.

“Oh… I was kinda hoping you were. I could use the help.” He snickered.

So, that’s how I met Sid. He lived a building over in the complex, he was a detective for the local police. And he had no idea how to do laundry.

I would have been happy seeing him every Friday for laundry night, but he was more assertive than me - so he asked me if I wanted to come eat pizza with him and his friends the next night. So I obliged.

Saturday nights pizza became a regular thing for us, and something I looked forward to every week. We’d hang out with his friends (slowly becoming my friends), eat, play games inside, play volleyball in the courtyard, watch a movie, anything really.

As usual, Sid asked to walk me home, and I don’t know how it started, but he brought up exes and well…

“Yeah, I just moved here a couple months ago because my ex and I broke up.” I said ambling a long the sidewalk.

“You broke up? Like it was mutual?” He asked.

“Well, I left.” I sighed.

“Oooh, heartbreaker are you?”

“Hah… no, I left because he cheated on me.” I felt embarrassed admitting it.

“What? Who would cheat on you?”

We reached my apartment and I reached to unlock the door. “I guess he would.” I said with a sigh.

I don’t know if it was because Sid just seemed like he’d understand or was trustworthy or what- but I decided to tell him something I hadn’t told anyone else. “It went on for a while. I just had this feeling, you know? I even asked him to his face ‘are you cheating on me?’ and he just outright lied to me. And I believed him.”

I suddenly felt a stir of emotions and began to chew on my thumbnail as a distraction.

Sid’s face fell. Then he looked a little angry. Then sad again. “I’m sorry. That sucks.” He said. “I know that doesn’t help, but I’m sorry.”

He gave me a smile. “Hey, you can always hang out with me though.”

I have him a half hearted smile. “Thanks. I wasn’t looking for sympathy, now I feel weird.” I chuckled nervously.

Just then my phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out to see a text from Dax, 'I found some of your things, including your passport, come get them now or I’ll throw them out.’

“Ah, god, you are such a jerk.” I mumbled under my breath.

“Huh?” Sid said.

“Oh! Sorry!” I snapped back to reality. “No, that’s him now.” I explained Dax’s text. “I don’t want to go, because I’ll have to see him and his new girlfriend, Jessie… the girl he cheated with.” I rolled my eyes. “But I need that stuff.”

“Dude, lets go!” Sid smirked. “I wanna meet this almighty douche bag.”

“What? I?” I was at a loss for words, but I did like this idea. A lot.

“C'mon, we’ll take my car.”

We arrived at Dax’s apartment a few minutes later and knocked on the door.

Dax opened the door, I can’t explain the sheer pleasure I felt seeing the look on his face when he saw Sid beside me. One of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

“Hi.” Dax opened the door and let us in. I could tell he was pissed at me bringing a guy with me, but I didn’t really care considering his girlfriend had moved in right after I left. At least he was quiet, I didn’t have to hear his bragging about all the great things that had happened to him since we broke up.

Dax just eyed Sid as he handed me the box of my things.

“So what? Did you hire a body guard or something?” Dax sneered. “No normal person is that jacked.”

“Heh.” Sid snickered. “Do I make you feel like a child? You should, because that’s the way you act, ya baby.”

“What?” Dax snapped.

My eyes jumped from one to the other. I was pretty sure Sid could handle himself and I was enjoying every moment of his verbal lashing to Dax.

“What kinda self respecting man would cheat on his girlfriend and then lie to her face about it? God, you’re disgusting… I don’t even want to look at you.” Sid’s raised his voice, but remained calm.

“That’s not your business.” Dax retorted.

“Yeah? Yeah, it is my business.” Sid leaned over Dax like he was talking to a little kid. He pointed at me. “Because now, it’s gonna take her a really long time to get over this shit, and she’ll still remember when piece of trash Dax cheated on her- and then it makes it really damn hard for her to trust good guys like me. Good guys that maybe wanna date her, and treat her nice, ya know?” Sid was staring at me now.

Dax scoffed. My face went red.

“We’re not all like this, honey. I’m sorry you had to deal with him.” Sid closed the space between us and put an arm around me, guiding me out of the apartment. Before he left, he called over his shoulder, “And Jessie, he cheated once- he’ll probably do it again! Jus’ saying.”

We exited the apartment and got in the car. Holy shit. Did that just happen?

roommate au sentence meme

“Let’s go to Ikea.”
“Its your turn to do laundry.”
“The garbage disposal broke.”
“My beta fish died. Console me.”
“Why are you naked in the kitchen?”
“That sounds like a terrible idea… I’m in.”
“I ruined our last good frying pan. My bad.”
“Can we camp out in the living room tonight?”
“I gave you money to buy groceries, not junk!”
“I’ll cook dinner tonight if you do the shopping.”
“Your clothes always look so much cuter on me.”
“How is the fridge completely empty? What did you do?”
“Why do you always insist on using MY toothbrush? You have your own.”
“Please stop bringing home animals. We cant afford to take care of them.”
“Some beer would go great with this sorrow you’re feeling. I’ll be right back.”
“Rule thirty: if you’re gonna bring someone home for sex, let the other person know.”
“Stop leaving the door open when you shit. Are you trying to blow up the entire house?”
“Do you wanna get high and watch stand-up tonight? I renewed our Netflix account.”
“When was the last time we cleaned out the fridge? It smells like something died in there.”

I just imagine Mon El trying to do the laundry, but he has no fucking clue how washing machines work because first of all it’s a human thing and second he’s a prince! He never had to do the laundry! So he’s making a big mess, basically flooding everything, foam everywhere and when Kara comes back she just laughs and they have a cute, funny foam fight 😍

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Headcanons on Sidon paying a visit to their Hylian friend (or s/o) and arrive just as they are doing laundry. He sticks around using this chance to look at the different styles. The friend (or s/o) is gender neutral but the female Gerudo outfit has to be a part of the laundry. So I'm going to stop saying that I'll stop, and just apologize in advance for my continuous submissions. I just love how you write so much that's why, and I have so many ideas, I just can't help it. You are amazing!

Thank you so much! I’m glad you like this blog enough to keep submitting!

-Mod Pinks

Spots Gerudo Outfit in Friend’s Laundry (Sidon)

  • “(Name), what is that? I’ve never seen you wear it before.”
  • More curious than anything else. 
    • Like most Zora, clothing doesn’t really seem to be a thing, so he doesn’t understand the concept of embarrassing clothing or low-cuts.
  • Thinks the color is lovely
  • Asks why they don’t wear it
    • Ultimately up to the friend what they explain

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Oh right, he’s so abusive for taking breakfast to bed, he’s withholding bacon dear lord shuch a bad boyfriend, and right he took coffee without her consent and even did coffee without her allowing first. Jesus what a worthless person. And he’s doing the laundry because he knows she is oh so fragile and powerless. You’re right so abusive. Oh and I was checking: earth is still spinning around the sun so next time give your *not so much of an opinion more like blunt state that doesn’t match reality* to someone who actually gives a danm. Bye babe.

I just imagine Mon El trying to do the laundry, but he has no fucking clue how washing machines work because first of all it’s a human thing and second he’s a prince! He never had to do the laundry! So he’s making a big mess, basically flooding everything, foam everywhere and when Kara comes back she just laughs and they have a cute, funny foam fight 😍

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Curie, 5,8,9,13,23,27,33,42, and 48 please?

Half of this is under a “Keep Reading” due to length.

#5. Cleanliness habits (personal, workspace, etc.)

Curie is always impeccably clean. If she doesn’t get to take her baths or wash her face, she gets agitated. Especially in the beginning of her time in a humanoid body. She’s hyper-aware of flecks of dirt on her skin, or oil in her hair. Over time she gets used to it, but she always prefers keeping clean. She insists on doing laundry every other day, and keeping her worktable as shiny as possible.

#8. Favorite indulgence and feelings surrounding indulging

She loves food. She’d never eaten before. She’d never had to eat before! Now, she’s fascinated by the variety of tastes and spices. Of the chemistry involved with baking. What makes a good meal or a bad meal? How do people taste things differently? She stuffs her face whenever she gets the chance, even though she knows it might be bad for her health overall. She does feel a tad guilty about it, but it’s just so interesting and delicious! 

#9. Makeup?

Not really. She’s very sensitive to texture, as a result of being in a new body and having all kinds of new sensation. Wearing makeup feels like she… well, like she has something on her face, and she’s very particular about keeping her skin clean. She likes painting her nails, though half the time it’s chipped because of how often she uses her hands. 

#13. Sexual Orientation? And, regardless of own orientation, thoughts on sexual orientation in general?

Considering that sexuality headcanons were a “big drama” in the Fallout 4 community a while ago, I’m hesitant to start that argument over again. 

Instead, I’ll just say that Curie has a very detached view of sex and sexual orientation. Though she may be in a human body, she still has the mind of an AI. She enjoys experimenting with sex, sexual intercourse, and sexual attraction, but it’s more in line with learning about it than claiming a certain orientation. Later in life she may develop her own preferred gender(s), romantically or sexually, but it remains to be seen.

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My family is completely sexist when it comes to chores. As the oldest & female I had to clean the upstairs bathroom entirely starting at age 13, vacuum the top & bottom floor of the house, unload the dishwasher, clean my room, & start doing my own laundry by age 17. My two younger brothers not so much. One is 17 now & my mom still cleans his room & does his laundry for him. All my younger brothers do is take out the trash. At 21, I have less chores now, but I'm still stuck doing more than them.

Oh my goodness, I get you on being the oldest girl. I don’t have any brothers though, so I can’t imagine what that’s like. I feel like parents doing the boys’ share of the chores just teaches them to be lazy and irresponsible…? idk, that might just be me ;)

Did you know there’s a gender gap in chores? Girls spend 40% more time doing chores than guys!

Send us your stories of sexism in your household

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I’m doing laundry at the house i no longer live in bc my mom’s washing machine died so i had to borrow this one

there’s so many decorative pillows now? and a goddamn bike and exercise equipment in the living room?? what is this place

shout out to my kids dad for being obtuse enough to think we’re friends and letting me into his house to use his stuff while he’s not around though


My first attempt at trying to draw an actual background/room/thing that has furniture inside.

psssst dirty laundry