.....and do laundry

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doing laundry with tom during a lazy weekend and him fucking you over the washing machine bc the rocking and vibration of the machine adds to your pleasure

oh lord the both of you wouldn’t get the errands done because tom keeps distracting you haha

01. an introduction post for two of my ocs; reed (left) is nb & uses they/them pronouns; lynn (right) is their girlfriend. [2000 words]

Based off a prompt by @sickandvomiting.

Reed had barely noticed when Lynn slipped out of the room, too preoccupied with flipping between songs on their iPod to pay attention. At some point, they realized that their girlfriend had been missing for an odd amount of time, but quickly dismissed the thought. After all, it was her home. She’d probably just left to do laundry or something, the way she always did when Reed was chilling there, so they kicked back on the couch and lost themself in music once more.

When Lynn appeared again, hovering in the entrance to the living room, they definitely took notice. She was hunched over, hovering shakily in the doorway with one hand on the frame to support herself, her free hand gingerly clutching her stomach. Two bright spots of color stood out on her cheeks, and her eyes and nose were red, as if she’d been crying.

Reed yanked their earbuds out, sitting up with a start. “Woah, what’s up? You okay?”

“I just –” The hand that wasn’t on Lynn’s stomach had crept up to cover her mouth, and when she spoke, her voice was muffled as she pressed her fingers against her lips. “I just threw up.”

Before Reed could react, Lynn doubled over, gagging wetly as streams of vomit dripped through her fingers and onto the floor.

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Oma x keebo

This is not a ship of mine but it’s very doable ahah

  • Who said “I love you” first. Kokichi. 
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background ? I’d say Kokichi again.
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror ? Kibou would be the one doing that, but he’d be leaving reminders. (”please use your own toothbrush” “stop wearing my stuff” “please do the laundry” )
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts ? Maybe Kibou ? I can see him not exactly knowing what to buy and going cheesy by default.
  • Who initiated the first kiss ? A very shy Kibou.
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning ? Kokichi. He says to Kibou he’s cold like ice, Kibou says that’s robophobic.
  • Who starts tickle fights ? ….Are robots ticklish ??? 
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower ? Kibou surely doesn’t need showers but it would be Kokichi.
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch ?  Probably Kibou because Kokichi forgets his lunch at home.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date ? Kibou because he doesn’t exactly know about dating.
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders ? None of them. They panic and the spider kills them.
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk ? …Can robots get drunk ?? So many questions !
  • Laura’s birthday today.
  • Mike Faist got her tickets to go see Dear Evan Hansen.
  • And it’s Ben’s last night.
  • The new Tangled episode aired and everyone is flipping out.
  • Apparently there is a reprise of Varian’s song
  • Bet it breaks my heart
  • Can’t wait til I see that.
  • JJ’s birthday is tomorrow
  • With a new episode of Superglue as well
  • In which he had better dang well get appreciated and looked after
  • Especially after the strangling incident with Mid-Life-Crisis-Mon-eh
  • At some point I need to do laundry

I’m not going to handle any of this well.

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Hey! Can I request some Pro heroes goodness? Aizawa, Mic and Toshi. I would like to see some domestic headcanons, like what do they prefer to do around the house and what they hate, how are they as parents, etc. Hope this makes sense hahahaha XD great blog sweetie <3 keep up the lovely work!

Ah, ok, I’ll see what I can do…


This pro hero is surprisingly a pretty hardworking husband/boyfriend. He generally tries to help out around the house as much as he can, unless it’s washing the dishes, he doesn’t like having to touch old food on dishes and things. However, if it’s really needed, he might use some of his spare bandages to cover his hands with or just use lots and lots of rags to do the job. This is why he normally prefers takeout, unless it’s his s/o’s cooking! His favorite thing to do around the house other than chilling in his sleeping bag on the couch is probably doing laundry. It’s fairly stationary and he gets to hold all the warm towels and clothes so he’s happy just sitting in front of the TV and folding laundry.

Regarding parenthood, he might feel a little out of place when handling his baby, more relying on his S/O to do most of the parenting, and really only handling late night shifts. But he likes to put his child to sleep, singing really softly to them and that sort of thing. As his kid gets older, he’ll also like reading them stories! He(or his s/o!)never really thought of himself as a storytelling type of guy but he really likes that little part of his day. 


This hero is also a very active boyfriend/husband, and is very helpful if you have spacious floors. He will blast music around the house and clean! His favorite is vacuuming, because it’s like dancing in its own way, right? Just don’t put on slow music, or things will start getting done a lot slower. His least favorite thing to do is take out the trash, because he’s got to leave the house, lugging that huge bag of yuck out to the street and it’s just really gross for him! But if he must, he does it, but he straps a bunch of those little car refresher trees to his belt, sprays down the whole bag with febreze, and brings the really nice smelling hand sanitizer with him, even if it’s only 5 feet to the curb.

With his kid, they better get ready because Mic will be holding them and trying to get them to speak as soon as possible, always speaking in third person. Daddy this and Daddy that for the whole time until they say their first word. If their first is mama, he’ll be a little devastated but be really happy! After all, his freaking kid just spoke! How could he be upset over that? After his kid is around toddler years, he will definitely invest in music lessons. He wants his kid to know how to do something, ANYTHING with music. If his kid ends up being a chatterbox, he will be SO happy, like they will just start talking and going on and on that they end up having really long and often really enthusiastic conversations. His S/O will have to be really tolerant and a good-listener when this happens.


Toshi isn’t at home a lot, having to stay The Symbol of Peace for the public, so he doesn’t really like having to do chores and things around the house, being the tired man he is. But occasionally, if work is slow, he finds reorganizing calming and almost theraputic. Like reorganizing his or his s/o’s desk is nice because he can rest a little and still get stuff done. He really doesn’t like taking out the trash like Mic because he has to blow up to his hero form to go outside and it’s pretty taxing on him after the whole Nomu incident. Like cut this man some slack please!

Toshi will be the most laidback parent. Like, oh yeah the baby climbed out of their crib? Maybe their quirk manifested really really early? The baby is wailing their head off? Have you tried turning it on and off? No, not like that, but he won’t stress about them too much, like Aizawa, he’ll entrust his s/o with more of the parenting. But he likes playing with his kid, either with dolls or with stuffed animals, he likes spending off-days with his S/O and their kid, just hanging out and playing with them. Now when they get older, he’ll get a kick out of taking them to school and embarrassing them a little in his suit and hero form. No kids better pick on his child, or the bullies may not exactly be attending the same school for much longer. With his ties to the school system, from being a teacher and a famed hero, he can surely pull some strings.

Hope this works!!

-Mod C


Share the Load; why do laundry have to only be a women’s job?

Dang, this hits the spot. It may not hit others, but it hits the spot.

One Thing (Among Many) That I Really Appreciated About Wonder Woman

I was ready to go into Wonder Woman, fully expecting Steve Trevor’s story Arc to be “I’m sexist, and by the end of the film Diana will prove me wrong, but until then I’ll be a smarmy jerk boy.”  I was waiting for a “Woman can’t do X” joke or Steve being incredulous at her abilities and having it be played for laughs.  I was waiting for it, to clench my teeth and get through it.


becuase from the moment Steve “Ride or Die” Trevor washes up on Amazon Island of Buff Chicks he is 100% there for Diana.  He treats her as an equal, is supportive of her power, follows her into battle, and is only critical of her when he’s concerned for her safety, and even then does what he can to help her push forward anyway.  I wasn’t expecting to leave the theater having a lot of feelings about Steve Trevor but HOOOOO DOGGY. 

Like Steve is such a breath of fresh air.  After sitting through film after film of of stubborn, borish, snarky, sarcastic men that we’re supposed to revere as heroes, I’m so so thankful that we get Steve Trevor, who is a warrior who believes in the best of people, who willingly embraces vulnerability and the Lasso of Truth, who believes in self-sacrifice and that human beings are inherently good, who above all believes in, supports, relies on, follows, and loves Wonder Woman. 


the season one finale was about max learning that david isn’t a complete airhead and that he actually acts cheerful because he knows the world is a shitty place and he chooses to still see the good in it

the season two finale was about david learning that max isn’t a complete asshole and that he acts bitter and angry all the time because he knows the world is a shitty place and chooses to not get hurt by refusing to see the good in it

livin’ for these parallels


My first attempt at trying to draw an actual background/room/thing that has furniture inside.

psssst dirty laundry