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in which Nick gets upset at the idea of Tina's favourite one d boy being Niall and digs a grave of his own making
  • Nick: We love 'aving Niall on the show don't we? Tina don't mime that say it out loud!
  • Tina: I won't mime it, I love him!
  • Nick: Oh wow! Great!
  • Tina: No just that he's my favorite member of One Direction.
  • Nick: *Takes a moment to process and tries to move on but can't*
  • Nick: Favourite member wow that's awkward.
  • Tina: Why?
  • Nick: Well they are just always in and out of here, you shouldn't have a favourite one.
  • Fiona: You've got a favourite one.
  • Nick: I haven't got a favourite one!
  • Fiona: You've got a favourite one
  • Tina: Yeah please!
  • Fiona: Trust us.
  • Nick: I have not.
  • (Fiona and Tina scoffing in background as Nick talks over them)
  • Nick (petulant as fuc): I like them all equally.
  • Fiona and Tina in sync (disbelieving as fuc): Yeah right!

making new clichés by @canonicallyanxious

❝ “Anyway.” Even smiles, a small, rueful curve of his lips. “She also asked if there was someone new. Naturally.”
Isak’s heart isn’t sure whether it should be rising or falling right now. He isn’t sure, either. “Is there?” Isak says. “Someone new?”
Even’s smile melts into something softer. Something unbearably sweet. “No,” he says. “Not someone new.” ❞

Seems like as good a time as any to show you guys the funniest thing in my town

This is Church. It has no other name. The sign is bright green and it sits in a dark corner in a run down gross shopping area hidden behind other buildings like some creature crouched and waiting to pounce. Next to it is a Big Lots and what used to be a Super Save. It radiates a dark ominous aura.

I laugh every time I see it.


Me with a Minion from T-SPOOK!!!
I super-dashed up to the Minion to give him a hug
I was so tired when I got there.
I love them so much… (T_T)
This is a picture I took with Stuart.
I was like “Gyaaa!”

Astrid casually picks up the bf before he gets himself into trouble. Again.

Poor Astrid, being this young man’s partner is a tough job. Good thing she shares the custody with Toothless, hahaha

Also, i’m aware that her braid and her bangs are on the wrong side but when I finally noticed it was already too late… oh well.

Anyways hope you guys enjoy~