So let's chat...

Ok so y'all know I’m like practically a fossil right? Yeah well I’ve been in lots of fandoms over the years, since like before they were called “fandoms” and before they had names and stuff, anyways since I’ve been in so many fandoms, I’ve of course witnessed tons of fandom wars, but I can honestly say that the one currently going on between the ARMYS and the EXO-Ls is the absolute worst one I’ve seen! I am big fans of both BTS and EXO and I personally think that EXO-Ls are being extremely ridiculous for starting this war with ARMYS. Basically EXO-Ls got mad at ARMYS when their support for BTS caused the group to break a MV view record previously held by EXO. Not only are EXO-Ls planning on giving BTS a black ocean (when all participating fandom(s) turn their light sticks off during a certain groups performance to make it seem as though no one cares for them and thus making the members feel like shit) at the MAMAs, they’re also planning on making other fandoms target ARMYS by making fake BTS fan accounts on all forms of social media (YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, FB, etc.) and attacking other fandoms such as VIPs, IGOT7s, iKONICS, Blackjacks, Carats, MonBEBEs, etc to make it seem as though it’s the ARMYS thus making even more fandoms mad at the ARMYS, I believe they are also doing this because if they can get other huge fandoms like VIPs to be mad at ARMYS they may be able to urge them to participate in their black ocean at the MAMAs. The reason I’m making this is because I really really really want to urge EXO-Ls not to go through with this, any of it… I think all of this is a really bad idea, and I know a lot of EXO-Ls are going to be mad at me and will maybe even send me hate, but I don’t really care! I know that EXO-Ls are trying to keep these plans under the radar so no one will suspect them if/when they go through with it, but the thought of no one knowing about these plans scare me because they’re more likely to do it if no one figures out who’s behind it. And also I know a lot EXO-Ls will complain about this and say that I’m clearly an ARMY or whatever, but actually if you go through my blog you’ll see that I once publicly posted a comment saying that I no longer am an ARMY because I believe that ARMYS have made bad decisions in the past, not to mention the name of my blog is EXO oriented. And also, with that being said, you’ll know that I’m also not ignoring all the bad things ARMYS have done in the past to other fandoms, such as send hate to Jung Eunji of APINK for an unofficial poll that asked “Which Couple Would you like to see on We Got Married?” and paired Eunji up with Jin, and many other offenses against other fandoms. Clearly ARMYS hands aren’t completely clean either, and I’ve been fairly close to making one of these about those incidents in the past but i opted out because I didn’t wish to add to any fan wars, and I still don’t want to, but I feel if I get the word out about what EXO-Ls are planning on doing, they won’t do it. Please help me and spread the word about the black ocean and the fake accounts, especially the black ocean, because if the word gets to BTS themselves, at least they’ll have time to prepare themselves in case it does happen and they’ll also be able to know who did it and why so they’ll know that it’s just a fandom being petty and not people hating them. Also if EXO-Ls go though with it and no one knows who is specifically behind it, articles may claim that it’s a decrease in BTS’s popularity, thus making them feel like even more crap than they already did, but if EXO-Ls go through with it and everyone already knows who’s behind it, EXO-Ls will be depicted in articles as the antagonists that they are. And one last thing, I’m not saying that ALL EXO-Ls are guilty of this or we’re planning on doing it, nor am I saying that ALL ARMYS attacked other fandoms. Also please be nice to everyone, you know what they say, a little bit of kindness goes a long way, so far, in fact, that it’ll come back around to find you again.

I’m now used to all the bashing Exo is getting and I understand it : they are indeed overrated,they lipsync, some groups deserve it more, even their personnalities seem awkward (and scripted). I was agreeing to all of this. Then, I listened to “Love me right” and I remembered : these guys saved me from depression for more than a year just by listening to their music. They got me into kpop and even though they didn’t stay n•1 in my heart, I still have a lot of respect for them and wish them the best. Thank you Exo