......i was rlly bored


I’m not at home so I won’t be able to do requests for a bit and I came up with this:

5 notes and I’ll sing the first part of Farmer Refuted
6-10 and I’ll sing the first part of You’ll Be Back
11-15 and I’ll sing the end of Satisfied
16-20 I’ll do all 3 but delete them after a day

I’m keeping it low because I’m pretty sure nobody really cares haha… You guys have 10 hrs! If by 2 there’s not enough for anything then I’ll delete this post… this is super narcissistic and self centered and I feel bad about it, so you don’t have to like it!


Introducing the one-in-a-million duo, Basil and Rosemary! …Of course they couldn’t be particularly energetic for this blog’s first official post; you see, they’re busy with very important business. Namely, napping.

But hey! This is our new catblr! I, their personal muppet servant, will be taking photos and videos of them for everyone to admire them by. We’ll also sometimes be joined by our cat roommate Mucka, as well as any other kittyfriends we happen to meet. These kids are a lot of fun, so I hope you love them as much as I do :,,)

@dappledawgs @pangur-and-grim


[ATLA + LOK pastel floral icons]

i got really bored during class and things got out of hand  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

you don’t understand how much adhd sherlock means to me guys like

  • sherlock ‘deleting’ something is basically his brain going this isn’t important enough to remember bye
  • dealing with frustration appropriately? what’s that? (he storms around the flat angrily with a harpoon in his hands and shoots the wall when he’s bored i mean guys)
  • talking rlly fast when deducing something
  • no filter
  • craves excitement
  • self care? don’t know her

why are there not more adhd sherlock hcs