......i feel like i did something similar to this...

okay this has really been bugging me, so i just wanna get it out of my system

this scene feels romantic to me


well, look at her face! i dont know about the rest of y’all but id expect something that was like “whoa! uncle qrow?! how did you-” or other similar expressions of shock

i mean it was like that at first but then she like dismisses the initial shock and it turns to THIS


look at her

its like

shes looking at him like

“i knew you’d always come through for me”

“i knew you wouldnt leave me”

shes looking at him like hes the most wonderful thing in the world (which he kind of is.. right now,.. given their current situation.. he just saved their lives.) like if hes around, then everything will be okay (which it kind of is now.. hes like really strong) but like in a totally GAY way, you know what i mean, its- 

-its so fond

and, and-

the SOUND she makes 

its like this happy little fond, adoring sigh ive only ever heard in shoujo anime when the girl and the guy are alone together and the guy does or says something cheesy and the girl makes that little sigh like ‘oh what am i to do with you’



and qrow replies with his own little smile, and his totally casual ‘hey’ like a guy trying to play it cool around his crush

h looks and sounds so relieved

fuck. this. shit.

Also...in TLD

Moftiss are always trying to up the villain ante and it always goes a little lukewarm, it’s always a little anticlimactic in the playout. Now, I think the reason why they cut the incredibly fucked-up and rapey scene from HLV when CAM molests Sherlock in his hospital bed wasn’t because it was going too far, it was because they’d realized they wanted to do something similar with a different villain in the next series!


Nah, dudes, you overrate your ability to keep the comic-book-villain arms race going.

FOR ME, the darkest minute in the whole run of this series to date is what John did to Sherlock in the morgue - with his fists, with his feet, and with his words. That beating is the hardest thing to watch for me in the whole show ever. 

I don’t think it’s unforgivable? Necessarily? I feel like a whole point of this show is that human beings do awful things under duress and are still human beings worthy of love. Sherlock does, Mary does, Mycroft does, John does. I think this whole show is sometimes about forgiving things in a heightened reality that shouldn’t be forgiven in normal life.

But WOW, was that awful. SO awful. Viscerally awful for me.

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Hey can you pleasedo one where Spencer and the reader are secretly dating, and the team doesn't even know he has a girlfriend (she doesn't work at the BAU) until somebody sees them kissing?


Hey guys! This is my first fanfic, so it’s without a doubt, not the best:/ I’d love critical feedback and thoughts on how I can improve the next time around. Also, I think and feel as if Ive read something very similar to this but am not sure, so if it is exactly like another fic, I apologize and did not write this with the intentions of copying someone else.
(Also I apologize in advance for the crappy ending)
Thanks xx



Of course the team had noticed Spencer’s abnormal behavior, but no one dared to ask him about who or what was causing it. He was arriving to work later than he normally did, which of course was no big deal to anyone, but was very unlike the agent. He had been texting more often and smiling down at his phone during briefings and while working on cases, and instead of being one of the last people to leave the office after organizing files and filling out paperwork, he would rush out and leave almost immediately. Of course, everyone had their suspicions, but seeing as he was happier, the team didn’t bother asking.
What they did not know was that the doctor had been dating you for a little over 3 months. While you made him the most delighted he had been, he had just not found the right time to tell his colleagues.
Spencer hoped and guessed that they would support him and his relationship, but couldn’t help fearing that they wouldn’t. Quite frankly, he was afraid that they would make fun of him seeing as you were the most beautiful girl he had laid eyes on and expectedly would never fall for a guy like him.


“Wheels up in 30” said Emily routinely as everyone simultaneously stood up and began to shuffle out of the room.
“Leesburg, Virginia, couldn’t get any more interesting than that, could it?” mumbled Luke to no one in particular.
“You know, in 1699 the Conoy Tribe inhabited Leesburg before the Europeans began to enter the land even though it is most commonly believed that …. shoot.” replied Reid.
“What’s wrong?”
“I don’t have my travel bag, I must have left it back at my apartment.”
“Ooh, sorry bud but we don’t have time. You might just have to go without it.”
“Yea…” said Spence as he began to pull out his phone. Luckily, you had crashed at his place last night after falling asleep together while watching movies and eating takeout. He hoped that you were still at his place and hadn’t left, but knowing you, expected that you were probably still asleep. Spencer was right and you were awakened as your phone rang, flashing the familiar number of your boyfriend.

“Good morning sweetie! Could you please please do me a huge favor?”
“Spencer it’s like 9 in the morning, what could you possibly need?”
“Well, you see we are leaving for Virginia in 30 minutes and it seems as if I’ve left my travel bag at home and I..”
“Yes Spencer, I’ll bring it to you.” you said while laughing at the fact that someone as smart as Spencer could sometimes be so forgetful.
“Agh perfect, I love you, but hurry!”
“Love you too and see you soon.”

“Wait, who was that?” retorted Luke, noticing that Spencer had not only called the person on the other line sweetie, but said he loved them.
“mmm no one.” said an alarmed Reid quickly walking away, realizing what he had just done.


Nearly 20 minutes later, you pulled up to the parking lot of the building in which Spencer worked. You saw Spencer rush out of the front doors as you stepped out of your car, travel bag in hand.
“Ahhh, thank you so much darling. What would I do without you?” asked Reid as he embraced you in a tight hug. You laughed as he leaned in and lightly kissed you. This was not an uncommon gesture between the two of you, so when you heard cheers coming from the front doors, you were quite surprised, pulling away from Spence.
“I TOLD YOU SO!! YOU OWE ME, HAHA” hollered a blonde female dressed in bright colors and bold patterns to a smaller blonde girl standing next to her.
“Hey who are those people?” you giggled.
“Come on, I want to introduce you to some people” uttered a clearly anxious Spencer taking your hand in his and leading you to the now somewhat calm group of people.

“Everyone there is someone I want you to meet. This is my girlfriend y/n and she makes me the happiest I ever have been. She’s also the reason I’ve been acting… different lately.”

“Oh I knew it! I knew something was up with you pretty boy. I’m Penelope Garcia, it’s such a pleasure to meet you y/n! Might I say, you two make the cutest couple, and you are absolutely gorgeous!” squealed the woman that you had just seen hollering. As you shook her hand, she pulled you into a tight hug. Surrounded by his team, all smiling at you and Garcia hugging, it was then Spencer realized that he had no reason to worry.


Doodles from an RP with @weirdly-amazing . Also, I have the urge to make this into anOTHER ask blog, but I realized jeanryde already did something rly similar and so I would feel like a copycat. 

 In the Rp, Alfred is a 23 year old rouge vampire, physically 21 (I changed it to 19 for the ID bc canon aph things) who eventually becomes Arthur’s Supernatural aid.

 Arthur is a hunter who is hunting a coven of Vampires and awkwardly takes Alfred as his Aid. 

Both are extremely attracted to each other, but as the rules say; A Para aid and a Hunter must strictly be platonic, and as we all know Arthur is a stickler for the rules. Alfred could care less.

(The Para universe is not related to SPN, it obviously takes the same creatures and etc but follows a more strict hierarchy, similar to Ministry of Magic) 

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You asked to hit you up so. *places Reynabeth next to you and runs*

Ahsjsks thank you, I wanted to write headcanons but I couldn’t think of many

  • Workout girlfriends?
  • One of them acts as a personal trainer for the other then they switch over so the other person gets to exercise? 
  • Using kisses as a reward for finishing something ajdksk

  • they’d both be super hot in workout gear too, like iM aGine 
  • They’re both quite tense, so I feel like they’d use exercise to ease their minds and calm down? Especially Annabeth
  • they’d also do those couple exercises

  • also like… did I already say how hot they’d look in work out gear? 

  • They have a lot in common too, and so they’d feel comfortable being able to talk about emotions with each other once they’d gotten to know each other, because they think in similar ways. Which is good because both of them are quite closed off people.

I hope y'all know that Charlie Hides did blackface, and when asked about it Nina Bo Nina Brown didn’t see a problem with it and also said something like if you think the (racist) comment “black people look like monkeys” is offensive you have internalized racism after she showed up to the premier dressed and made up to look a primate, and Farrah Moan posted some all lives matter comments

feel free to add some other similar receipts to this post I’ll probably update with links once I’m off mobile

Episode 9 Theory

After watching the end of episode 9 and being reminded about Haru and Natsuo when they were children really brings up the idea that maybe Natsuo had more than just familial feelings for Haru. It really is a stretch but the subtle clues are there, especially with Natsuo’s inner monologue and how he interacts with Haru when he was looking at the album.

When Haru says, “It’s okay, I love Natsuo.” in the flashback Natsuo goes on to call Haru a liar and tell us the word “love” to Haru is just something he throws around, a word that has no meaning him hence being “lighter than air”
Now I’ll have to go reread the manga for the rest of the backstory (or just wait until next week) to attempt to explain the part where Natsuo says to Haru about Ren not like being treated like a child. I don’t remember if something similar happened between Natsuo and Haru for Natsuo to know that feeling personally, but I wanna say it did. Which leads to why Natsuo kinda really understands Ren in a sense.

“What do they see in you that makes them call you nice?”
This is what Natsuo says when Haru starts talking about Aki and Shima about the fireworks thing. The mood immediately changes (as you can hear in the BGM) and the tone of Natsuo’s voice lowers. His eyes are lowered (give or take narrowed) and the upper right corner of the screen is feathered black. He doesn’t repeat what he says and calls it off as nothing. Obviously something happened and Natsuo really took it as seeing Haru as a not so nice person like everyone thinks he is.
The thing that interested me the most was when the screen paneled to Ren who was watching up on the upper level. Now we know that Natsuo has told Ren about Haru when he was younger. When Ren says “I’ll stay away from your precious Natsuo” that raises flags and question marks. Why would Ren say that? We all expected for Ren to say something about Haru telling him to stay away from Natsuo because of what he [Ren] did and anything related to the argument they had, but calling Natsuo precious to Haru is odd.

I say, even if Natsuo never revealed anything about love towards Haru when talking to Ren, maybe it was obvious. Perhaps Ren caught onto Natsuo and assumed that Natsuo and Haru had a bond which never really broke, but still lingered in the air. I doubt that Ren could come to the conclusion that Natsuo was in love with Haru, but come quite close to it or have an idea of what it might be.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, feel free to add on. I’m open on discussion too.

  1. She’s utterly beautiful
  2. she’s unimaginably brave
  3. she’s compassionate
  4. she’s loving
  5. she’s caring
  6. i relate to her like no other tv character
  7. she and i have a similar way of thinking
  8. she NEVER judges people but rather tries to understand WHY someone did something.
  9. she’s forgiving
  10. “I don’t believe in evil as a diagnosis”
  11. she’s kind
  12. all she ever wanted to do was help people
  13. “the world isn’t awful, people are not awful, they want to be good”
  14. she fights for what she believes in.
  15. she would do ANYTHING for the people she loves.
  16. she’s a loyal friend, someone you can always count on to have your back, someone who you can ALWAYS talk to.
  17. she stands up for herself even against supernatural beings
  18. she’s really smart 
  19. can read people even the 1000+ year old hybrid like an open book
  20. The thought of Cami always makes me smile.
  21. she’s the kind of person i always wanted to be
  22. she inspires me so much
  23. the brave bartender
  25. overzealous psych major 
  26. “no one can control you unless you let them”-even when she was being compelled she knew something was wrong
  27. Badass
  28. Will call you out on your BS 
  29. literal angel
  30. won’t give up on you
  31. THE BEST

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What was going through Otabek's head during the kitchen confession scene? That scene is probably the moment where I died tbh

Otabek: fukkin finally dude. Do you even kno how blue my balls have been for the past month? For the past like, year and a half?

Overall, Otabek was relieved that whatever tension that had emerged between them had dissipated. He wasn’t exactly expecting a confession that night, but he did seem to understand that something had come to a head between him and Yuri. Something that they couldn’t go back from. 

So Otabek was very Otabek about the whole thing. “Okay, let him speak his mind, let him talk about his feelings. But also maybe let him know this is going well by smiling at him. Smiling is good. Rub his leg a little.” 

I imagine he also kind of had a moment similar to Yuri’s “oh fuck I don’t have enough time,” despite the fact that he says the opposite. Like I just imagine Yuri passing out in his bed that night, and Otabek listening to the sound of his even breath, and thinking about how he can’t remember the last time he’s been so happy. He thinks about how he wants this all the time, wonders how he lived without it. 

Now that we know more about Luca… remember this?

The chain around his ankle makes even less sense than before. Unless it’s just. Aesthetical, you know.

He only had it on the Thomas Berneaux arc, and it was gone the next time he appeared.

One of the first things I thought was that maybe Ruthven had had him chained up so he couldn’t “escape” or something of the like, but look at this:

That face Luca makes… ever since Ruthven appeared for the first time I got the impression that Luca really looks up to him, not that he fears him. If he chained him up and did other similar stuff to him, I’m certain Luca would have a different reaction when his uncle is around.

Look at his reaction when Ruthven threatens everyone at the bal masqué… Luca certainly respects him, but I don’t feel that he’s scared of him.

So I really don’t know why Luca could have been chained up, what do you think?

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Do you ship ziam? Sorry if this is a stupid question.


It’s not a stupid question, I promise, but it does feel like a trick question (not so long ago I received an anon asking me something similar and I replied all earnest and let’s just say that did not pan out too well :3 ) so pardon me if I appear vague but, I will leave you with my unaltered opinion on one plain fact: there is a lot of genuine, beautiful, mystical love between the two. Of course, it’s up to people and their perception to grasp it as purely platonic or not, but I don’t think anyone can deny/negate this feeling the two share.

Here’s Zayn fully concerned after Liam had that fall, comforting him, probs mothering him and asking him if he feels okay, etc. while the other 3 laughed and went back to being idiots sfgnjlzgfn

They’re all a touchy-feely, tactile, endearing bunch but you could always tell there was something soft and warm about Ziam.

So yeah, I think Ziam have a lot of love between them and I won’t lie, when I got into the fandom, I was immediately drawn to Liam Payne and his bond with the guy who left the band, Zayn Malik, from those old videos and stuff even with everyone harping about Larry and all the other ships, so I have a ot of love for them.

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Hey Elzear, I hope you are doing well. If you have time, and spoons, would you be willing to advise me? How did you get comfortable wearing your ear defenders in public and not feeling like a construction worker. My SO says that I look weird, but I know that blocking the noise of a public place would benefit me. But I am afraid of people staring at me. Is there a "baby steps" kind of way to introduce myself to wearing them in public?

Honestly they look similar enough to headphones that people don’t really care. You should probably talk to your SO though cause it’s not good that they are making you feel uncomfortable for wearing something that helps you

So I’m reading this little ticker thing of “why I voted for Trump” on the Washington Post and I’m noticing one comment from a Muslim man who basically says “we voted for Trump because we feel like the Democrats pandered to Islamism. We know what Islamism is really like from experiencing it back home in Turkey, and voted for the candidate who said he would fight it.”

I am not agreeing with this comment. I don’t think Dems did/do pander to Islamists.

But I am intrigued by reading someone saying he thinks we did, and curious if it’s much of a thing. IIRC the other “I’m a Muslim and a Trump voter” article said something similar, too.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Sharn and identity. Losing and/or changing ones identity (willing or otherwise) is a common theme in the books. I’m curious as to what Sharn’s own opinion of herself is, and how she arrived upon it. 

Her childhood was likely similar to Jarred and Endon’s; at the very least she was raised under the same luxuries and lies. However, she likely came to the conclusion that something was very wrong before Endon did; she had time to craft an entire personality that Prandine would find non-threatening. Just a ‘painted little doll’, indeed. 

She lost everything the night the Shadowlord invaded. Her family and friends were murdered, the only home she had ever known was taken away. She was queen for such a brief time, and who knows how often she used the personality she portrayed for Prandine. She was forced into a name and a life that didn’t belong to her, and thus had to lie to her son about everything for his entire life. When he finally learned the truth, she had to lead him through the fallout without Endon. 

We speak often of Doom’s tumultuous personality (as we should), but I’m so fascinated by Sharn’s, too.

Yoongi's Proposal

So I did actually write something on Yoongi proposing over on my other blog (the link is here) so if you want a scenario version of his proposal, you can read that but this is the AU version, it will be different from the scenario but there may be a few things that are similar and AL SO I HIT 800 FOLLOWERS AND IM SO ??!!?!!? LIKE WHAT THANK YOU ALL SO SO MUCH

  • This is a part of the wedding series, I’ve done Yoongi’s wedding (here) husband!Yoongi (here) and Yoongi’s honeymoon (here)
  • It would be like six years into the relationship

  • I truly don’t feel he’d be in any rush to get married since he’s so busy with music and he’d want to truly know his partner inside and out before he asked one of the most important questions he would ever ask
  • Every time someone asked why you two hadn’t gotten married, he’d only respond with a “we will one day” so it wasn’t as if he didn’t plan to, he just didn’t want to rush into it
  • He wanted to wait until he had the time to truly sit down and pick out the right ring and plan the best proposal he could and even help you with the wedding itself
  • He’d first realized he was ready for marriage when you two had gone to the park during the winter
  • Snow was falling all around you and you two were bundled up in scarves and gloves and big winter jackets
  • You two were just strolling along when you saw one of your friends, her kids and their friends playing around in the snow, throwing snowballs at each other, her daughter making a snow man
  • One of the snowballs accidentally knocked the head of the snowman off, all of the kids freezing (no pun intended) and looking over at the damage
  • The lil kid who was building it just slumped in defeat and looked at her deflated snowman sadly and you can tell she had worked so hard on it and she’d even added lil pebbles to make the details and now it was all gone
  • You just automatically walk over and get down onto her level to help her make a new snowman
  • Your friend comes over to help and even yoon gets in on it and eventually all of the kids are helping put this giant snowman together
  • Seeing you interact with all of the kids and the way your hands guided the lil girl’s and helped her put all of the details back into place just made him turn heart eyes
  • Bc like that could be your child one day and that thought just warmed his heart
  • Your friend gives the snowman a spare scarf and you even got a hug from her daughter before you and yoon continued on your way
  • You two go to this lil café you always go to and he orders you the drinks you two always get
  • Fun fact, you two went to the café on your first date and despite having been going there for nearly seven years, you always ordered the same drinks (you’d tried the others but nothing beat the ones you’d gotten the first time around)
  • He’s just smiling at you as you sip at your drink and scroll through your phone and you just turn ?? like do I have something on my lip or some shit sto p staring
  • He just tells you “one day I’m going to marry you”
  • It’s nothing new to you since he’d always promised it and you knew he meant it so you just smile back
  • “I know”
  • You didn’t know but that was the day he set his mind onto finding you the perfect ring
  • He literally enrolls all of Bangtan into helping him out
  • He tends to go with Jin and the rap line bc the maknae line get too distracted and one of them always ends up getting one of the engagement rings stuck on their fingers
  • Jin lowkey helps him find it
  • He points out a ring next to the one that would be on your finger within the next week and is like hey what about this one
  • Yoon comes over and kinda likes it but he doesn’t love it but then he just glances over at the one next to it and is like found it !!!
  • Jin gets all excited bc he thinks its the one he pointed out and Hobi just lets out a much too loud “yoU FOUND IT ?? OH MY GOD REALLY?!?!”
  • They all try to give him advice on the drive back to the dorm
  • “Make sure to be romantic, do you want me to buy you guys some roses??”
  • “Be creative like jump out of a box and just shout ‘marry me’ at the top of your lungs”
  • “Propose through a song??”
  • He knew he should’ve been listening to them since they all were either engaged or married so they obviously did it right but he’s already got his plan
  • Despite being mr swag who’s all laidback and couldn’t give a fuck about anything, he’s proven time after time that he’s actually a total sweetheart who cares a lot
  • So he decides to do something that truly fit him and you and the both of you as a couple
  • You two have this tradition of going onto the roof of your apartment building and just spending hours staring at the stars and talking about whatever you felt like
  • Your conversations ranged from baby goats to the meaning of life, depending on the night
  • He’d taken you up to the roof, already adorned with a large blanket and a pile of pillows for you two to relax on, his phone beginning to play the playlist he’d made earlier that day
  • You’re busy listening to his heartbeat under your ear and his fingers are toying with yours bc he always thought it was cute how much bigger his hands were
  • He’s whispering about how much he loves you and his free hand is tracing his name into your back and it’s just v v relaxing
  • He subtly pulls out the box and you just have to smile bc you secretly always dreamt of being proposed in your lil secret cove on the roof and now it was happening like whoa plz don’t be earrings
  • “Ik this isn’t the most romantic or elaborate way of proposing, I don’t have some big speech prepared but I thought this was better. Just us, in our favorite place with only the stars to watch us. So will you marry me and continue to make me the happiest I’ve ever been?”
  • You obviously say yes and you can feel his hand shaking a lil when he slides the ring onto your finger bc even though he’d been all chill during it, he’d actually been really nervous
  • The diamond is on the smaller side with a simple band but it kinda just screams Yoongi and it couldn’t be more perfect for you two
  • You two spend the rest of the night being giggly bc you’re so !!! bc that just happened you’re now engaged you already knew you’d spend the rest of your life with him but now you’d spend it with him as your husband

“I don’t have much time left… You need to promise me this, I beg you. I did my best to build you and now you’re more than just a robot. I made you so well that I can’t even call you my experiment anymore because it just doesn’t feel right,” the man sniffed, trying not to cry. He felt a warm, human-like touch on his shoulder when the robot boy placed his hand on it. “Please, I will do anything, Mr Father.” His voice was soft and calm. It almost carried real feelings but of course robots couldn’t feel emotions. This one was special though. He could experience something similar to actual human feelings, thanks to a certain file in his programme called LOVE.exe. “Promise me that you will protect my little daughter at all costs. When I’m gone, you have to be her brother, her father, her hero… Don’t let her cry and be everything I couldn’t because I spent her childhood making robots in this basement. I lost her mother because of my foolish project but I can’t lose my girl. I don’t know if I will ever come back home. I don’t know if they let me see you again.” “I promise. She will feel like home. It is her home anyway.”

10 years later

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