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No one wants to hear about
the less glorious side of heartache—
when it’s more than just heartache.

When the only thing you can count as groceries
is $8 ice cream and sugar shit because health
isn’t really something to worry about anymore.

When the obsessive compulsion to check
three different social media sites every
three seconds turns into hours.

When coming home to Netflix is the only way
to forget that life isn’t like the romantic comedies
where it all works out in the end.

When the only one you think can fix you
is the one who broke you.

When sleep doesn’t come until 3am
no matter how bright it is
when you sink into bed.

When thinking about death doesn’t feel that scary anymore.

Just get through it just get through it just get through it just get through it
becomes a daily mantra.

And you know it will get better eventually—
but what if eventually never comes?
—  23/05/17
Big Fun

Orphan Brigade [High School Years]: Geoffs boys are growing up fast. They’re attending High School, meeting girls and participating in epic heists.

Megs parents were away for the weekend, which could only mean one thing; it was time for her to host a party.

It was initially supposed to be a low-key event, with only the Fake Ah Crew Lads (and Michael’s girlfriend Lindsay) coming over. 

But Megs school friends had gotten wind of the plans and it quickly spread throughout the school that she was hosting a party. Meg didn’t particularly mind though, the more the merrier. (And if it helped improve her reputation after the Scarlet Letter debacle, even better.) 

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Three hours into our dress rehearsal tonight one of the candles on an alter at the back of the church started a fire in the middle of Barber’s Agnus Dei and the entire soprano section was staring at it and my directer was like “What are you looking at? I told you to watch me” and someone said very quietly “there’s a fire….?” and she spun around and then stared us dead in the eyes and kept conducting

We could all die in an earthquake and she would never let us stop and that’s the kind of irresponsible passion I can get behind

Chapter One- Dear Connor Murphy                          Archive of Our Own
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Just posted my first fanfiction ever and I am really proud of the first chapter!! Really hoping people will like reading it as much as I loved writing it.

Also please recommend titles. This one is a tiny bit generic, but I figured since it’s connors POV… It’s cool?

@astro-princey inspired me to write this and post it, so if you aren’t following him yet, go do it.

my ideal wrap-up of the tary arc is tary settles his family’s debt - although his father and sister probably won’t be happy because he didn’t give them back all their riches and property - and flips them off after convincing his mom to come back to whitestone with him to discover life outside of howart’s oppressive rule for the first time since she was married, and eventually wherever tary decides to go from there

the world is full of magic things (1 /2)

i’ve seen lots of “natsume grows up and finds a child who can also see yokai and adopts them” and i love it and i’ve decided to toss my hat in the same ring, sorry 

continuation of this series, which started with “never mind the bus fare” and might never end apparently ;;

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”
― W.B. Yeats


Satoru all but throws the doors wide open, ready to steamroll past anyone standing in his way, toddler or not—but that turns out not to be necessary, because the colorful little classroom is cleared but for a woman and a messy-haired little boy sitting on opposite sides of a small table.

The phone call Satoru received at work was an innocuous “Your son is having a difficult day, we think it might be best if you came,” but somehow just that was enough to light little fires of panic up and down Satoru’s brain. He barely remembered to tell his supervisor he was taking an early lunch before he was running out the door.

Now he lets go of a relieved sigh, and crosses the room at a more sedate pace than he burst into the school with. He greets the teacher and receives a polite greeting in turn, and then claims a seat on the cushion at Susumu’s side.

“You okay, Suchan?”

Normally the nickname is enough to earn Satoru an annoyed scowl or Takashi a sunny smile—both are adorable, honestly, which might be why Satoru teases him so much—but this time Susumu doesn’t even lift his head. His fringe hangs into his eyes and his shoulders tremble, and the tearful noise he makes when Satoru puts an arm around him makes Satoru want to cry, too.

“Susumu, you gotta talk to me. I can’t help if I don’t know what’s wrong, right?”

It’s reminiscent of when they first met, when Satoru was a stranger trying to convince this smart, disenchanted little person to trust him, despite where trusting adults had gotten him so far.

But almost an entire year sits between then and now, and after barely a minute, Susumu’s fingers sneak out and find the hem of Satoru’s jacket and make a fist around it, holding tight.

He peeks at Satoru from under his unruly hair, brown eyes pleading. He whispers, “There’s a monster in the corner.”

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katie-wants-donut  asked:

I saw the werehog puppy designs and I love them 😍 they're so cute

I’m sorry for replying to this so late but thank you!! I’m always so glad when people like my fankids ;u;

On a sort of related note and also as an update for this blog, I did try drawing in my sketchbook while I was on holiday like I said I would but this sketch of Sunset was the only thing I was at all happy with, so since she’s relevant to this ask, here’s that: