KYLE: Yeah, dude. That’s what I’ve been saying for two months.
STAN: It’s not that weird.
KYLE: It so is that weird.
STAN: Not if you knew what went down, dude.
KYLE: Are you going to tell me what went down?
STAN: I can’t.
KYLE: You can’t?
STAN: No. I made a promise, I really don’t wanna break it.
STAN: Not on this.
STAN: I swore to secrecy.
KYLE: Jesus.

KYLE: Stan, what will it matter? It’s not like I’m gonna tell everyone.
STAN: I know, but still.
STAN: Ever since this happened, I haven’t told anyone. Not even Sparky.
KYLE: Do you normally tell your dog secrets?
STAN: Yes? Is that weird?
KYLE: It’s a little weird.
STAN: Then I don’t want to be not weird.

yes but sherry polnareff who needs glasses but insists she’s fine without them

“i see perfectly well, jean, i don’t know what you’re talking about” she says, as she sits on the floor 5cm away from the tv, squinting her eyes

Dealing  with Dragons/Medieval style fantasy AU where Harry the Terrifying Dragon decides to hire a valet. Eggsy accepts the position after wandering into his lair, because there ain’t that many jobs goin’ in the Enchanted Forest is there?

Also this dragon is cool like, he knows about all sorts of magic Eggsy had never thought about, while he parkoured around in the mountains trying to stay out of his house and away from Dean.

But then suitors start trying to rescue him. Princess Tilde is cool, so he re-directs her to where Roxy has been looking for a change of scenery. Sir Chester insults him, then tries to get handsy.

“Bloody hell mate, that was majestic,” breathes out a wide eyed Eggsy, after Harry chases him away with singed armour.

Harry preens and licks his claws.

But all is not well in the Kingdom. The King Arthur is neglecting the common people and the harvest crops are failing. Eggsy goes with Roxy to a town hall meeting and is shocked by the corruption they discover.

The whole situation in the Kingdom worsens, and it seems like war is imminent.

The day is saved at the eleventh hour. Eggsy returned to the army to fight with Ryan and Jamal. He doesn’t want to be canon fodder, but they are under Roxy’s command at least. Harry had just flicked his tail and asked what his concern was with humans anyways.

Eggsy is shuffling back to the barracks from the mess hall late one night, feeling heartsick over leaving Harry, and dreading the impending battle. When a man in black clamps one hand over his mouth and pulls him into the shadows.

A well fit, eerily familiar man in black.

“Eggsy,” greets Harry. “…did you know many dragons shapeshift.”

Eggsy feels something that’s been boiling under his skin for years crack open.

Dragon Eggsy and Dragon Harry roast some corrupt officials, swoop over a battlefield in a menacing fashion just in time to prevent any unnecessary loss of life, then fly off into the sunset together.

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"So uh people keep giving me things for you." Tetsuya deposited the armful of presents for the father to be. "Its getting kinda creepy."((also omg i keep losing our threads sorry.))

Tadashi starred at all of them, eyes wide, before he sighed and buried his face in his hands. “I’m sorry you’re getting dragged into this.” He said, looking up at his brother with a tired smile. “Thank you for putting up with it.”


“Thom Yorke Soundtracks Stanley Donwood’s Art Exhibit ‘The Panic Office’”

Yorke’s contribution, an ominous soundtrack built from field recordings in the English countryside, will play on three speaker levels, with sub-woofers on the floor, mid-range on the walls and high-range from above. “It’s a permanently shuffling three track, so it will be different every time you go and see it,” says Donwood.


Ok so I’m in the middle of cleaning out my room before I leave for school which I have been putting off for weeks….the reason is dealing with all my old stuff always puts me in an anxious mood….I get testy and I just wanna throw everything away…but part of me knows how bad that is…so I’m gonna sit here for a while and cry till I know what to do…idk why things like this are hard for me.