......7.... graphics..


Hello! Long time no see! So, I kind of fell off the face of the earth. My reason to that is I gave up roleplay for a while so I could focus on my senior year and live it to the fullest. Now that it’s summer I have more free time. I know i’ve really neglected my rph but i’m going to fix that. So, for coming back I made a charrie graphic for ya’ll. My seventh character graphic. I based this graphic off this little gem I never got the chance to fully explore. I might’ve had a brief experience with her but I love her to pieces. As you already know all my graphics are really simple, this one is no different. I hope you enjoy it! You can edit this however you like. Please do not redistribute, and if you use it like, reblog and or credit me. Thank you xx.

  • The fonts used are raleway and pea mily mix
  • You’ll need 3 gifs
  • none of the pictures, gifs or textures belong to me so credit to the original owners
  • The psd belongs to fyeahtutorial

DOWNLOAD; (x)(x)