I thought this was the flirtiest bit of the tavern scene of the ep but then this happened on their way back to the castle:

annnnd now I sort of understand why soooo many people are convinced Percy a sub

Birth names

Imagine that, for as long as you can remember, people have been calling you “Paper.” Sounds silly, right? You are not Paper. You do not want to be called Paper. It’s seems ridiculous to you.

But everyone insists on calling you Paper. “It’s who you are” they say. You find it annoying, but after a while, you grow used to it. “Maybe I really am Paper” you think to yourself.

You are reading a book, with a character named Taylor. You think “that’s a nice name. I wish I was named Taylor.” But still everyone insists that, no, you will always be Paper. But still, you are not paper. It gets more and more frustrating.

You are with your friends. They keep calling you Paper. You get annoyed. You finally tell them about the name you really like: Taylor. They ask if you would rather be called Taylor. Something about that feels right to you. You tell them yes. They call you Taylor now, and it feels right.

But everyone else keeps insisting that, no, you are Paper. The more they tell you, the more ridiculous it sounds. You are not paper, you are Taylor. But they don’t listen.

But, maybe someday, they will.

  • Magnus: *climbing into bed late*
  • Alec, in his sleep: What?!
  • Magnus: What?
  • Alec, in his sleep: No!
  • Magnus: are you awake or-
  • Alec, still asleep: You can't have cheese on toast without the cheese!
  • Magnus:
  • Alec: *incomprehensible mumbling*
  • Magnus, slowly rolling over to go to sleep: ...talking in his sleep. That's a new one
  • Alec: That's even worse!
  • Magnus:
  • Alec, still asleep: You can't have perfection without Magnus!
  • Magnus: Oh my-
  • Alec: It's just impossible!

A little something that @losebetter and I had been discussing - Ignis posing for a shoot for EXO Magazine (Lucis’ premier LGBT fashion & lifestyle magazine). He wrote the headlines, including a lot of silliness and (more importantly) refs to two Gladnis fics: I was Standing (You Were There) by SocialDegenerate, & Trance by Sauronix!