.......my professor was like

When you can’t be bothered to do anything.

*transcends beyond the realm of stress to eventually convincing myself everything is ok by looking at more memes on the internet*

@lesbeanlink ANECDOTE ABOUT THAT CLASS I had Gay Feelings for my beautiful genius Jewish American Lit professor and like. This guy who was in that class with me once told her that her research for the day’s lesson was cute and she asked him if he thought her PhD was cute too and like I bumped into him a few months later and apparently she roasted him in his class evaluation for being a misogynist GO SHARON

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One insecurity: people thinking I’m horrible

Two fears: flying animals of any kind (I don’t like not knowing where they will be the next second) and 

Three turn-ons: wit, creativity, nerdiness 

Four life goals: finish my PhD, be a professor, become a foster parent, hit my goal weight

Five things I like: brussels sprouts, science fiction, purple, taro smoothies, Netflix/Hulu marathons

Six weaknesses: any and all baked goods, some pretty girls make me lose my ability to speak properly and my friends find it hilarious, I will ALWAYS make sure to get my nails done, reading entire books in a single sitting, caffeine, binge-ing and subsequently getting very angry about political news

Seven things I love: traveling, my work, the husband, teaching, my tumblr family, hiking, mango & sticky rice dessert

Eight Blogs: @grandenoirceur, @mystoryfortheaudienceoftheworld, @killpop-jennafer, @jms-healthful-life, @julienelle, @hklovesloths, @books-sweat-and-a-sweettooth, @unrepentant-thinner

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idk im just perplexed that my professor was like “well i wouldn’t watch pacific rim again because ive seen so many movies like that before” and im like… well… yes, i’m sure you have, because they’re based on the old kaiju movies, that’s what they were going for, so yeah, it’s not exactly a new concept, but… other than that (which i don’t even necessarily think is a bad thing), what a piece of work!

i mean i know a lot of people didn’t like it because it’s very over the top and cheesy at times and that’s not everyone’s style, but like

there’s… so much more!! the characters are so good and the cinematography is so much more than ive come to expect from action movies and it’s just

so. genuine. and nice

holds head in hands

In class today, Trump was somehow brought up and someone said that Trump was a neo-nazi and my professor was like, “Trump hasn’t ever said he was a neo-nazi” and another kid said, “I was still gay before I started calling myself gay!” and realized what he said and he looked just mortified but it was the greatest response to anything I’ve ever heard



So I’m taking a course on the American Revolution, and a friend and I had the joking idea to make fake posters/covers based on the titles of the academic articles we had to read. :0 Mine was An American Tory by Morton Borden, which explores the complexity of Loyalism in the Revolution. This cover doesn’t really have anything to do with the content, but I did want to draw Alfred looking hesitant and suspicious, with a people of different positions and backgrounds behind him. Something about the title “American Tory” felt very weirdly cinematic and so I decided to make a fake indie/graphic novel type of cover.

Who knows? maybe I’ll make some “fake” comic book pages to go with it as well…..

weird shit my professors have said and sometimes I wish I was joking.

I’m half way done with my second year at this small community college near my hometown and let me tell you, I love every single on of my professor’s.

“Have you ever been so tired that you want to vomit?”

“Screw it let’s just watch star trek.”

“I’m sorry if I seem a little frazzled, I slept underneath my desk last night.”

“Context is everything with history, so let’s talk about star wars." 

"I would have gotten to it more thoroughly, except I was captured by pirates in Belize. I was forced to be a love slave.”

“I usually think I know what’s going on, but I’m usually wrong.”

“Lets talk about the lesbians!”

“Race and gender are social constructs and i am tired.”

“Wal-Mart is the epitome of capitalism and I despise it.. I avoid it at all costs.”

“Before we go on to small group discussion I’d just like to say what the fuck happened in chapter 4 who saw that coming?”