Be blessed with his performance.

Monster Reunion spoiler

“a song?”

the fucking corruption bomb is/played a song.

what do all the diamonds so far have in common? (with additional context that centi drew them)

that fucked up space accordion theme

and guess what fuckin plays during the clip of the bomb in Same Old World?

I love the fact that Vanoss doesn’t care on who he says it to because he literally doesn’t say anything like this to anyone for this long and it’s so gay that they’re continuing to play along. To my delusional mind, I like to think that Vanoss wants to literally be inside Delirious. 

I just don’t know what’s gayer now and I don’t want it to stop. Just keep one up each other, please.

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sometimes I just imagine Saitama finally facing off against some god-tier creature and actually having a good fight that tires him out. and he somehow saves the world and ppl finally recognize him and try to praise him but he just wants to sleep and like everything is wrecked and he is just SO TIRED he passes out and Genos is there like, "Let's go home, Sensei" and carries him home on his back, mumbling in his sleep about what to do for dinner and Genos just kinda smiles??? idk man idk

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Ok like Keith is all cool for living in his own shed but like what did he eat?? Like did he steal from the school??

Time for some random world-building lmfao.

  • The Garrison is located in the desert, this we know. It could be Arizona… Could be Nevada… Could be hell… What’s the difference.
  • Anyway we know the Garrison is located in the Sand. When Keith uses his amazing getaway skills to get away from the Garrison agents during the first episode, it’s implied he drives a Long ways away because in the next scene we see the sunrise. Also to shake off the goddamn government I should HOPE that Keith was driving straight on till dawn lmfao.
  • The Garrison might be a military institution, but they clearly house teens/young adults who need to be able to contact their families since the govt is required by law to do that and stuff. And we all know that the Garrison is great about communication :)
  • Okay sorry this post is getting weirdly bitter abt the Garrison… My b… Continuing.
  • Obviously the government can’t have kids constantly calling their parents back home because it might expose how shady they are!! So they restrict these calls to only a few times a month, and require the students to HAUL themselves over to the nearest town in order to use a ‘secure line.’
  • The Garrison probably has enough perishables to survive a nuclear fallout, but there is something to be said about fresh food. So having a town an hour or two away is great for both local businesses and produce exchange!!
  • Plus, the adults prolly get SICK of living with a bunch of teens/college kids so having a nearby town is perfect because then the students get to blow off steam and stuff!
    • Wait I just remembered that in the first episode doesn’t Lance come up with a plan to sneak out with Hunk and Pidge to go hit up ‘the town’ and talk to some girls or whatever?? Oh my.. Did I write out this post for nothing.
  • SCREW IT I’M STILL GOING. Anyway; near the Garrison, about an hour or two away, is a small town. This town is like.. Equidistant between Keith’s dusty house and the Garrison.
  • Keith is probably really self-sufficient at his little slice of paradise, I bet he has a vegetable garden or something lol. But obviously things break, or maybe Keith gets sick of only having beans, so he goes down to the town to find some work in exchange for food, that sort of thing.
  • Because this is an American town in the desert that lives in the shadow of a government issued building, NONE of the locals trust the Garrison lmfao. So whenever Keith comes into town looking for someone to fix his electricity or water pump or whatever… No one tells the Garrison that the kid they kicked out is still hanging around, thus inadvertently ensuring that Keith’s shack remains a safe house, therefore keeping them out of the Garrison’s shady clutches in the first episode.

Why do I have headcanons for this.