Will We Ever Love Again? - Bucky x Reader


Summary - You got captured, tortured, trained into HYDRAs newest and best asset. The only thing Steve can think of to get you back is to wake Bucky, your boyfriend, up from cryo. But will he be able to get you back to normality?

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Warnings - swearing, fighting, ANGST.

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I Cannot wait for Fitzsimmons to be trying to science Robbie and asking him questions and he’s so TIRED OF EXPLAINING to people that he sold his soul to the devil but he does it again and these two scientists (which one’s Fitz? Simmons? He doesn’t remember) look at each other and laugh and “yeah, right” and then they start finishing each other’s sentences and talking over each other trying to explain GHost Rider and he just gets up and leaves to ask Daisy why her friends are so strange.