This got me in tears, literally, there is not a new ocean, it’s just me crying, oh my god, credit for the video and for making me cry and for making me feel like a proud momma because that is what i am to whoever who create this amazing video.


Requested by anon: reader is feisty, tease and confident. One night at the club, she meets maloley. A boy from a wealthy family and he is a gangster! And Please can you make it smut??please! And the rest you chose!! Warnings: mature language, dirty talk, smut, drugs mentioned, gangs, mature behavior, Etc. A/n: probably will be more than this part. Just saying. Inspired by suicide squad! Disclaimer: Gifs not mine! —— The loud noise of laughter was mixed with the rhythm of the music that was playing. The club was filled with teens. Some were touching each other, some drinking and other dancing. There stood a lady, she was leaning on the bar table, waiting for her drink. She was wearing a baggy, ripped white shirt, that showed off her black bra underneath. And a short shorts that were considered panties more than a shorts. and glittery black heels. She looked overall sexy. She had her long hair in messy large curls. Her make up nicely done. And her lips stood out even more because of the cherry red lipstick that covered them. She made boys go crazy. But she didn’t care about them. She ignored all the unwanted attention. She drummed her fingers on the table to pass time. “Here’s your drink, hotness.” The bartender, aka her friend, Josh said. They had a flirty friendship. But they were close and cared for each other. She smirked. “Just shut up and gimmie ma drink.” She replied leaning more on the table. He laughed but passed her the drink. The strong smell of the liquor made her smile. Drinking it all in one time. “Look who’s here tonight! it’s sweet cheeks!” An unwanted voice replied behind her. She rolled her eyes with out turning. “Fuck off, asshole.” He placed his hands on her waist hugging her from behind. “Oh c'mom sexy, how about I show you good time.” She turned to him and smirked. “Does your mom knows you’re here? Pretty sure she’ll be pissed, it’s past your bedtime, Maxy” all the boys around them laughed. Max was her admire. He had a crush on her since they were In middle school but he wasn’t her type. At first she politely declined. Then he became a jerk and forced himself on her. So now she just hates him. After what she said he looked angry. So he just pushed her and walked with his gang. She was grinding. Satisfied with what happened. Turning to Josh, she grinned widely when she saw him laughing his ass off. “And I thought I’d have to interfere!” He replied. She scoffed. “You know I’m more than capable to take care of myself.” She pulled a cigarette and winked at Josh. “Wanna do the honor?” He shook his head playfully but lit up her cigarette. She took a big, deep breath, then blew it away. Skate saw her from a distance. He was here with his friends as they were probably celebrating some successful drug deal. He couldn’t help but glance at her. How confident and sassy she looked. Just as he thought she could turn him on even more, she placed the cigarette on her dark tinted red lips. Watching the smoke slowly being blown away from her lips made him want her. Here he was surrounded by girls, most of them only there for the money. But he ignored them. Only keeping his eyes on that mysterious girl. He decided to ignore her, not wanting to ruin his night because of a chick he didn’t even know. He could get whoever he wanted. He shook his head and turned away. The girl was laughing at something the bartender said. And as she turned her head and took a breath, here eyes were glued on someone. Her eyes slightly wide. There stood a sexy guy. He was very handsome and it made her feel the need to talk to him. “W-who’s that?” She said faintly. Not bothering to turn to Josh. “Now, now, who made hotness stutter?!” It was very rare that you were impressed with a guy. “That.” She pointed at him drinking while a blondie was grinding on him. Following her finger, Josh’s eyes widened. “Oh shit! That’s Nate maloley. THE Nate maloley. Although everyone calls him skate. His father owns so much yet he became a boss of the biggest gang in town.” She kept looking at him. Josh groaned. “Oh no please don’t say you want him! He’s dangerous! And I can’t lose my hotness.” She smirked. Kissing his cheek. “What’s life without a little risk?” He huffed but knew he couldn’t change her mind. She was well known as well. She had the kind of reputation that makes you want her but fear her. She’d have fun. She made her way to him, making sure to move her hips as well. Some eyes were following her. Boys talking about how sexy or hot she looks. But all that ignored and thrown away. As her own goal was to have ‘fun’ with the hot guy. He placed his drink on the table as he noticed someone coming to their vip table. Looking u, his face broke into a smirks. Glad that it was 'Her’. “Hey, sexy!” She replied waving and winking at him. The boys, skate’s friends and gang members laughed. He laughed shortly but stopped the rest from laughing by raising his right hand. The hand was full of gold rings. Making her eyes glance at it then back to his eyes. “What can I do for a lady, like yourself ?” He asked. Eyes moving all over her body. She smirked. “Well, for a starter, privacy would be nice.” He gave a one sided smirk at how brave and confident she was. “Leave.” He said to them and he didn’t need to say that twice. The room only was filled with the two of them. She walked closer to him and bit her lip. “Finally, were alone.” She whispered looking at his lips. He placed his hands on her thighs. Gripping them as she moved her hands to crease his cheek. “Whatcha got in your mind, lil ma?” He replied, smiling at her. She sighed dramatically. “I was so bored drinking alone but then I saw you and I thought, why not accompany you. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind, would you?” She said getting closer to his lips. He leaned more so his lips was barely touching hers. “Such a thoughtful thing to do. Ya know I already got some wonderful things to do.” She breathed on his lips and he was pretty sure she did it on purpose. 'Cause it made him hard. “Enlighten me, daddy.” Just as she said that, he had her pinned against the wall, his lips full on hers. The sexual tension filled the room as they couldn’t get enough of each other. The kiss full of hunger and lust. Getting intimate by the second. She moaned when his hand gripped her breast. Squeezing it. She felt wet and needy. “Please,” she breathed. “Please what?” He asked teasingly. She groaned. “P-please, I need you.” He smirked satisfied and threw her on the couch. Clothes were torn and thrown on the floor as they felt the need for each other. He kissed, sucked and licked her neck. Reaching her sweetspot made her go weak. His hand roaming her body.the need only increasing when they were nude infront of each other. He threw her panties on the floor as he with out a warning pushed himself in her dripping wet pussy. She gasped and arched her back at first then started moaning loudly. “Who’s pleasuring you, sexy mami?” He said breathing loud as he was feeling her tight pussy around his dick. “skate! Skate is my daddy!” She said gripping his shoulders to hold her self. He was satisfied with her answer and thrusted harder and deeper. “I-I’m gonna-” she didn’t even finish as she felt her orgasm. He kissed her lips as he also felt like coming. So he pulled out and stroked His dick until his cum dripped on her stomach. She moaned and bit her lips. “Now doll, you know my name. And I’d like to know your name, lil mami,” he said after pulling her into his embrace. She hummed as she placed her head on his naked chest. And hugged him. “Y/n.” ———– A/n: and done, there will be another part to this imagine, also I liked it a lot and hopefully you guys liked it too! If you have any ideas for the best part you’re welcome to send me some and if you want to be tagged also tell me. I love you all!

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Katherine Johnson, the NASA Mathematician Who Advanced Human Rights with a Slide Rule and PencilNASA chief Charles Bolden recalls the historic trajectory of the “human computer” who played a key role in the Apollo 11 moon landing, and as a female African-American in the 1960s, shattered stereotypes in the process.

When I was growing up, in segregated South Carolina, African-American role models in national life were few and far between. Later, when my fellow flight students and I, in training at the Naval Air Station in Meridian, Mississippi, clustered around a small television watching the Apollo 11 moon landing, little did I know that one of the key figures responsible for its success was an unassuming black woman from West Virginia: Katherine Johnson. Hidden Figuresis both an upcoming book and an upcoming movie about her incredible life, and, as the title suggests, Katherine worked behind the scenes but with incredible impact.

When Katherine began at NASA, she and her cohorts were known as “human computers,” and if you talk to her or read quotes from throughout her long career, you can see that precision, that humming mind, constantly at work. She is a human computer, indeed, but one with a quick wit, a quiet ambition, and a confidence in her talents that rose above her era and her surroundings.

“In math, you’re either right or you’re wrong,” she said. Her succinct words belie a deep curiosity about the world and dedication to her discipline, despite the prejudices of her time against both women and African-Americans. It was her duty to calculate orbital trajectories and flight times relative to the position of the moon—you know, simple things. In this day and age, when we increasingly rely on technology, it’s hard to believe that John Glenn himself tasked Katherine to double-check the results of the computer calculations before his historic orbital flight, the first by an American. The numbers of the human computer and the machine matched.

With a slide rule and a pencil, Katherine advanced the cause of human rights and the frontier of human achievement at the same time. Having graduated from high school at 14 and college at 18 at a time when African-Americans often did not go beyond the eighth grade, she used her amazing facility with geometry to calculate Alan Shepard’s flight path and took the Apollo 11 crew to the moon to orbit it, land on it, and return safely to Earth.

I was so proud of Katherine as I sat with hundreds of other guests in the East Room of the White House and watched as she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama last year. Katherine’s great mind and amazing talents advanced our freedoms at the most basic level—the freedom to pursue the biggest dreams we can possibly imagine and to step into any room in the country and take a seat at the table because our expertise and excellence deserve it. Katherine, now 97, took her seat without fanfare. As far as not being equal was concerned, she said, “I didn’t have time for that. My dad taught us ‘you are as good as anybody in this town, but you’re no better.’ ” I’d posit that Katherine was better—not only at math but also at applying her talents with the precision and beauty possible only in mathematics. She achieved the perfect parabola—casting herself to the stars and believing she could chart the journey home.


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Okay but what about Johnson and chowder- Johnson comes back to visit at some point and checks in on the new goalie, to see how the storyline is doing without him, you know (even though he knows of course it's doing fine, it was never his anyway) and they start talking etc. imagine Bitty's reaction when he finds out his first college boyfriend is dating his baby chowder

Buckle up, kids. I ship it all, apparently, so let’s go on a journey!

Also: I apparently only have plots for these random pairings, instead of writing any of the actual stories I’ve been considering. This has pushed the Kent Parson oneshot that goes along with “And their words are just whispers and lies that i’ll never believe” out of my mind, has pushed my Tamora Pierce modern AU drabbles out of my mind AND has pushed my Johnson/Snowy au of my au out of my mind. So, thank you, and enjoy.

It’s Bitty’s senior year when Johnson decides that he’s had sufficient enough time to ‘find himself’, and he knows that by now Bitty and Jack, while having some strife and rocky patches, are going strong, and while some part of John will always miss Bitty’s freshman year when they were together, he knows that his part in that story was just to move the plot along. He was the tool that led to Jack’s realization, and when it came time for the Author to move him along, he went. 

But, he’s back for the end of the season, conveniently written in when the Wellies goalie coach got asked to come work with the Flyers and Hall and Murray had asked Johnson to come work with Chowder a little bit. 

John can’t say no.. He knows where the author is headed with this story, he’s seen the prompt, he knows the plot. So he says yes and that is how he ends up back on the ice at Faber, skates on and grande latte in his hand as he watches Chowder drill in the net. 

Bitty was pleased to see him, that had been nice. He’d hugged John and beamed at him and had asked if he’d found himself, and John was able to honestly tell him he was still working on it, but he was closer to the end of his own story-arc, which was nice. And Bitty, bless his sweet heart, had just beamed and hugged John again. It was nice that their breakup had been easy on him, John still felt guilty about the canon divergence, but hey. What the hell, you know?

But anyway, he focuses back on Chris Chow, who is an excellent goalie, John has to admit. He can honestly say he’s impressed the Junior can drop into the splits on the ice AND get back out of them. He wonders if the Haus uses that for a party trick and then chuckles to himself. 

Of course they do, this is OMGCP, after all.

After a few more drills he moves over to Chris and starts giving pointers, grabbing a stick and a bucket of pucks to shoot at him. John isn’t the greatest shot, but he’s decent in this story, so he’s impressed when he’s only able to get a few past Chow and into the back of the net. 

He’s also impressed that the chattery kid from the locker room has turned into a terrifying block of goalie in the crease, and when they make it off the ice and Chow is back to normal he mentions it. 

“Haha, yeah. Everyone says I’m different on the ice!” Chris replies, tossing his glove and blocker into his stall, quickly adding his stick and pads to the heap of gear. “When Farmer and I were dating she used to say my gameface was terrifying.”

John knows they broke up a few months ago when Farmer headed for training for the Olympics. He also knows that they might end up together again someday, but who knows. After all, canon divergence is so open to the interpretation of the Author.

Johnson nods, “I get that. I think a lot of goalies do that. It helps us focus.” As Chris nods, and heads for the showers, John heads for the office to tell the coaches what he’d seen. He’s leaning outside the front of Faber when Chris comes out, hockey bag slung over one shoulder and a Sharks beanie jammed on his head. 

“Want to grab dinner at the dining hall? I don’t think Bitty left much to cook in the Haus, but there might be a pizza stashed in the back of the freezer.” Chris says with a smile as they start their meandering journey to the Haus. (Bitty offered to let Johnson have his room for the weekend while he’s “interning for the Falcs”) John agrees, because why not?

Time passes, a friendship grows, the playoffs loom and John is asked back to help out on their run for the win. He agrees. 

Sure, they spend a lot of time together, he and Chris. Sure, they end up in the corner with the backup goalie (Well, he’s there sometimes, I mean) talking strategy (And about life) and sure, Bitty notices. But he’s just glad his sweet son Chowder has someone who knows NCAA hockey and can lean on him. 

Well, he’s glad until he finds them outside the venue for the last playoff game, Chris holding onto Johnson for dear life as John gives him a (he hopes) comforting pep-talk and smooths his hands up and down Chris’s back. They’d had the “Chris Chow is very pan, thank-you-very-much” conversation a few months back, and Bitty’s mentioned dating John during freshman year. 

They’d been on a couple casual dates, but they’ve kept it on the DL because of playoffs and the fact that John’s kind of coaching? 

Well, I mean they kept it on the DL until Bitty walked in on that charming scene and made eye contact with John over Chowder’s shoulder. Bitty raised his eyebrows as if to say “What, seriously?” and John shrugged in reply, meaning “Yeah I mean, until this AU I never saw it coming either, honestly.”