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Hi~~ Can you do kink headcanons for STARISH as well? ^o^

STARISH Kink Headcanons

Otoya Ittoki 

  • Over stimulation - He loves the way your body convulses and squirms under his body while you are completely at his mercy, flashing you his famous “innocent” smile.
  • Voyuer- He enjoys watching you pleasure yourself with a slacked jaw - especially watching your fingers dip in and out of your slick opening. 

Masato Hijirikawa

  • Semen - He has a thing for cumming on your face. He thinks you look like a glazed over porcelain doll and loves the way it drips down your chin and cheeks.
  • Knife play - He often uses his katana to make small cuts on your body, leaving your body looking like a masterpiece covered in small cuts.

Tokiya Ichinose

  • High heels - When you wear heels around him, he cannot keep his eyes off your legs and thighs. He often bends you over and fucks you with the heels on.
  • Blindfold - Loves to blindfold you when you are both intimate. He especially loves the reactions he recieves from every single touch.

Cecil Aijima

  • Edging - Just when you are squeezing tightly around his cock and about to release, he will pull out of you leaving you a whimpering needy mess. He will do this over and over before you finally have your release.
  • He loves when you call him “My King” or “Magesty” while he is pouding into you. He needs to hear you say this before your release.

Syo Kurusu

  • This boy is a boob man - The way your breasts bounce when you are riding him drives him insane. You both often end up in missionary so he can have a perfect view of your breasts and body jiggling from his thrusting. 
  • Cosplay - Syo loves to fuck you in cosplay, preferribly ones with short skirts and cleavafe showing. He ,ight not even bother taking the clothes off when he fucks you.

Natsuki Shinomiya

  • slight BDSM -  He can be very submissive to you and loves when you take control. He will not be able to hide his loud moans and begs for more.
  • Latex - He loves when you dominate him while wearing latex. His eyes will study every crevasse on your body, which often leads him to actually cumming on the latex you are wearing. 

Ren Jinguji

  • Hot wax - He loves to drip candle wax onto your shivering body, Often making trails from your breasts to your thighs, earning him whimpers and moans.
  • Aphrodisiacs - Often feeds you cherries or chocolate dipped strawberries as foreplay then after he loves to taste the sweet fruit on your lips 

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Showers or baths with starish and quartet night

Natsuki - Unless he returns home late, you can always look to Natsuki to beg for a bath together every evening. The tub overflows with soap bubbles, and he tends to fool around a lot by making bubble beards, and piling them on top of your head. Rather than a romantic or relaxing bath, it feels more like you’re bathing with a little kid.

Tokiya - Relaxing and a great way to unwind after a tough day at work. The two of you would lounge on opposite sides of the tub, listening to alternating genres of music and talking about your day. Sometimes he might poke at you with his feet, or slide over for a momentary cuddle. “This is always the highlight of my day,” Tokiya chuckles, kissing your cheek.

Cecil - A quick shower, because baths make Cecil uncomfortable and he doesn’t like to be under water for too long. It isn’t everyday you get an offer to bathe with him, but when he does it’s because he’s in a romantic sort of mood. He’ll try to overcome his fears to spend some very intimate time with you, already feeling calmer beneath the shower head with you in his arms.

Ren - It doesn’t matter whether the two of you use the bath or shower together, you’re fully aware he’s going to utilize this short period of time to “wash” you properly and trace his hands all over every inch of your body, paying special attention to the areas that make you shiver when he passes over it.

Ittoki - He’s both bashful and playful. In the tub he’ll splash water in your direction, smiling and laughing. To him it’s like bathing with the kids. Other times he’ll become more aware of the situation and blush, unable to meet your eyes—much less avert them anywhere except the ceiling since he still wan’t used to your nude body. 

Syo - It’s embarrassing for him to ask you to bathe with him, so you’ll have to initiate it. Together, he’ll have a difficult time locking eyes with you without looking below and becoming flustered. “I swear I’m not a pervert—seriously!” Syo would proclaim, requesting that you stay turned around in the tub. Forget asking him for a shower, unless the two of you are very intimate.

Hijirikawa - It’s very well into your relationship until Masato even gets the idea of sharing a shower or bath together. Old-fashioned as he is, he believes it’s something only close lovers should do. Prior to actually going into the bathroom he’ll be filled with nerves, unsure of what might happen. However, he relaxes and realizes that it isn’t as big of a deal, and bathe normally. Eventually he can get fussy, reminding you to scrub better behind your ears.

Ranmaru - Should he invite you to bathe with him, you’ll understand at once that he’s in the mood for something that’s far from a clean objective. He’ll wrap his arms firmly around your waist from behind, resting his chin on your shoulder and nipping at your wet skin. Forget about anything related to hygiene with Ranmaru, your fingers will start pruning for other reasons.

Reiji - There are two types of Reiji you’ll see, whether it’s in the shower or tub. There’s the teasing pervert, who holds no qualms against pressing you to the wall and whispering heated words into your ear. When he isn’t feeling weak in the presence of your body, he’ll poke at you and then himself, laughing at how jiggly of a couple you two are.

AI - He hasn’t completely grasped the concept of it being a tradition in Japan for multiple people to bathe in the same space. Mikaze saw it with an intimate connotation, but bathing with you would be strictly to wash each other and nothing else. “It’s a waste of water to be in there for so long. We have perfectly good dry places to have sex on that won’t run our bill,” he bluntly states to your astonishment.

Camus - Fairly romantic. In the tub he’ll allow you to sit on his lap, tangling his fingers with yours and holding them up towards the light, complimenting how well they fit together. It’s a give-and-take situation, where you’re the one lathering his body and hair, then have the same done to you at his own hands. Anticipate fleeting kisses on random areas of your skin.