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Mistakes Made

Steve Rogers x Reader

Steve doesn’t know about your wild crush for him. When he starts dating a girl, Agent Holly, he met on a mission, you don’t take the news well. Jealousy and an attitude take over you, trying to move past it, trying to be friends. After ugly date and too much to drink, leads to drunk text messages you’ll regret in the morning. Steve’s got questions and you’re fumbling for answers. Are you going to fess up, or blame the liquor?

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Be My Escape

Eggsy Unwin x Reader

You live a high society life, filled with all the rules and expectations. You’re in an orchestrated relationship with the same man, you’ve been with since Grade School.  But what happens when the bad boy you’ve known for just as many years, catches your attention? When everything changes, you’re suddenly keeping secrets from the people you’ve know the longest and your best friends. Will you be able to cut ties with the bad boy your family doesn’t approve of and your friends think they know, and don’t approve of or will your secrets be exposed, changing everything in your life??

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if you wanna read 10.4k words about high school seniors (they’re eighteen, everything is consensual and wonderful and cool) dean and cas and how dean forgot about a date he set up just for cas, then cas getting all pissy and ignoring dean, then dean doing something special and romantic and sweet for cas, then reminiscing over their earlier years of their relationship, steamy impala sex, and lots of fluff, then go right here friend and you will find exactly that


a simblr selfie sunday in which i: 1. actually remember to post on sunday but 2. post a photo from wednesday (when it was 30°c) (its 13°c rn n gonna rain all day ?? ok melbourne) anyway enjoy and i hope u r havin a lovely day or night (◡‿◡✿)


My phone autocorrected seggy to seagull so I’m just going to leave it

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can u believe i had to read a comment that said wakaba didn't have enought transitions and that she was a 'boring skater who two footed from one element to another' with my own two eyes?? I hate the internet

Look between this and Hersh making comments about Yuzu’s BV when he had no 3 jump combo and two popped quads, I have lost what very little faith I had in this fandom (not mentioning people bashing a girl who cried even).

If it makes you feel better, Angelo and Max were very nice about her, Angelo was very impressed with her choreo sequence and StSq. Also highlighted her back counter into 2a2t2lo :3

Oct.21st.17. (Boring personal entry, sorry!♡)

I was given two pleated skirts as gifts ( I love them and I’m so grateful! ) , but the measurements were so off the size chart. I had to take them in myself and I was kinda terrified to work with the pleating, but I did a pretty nice job??

I’m starting hardcore corticosteroids today for my messed up jaw/cracked tooth that my demon bite destroyed >_>“ it’s a positive thing in multiple ways though, I have to eat a meal with each pill (I have to take 5 on the first day aka today, good god), and we all know I need to eat more.

Also playing inquisition yesterday hella calmed me down. I made a Lavellan that looks terrifyingly like me using some photo references…. it’s hilarious and a little creepy to watch the cutscenes. I would have absolutely intruded in on a random ritual and not be afraid of some giant gnarly monster and pick up a glowing orb though, I fuckin would. I’m so obnoxious and a plucky fool. High accuracy. FIGHT ME.