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I’m very lazy while doodling and Evan is definitely not a morning person

(the only reason connor wakes up is because he likes drinking his jet black coffee)

[enter scene: garrison dorms, 10:45 at night, hunk bent over his desk and lance leaning against his back. they both seem tired.]

Hunk: Macklemore didn’t die so that’d I’d get a C on this essay… i’m going to stay up a little later so I can revise it. Is that okay, Lance?

Lance: If you fail it’s homophobia. Good luck, I’m gonna get my beauty sleep.

When teaching Janine to dance, and admitting he loves it, he says he keeps hoping for a case that will require he dance–he as good as admits he’s too scared of his own motives to let himself do things he loves unless he can find a way to excuse it through a case. That motif is echoed in his insistence on his use of drugs in HLV being for a case. Janine is “for a case.” He has found a case that gives him an excuse to do two things he wants to do, but refuses to admit he wants to do: take drugs and backslide to his old user/street junkie persona–and explore romance and sex with someone who honestly does attract him.

From a comment left on my meta by Tammany.

I just wanted to share this because I found it a really fascinating way of reading Sherlock’s motivations (and well-argued!).

I’m interested in this idea that Sherlock uses “it’s for a case” as a cover for things he secretly desires but can’t admit to–including a fairly conventional romantic and sexual relationship with Janine.  What else might this idea apply to?  

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A lady decided it was her place to tell me my lipstick was to bright for a person of my weight while I was scanning her stuff at work today. I just smiled and told her I have thyroid and hormone issues from a tumor in my head and the weight gain wasn't really something I could control right now even though I'm working on it. She then tried to defend herself saying she used to be a stylist and blah blah. Look lady I don't care. You have no place to comment on my weight or my lipstick.

Maybe but I can take the lipstick off. You’re stuck with that head shape forever.