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the happiest kiss & cry


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I’m sad when I read some comments of people talking bad about Sanji, saying that even he’s one the man but crying too much in this arc.

what’s the problem of being a man and cry because you’re hurt too much!?


“I could tease you a little…like this.”

The sauce train has reached the finale that is V Sunday on MM Valentine’s Week, the event hosted by @mysticmessimagines​! WE MADE IT! OMGOSH I can go to bed now and sleep for a week XD Thank you so much for hosting this event. Originally I was only going to participate on the first day but then I thought, ‘Why not do all the days?? It would be good practice.” And it was. I felt myself improve a lot and I can now draw faster (a week ago something like this would take me a whole day but I even managed to do 3 crack posts, one of them being the infamous V chain lolol, as well as this V drawing) so I’m pretty proud of myself ^-^

Thank you everyone for liking, sharing and commenting in the tags about my art :3 It means a lot to me and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have other stuff planned for drawing but first I’mma take a nice break with Baehee (on her route atm <3)

Much love, D.Pigeon

I just wanted to say thank you for 1,000+ follows!!!! ヾ(^∇^) Im so happy and blessed, I really appreciate it! ❤️❤️❤️ 

Animan: Take Three
  • Me: Wait, Marinette or Alya just made a throwaway comment about Leo being lucky in love while they were flipping through that magazine to Adrien's page.
  • Me: Is this in the French? Could it be that Marinette is a Leo?
  • Me: Because if she is... *checks astrology site to confirm Leo dates* SOMEONE'S getting a birthday party in Lucky Us...
Sometimes I Want to Hug You Like Crazy
  • Sometimes I Want to Hug You Like Crazy
  • Seulgi (Autumn Vacation Cover)

You’re not the one who hurts me 
 And I thank you for always shining 
 Through our countless days together
 No one could understand, but 
 Sometimes I want to Hug you like crazy
 Only you can be you
 In this world that has no place for my heart

The first of 7 ways Otayuri decide to be cute af

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Yuri wasn’t sure if he should close his eyes or not. Otabek, on his part, had and now his long lashes were resting against his cheek. He was close too, really close. While he was deciding, Yuri inched even closer until their noses almost touched.

Yuri softly breathed on Otabek’s lips, his fingers spread out on the back his Otabek’s head.

Otabek was patient, he knew Yuri was struggling and he wouldn’t push him.

In the end, Yuri decided not to close his eyes, he liked looking at Otabek too much for that. As a warning, he gripped Otabek’s head a little stronger, making him frown a little. Immediately, Yuri relaxed his grip.

Seeing Otabek like this, Yuri wanted to ask him countless questions. Why him? What if he regretted telling him? What if Yuri did something wrong? How will they manage?

Yuri looked through half-lidded eyes as his nose awkwardly bumped against Otabek’s. It made Otabek’s nose twitch. Yuri smiled at the sight of it.

Finally, after much consideration and possible worst-case scenarios, Yuri finally mustered up enough courage. The first thing he felt was the softness of Otabek’s lips, dry because he had been waiting motionless for a while, waiting for Yuri.

Otabek lifted one hand to hold Yuri’s face – the other one he used for keeping his balance – and kissed him back carefully.

They broke apart after a few seconds and Yuri somehow opened his eyes. Otabek was looking at him with a smile and eyes full of affection.

Yuri laughed nervously. “What?”

Otabek pulled him closer to bump their foreheads together. “You’re so perfect.”

Yuri simply huffed in response.

“Can I kiss you again?”

“I guess.” Yuri looked away with a blush.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Otabek chuckled just before he leaned in again.

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Can you post the derailment from yesterday’s stream on here?

Oh man. I will as soon as I’ve finished it, I promise! I’ve decided to tweak Hunk a bit and re-draw Lance, and then I want to colour the entire abomination.

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You know what? Let's bite and say Ch/ill/arr/en is real. D refused to condemn people who dislike her on live radio. C continues to be open about how much he can hide while we know who W voted for. M doesn't even pretend to be employed anymore. Both boys have openly been disgusted/embarrassed by their +1s in public. IF - huge if - these two couples are legit, please direct me to anything that resembles a healthy relationship because I don't see it.

That’s the crazy part to me. They are so desperate for Darren to be straight that they are absolutely ok with him being in a completely toxic relationship.  And they are so desperate for Chris to be with anyone but Darren that they don’t care that chris fully supports his “unemployed” boyfriend who doesn’t measure up to him in any manner.   It’s ridiculous.  I do not understand why anyone would want that for their favorite celebs.  

These two couples are the opposite of relationship goals.