.........i like you way too much

niall’s music is just genuinely so…..on point? like i don’t know if that expression is still used these days lmao but that’s the best way to articulate it. like his music is so clearly him but then it’s also a little bit of what the radio trends are but also completely original? and every one of his songs stick in your mind like no other, like tell me you didn’t have slow hands stuck in your head for six months and now you aren’t walking around humming the chorus to too much to ask…like niall is just genuinely such a smart musician and i love him very much and he deserves all the success in the world woohh!! can’t wait to have his entire album stuck in my head

(170926) Wonho’s Fancafe update
다시 말해서 너무 고마워 내 사랑
가볍게 보일수도 있는말 일지도 모르고
또 어찌보면 많이 무거운말 일지도 모르지만
무겁게 들고있지 않아도돼
네가 내삶에 흘러들어 왔듯이
나도 네삶에 조용히 일렁이는 잔잔한 바다이고 싶어
언제나 멀리서도 지켜볼수있는
또 언제나 원할때 와서 안길수있는 그런사람이 되줄게
고마워 생일축하해 내용이 두서가 없네 으악

늘 이 바다처럼 웃을게 : )

TITLE: Happy Birthday

In other words thank you so much my love
These words might look light
And maybe these words might look heavy
You don’t have to take it too heavily
Like the way you flowed into my life
I also want to be a calm sea that quietly sways in your life
I’ll become a person who will always protect no matter how far away I am
And also be there to hug you when you want
Thank you, happy birthday my words don’t make sense agh

I’ll always smile like this sea : )

translated by fymonsta-x ϟ take out with full credit.

sweetvengeancee  asked:

And maybe, if you're up for it, #20 "Do you like it when they watch?" from the NSFW prompt list as well, also with Hvitserk because I'm a hoe for him and there's just not enough Hvitserk on this goddamn site 😂❤

Originally posted by bonniebirdsgifcentre

And the other with our Hvitserk! Hope you like it 😘.
Warnings: NSFW, sex in public.

You couldn’t control yourself. You had drunk way too much, and drunk you usually meant horny you. That was how you ended on your prince’s lap, grinding your hips furiously against his as your hands wandered around his entire body, eager to feel his muscles. Hvitserk wasn’t in a better state. His glassy and hungry eyes followed the movement of his palms, grabbing and squeezing any part of your body he could reach. You let out a high-pitched mewl when he cupped your breast. You arched your back to push further into his grip. Your brain had stopped register anything but him, not caring anymore about the people surrounding you. Hvitserk began to suck at your neck, leaving gentle nips in retribution every time you clenched his hair a little too hard. Your neck fell backward, mouth agape, enjoying his velvet tongue against your skin. 

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I think I finally found the best way to describe ADHD. It’s literally the restless feeling of tossing and turning. Like no matter how much you want to sleep you just

/can’t/. You just lay there struggling, trying to fall asleep. that’s exactly how my focus works. No matter how much I /want/ to do “insert important task here” my brain is just too restless to do it. It may be the most important thing ever or the most interesting thing ever. But if the brain says no then it says no.

🖖 Hey trekkies 🖖 Here’s my last rant before the Discovery premiere. Remember that you can be excited and support the show without being a condescending piece of shit?

When someone tells you that paying less than 10 dollars for a streaming service is too much, don’t laugh at them saying that they exaggerate. There are tons of things that cost less than 10 dollars that you need in life and 10 more dollars can be too much so just accept it without acting like a moron.

By the way there are a lot of channels that want to have their own “Netflix” and I personally disagree with the concept since nobody can pay for a multitude of streaming services to watch legally their fav shows/movies. There’s a reason why Netflix got so popular over cable TV it’s because it’s cheap and you can watch whatever you want otherwise we just go back to illegal stream/downloading.

To conclude and this is my feminist self talking here. One of the main argument said by those who defend the use of CBS All Access is that DSC costs a lot so it’s supposed to be normal to pay CBS an extra for it. For a production that values diversity and women with lead roles, that’s not really fair neither brave to use a vulnerable platform like CBSAS to broadcast an important show like DSC. Big channels like CBS can totally invest more money for women and poc to be properly represented on normal TV.

So yeah you can be excited and support this new Star Trek series I CAN’T WAIT but don’t be condescending because there are definitely some flaws to acknowledge here.

Let’s make sweet music

a ‘you’re my neighbor and every single night at 2AM you decide to practice your trombone well joke’s on you because I bought a trumpet and you’re about to get owned’ AU 

For @hiriahb love ya, girl x 
(follower milestone thing, send me rebelcaptain + an au/trope

Jyn gasped as he pushed her up against the wall. The kiss was biting, a little too much teeth and a little too rough, but it did the job as she shook right down to her toes. She hastily yanked at buttons, his arm splaying out to anchor itself to something and a lamp crashed to the floor. Jyn sucked his tongue into her mouth, lips curling up as she finally got his shirt open. Sliding her arms around the skin of his back, she heard him whine a little, but the boy could fucking wait. This was her night, she wanted to be the one who fucked him senseless until he couldn’t walk straight, he was gonna –


He wrenched himself away from her lips within seconds.

“What the FUCK is that?” Scott asked, staring at the wall in utter disgust. 

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Do you have more villain/hero prompts? Maybe something with angst.

Sure :)

“The world and I once believed the same things and I was a hero.”

“So what!? I’m the villain now because I wouldn’t abandon them? Because I didn’t turn my backs on them like the rest of you! That’s bullshit and you know it.”

“I’m trying to protect you! I loved you so much I was willing to become the villain to protect you.”

“Be the hero. Kill me.”

“You’re not evil. You’re hurting and you don’t know how to handle the pain except the one way you’ve been taught. But you aren’t evil.”

“What I did was wrong. What you did was wrong too. But beating you up in the name of justice wasn’t right. Beating you up wasn’t right.”

One day, the “hero” realizes they aren’t the hero. What they have been doing is wrong (even if the world was supporting them/saying they were right). The “villain” has been the true hero all along. They go to the “villain” to apologize.

The villain saves the hero from another villain earning the hero’s trust.

The villain risks his life and freedom to save a group of children resulting in his capture.

Requests always open :)

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I'm curious about how you find all these shops? I know it's probably a lot of browsing but are there certain sites or places that help you?

I browse Etsy a lot, mostly because it’s a very good search engine and also has a blog where it features a lot of products and shops. You can follow people on Etsy too, and find more products and shops through those accounts by viewing their likes and what not. 

I also look to Instagram quite a bit when looking for indie shops. I pretty much exclusively follow shops on my instagram and just go through their followers/following to find more that I might like. 

Another way is by looking at local markets, or any market really. This doesn’t mean actually attending them (though that is the best way to experience them), but to view them online. Most will have websites showcasing the artists who attend the markets, or you can even go through their pictures on social media where they will usually shout out featured stalls. 

I also look out for magazines that may feature indie artists/shops too! I think there may be websites which can help you search through indie stores, however I haven’t really found any which work for me.

Overall, it’s just about knowing where to look and what keywords to use in search engines. It can take a lot of time, which is why I like to collect all the neat products I find and submissions I get onto this blog! It’s a lot easier than searching through hundreds of links, and I try to keep it as organised as possible, though I do need to update my tags/pages.

If you need anything else, feel free to ask! Hope this helped.

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Congratulations on your milestone! Can I request a modern AU of Hvitserk, with #4 “I’m too sober for this.” Please and thank you!

Originally posted by whenimaunicorn

Thank you so much! I hope you’ll like this one, I must admit I didn’t know where to go with it and it came out that way so hopefully it’s not utter shit 😉.
Warnings: none.

“This party is so boring. Let’s play a game, brothers. First who comes back with a girl’s number wins. What do you say?” Ubbe asked maliciously, grinning from ear to ear.

Hvitserk smirked and made a dismissing move with his hand. “Too easy! Girls can’t resist me, brothers. You can’t beat me at this.”

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please make reaction for wearing too short skirt/dress by their gf :D

Thank you very much for the request! hope you like it :)  -A

*When he saw you*
“No way young lady”

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

“Honey, I really like to see you in those clothes but I don’t like when boys are looking at you with those eyes”

Originally posted by chenrrerorocher

“You have no idea what you are doing to me”

Originally posted by daenso

“Oh yes, my girl will rule the party with me”

Originally posted by jinjackson

“Baby you are just gorgeous, you got me speechless”

Originally posted by cakefuls

‘That girl just loves to give me the hard time’

Originally posted by theonly-vagina-kyungsoo-will-fuk

Y:”Can I go like that?”
S:“What? of course baby, You can go like that”
*can’t stop the jealousy*

Originally posted by irpsychotic

He would want to show you off to everybody and when you are walking he would sing 
“Walk, walk fashion baby, work it move that bitch crazy”

Originally posted by sehunsyixing

“Maybe we will stay at home today and have our own little party?”
*please ignore the mic in here :)*

Originally posted by ivana2299

“Yes baby, I do approve, you can wear that kind of things more often” 

Originally posted by sehunicorne

Y: “Do you mind if I go like that?”
K: “No of course not, you can go as you like”
*jealous af*

Originally posted by yourejustmystylee

“I do like your outfit honey but do you mind changing to something less… revealing?”

Originally posted by buylosecontrol-moved

The way I like to headcanon it is that Thomas and Laura thought they could not have a child, so they adopted Craig when he was about a year old. Maybe about a year later Laura (by miracle) became pregnant with Ruby and so they then had a biological child. This explains craig’s impossible dark hair and if you like the Peruvian headcanon like me, that can be used to back it up too. (and it makes so much sense with how loving they are to their children like if you adopt a kid you have to work so hard for that to happen so of course they are so good to him).

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with all the talk about someone copying you, i guess i should confess that ive picked up the way you draw faces and hair and stuff, and i'm DEEPLY sorry. and by any chance you've seen my art, im trying to diversify my style a bit more so it doesn't look so much like yours. i'm too shy to come off anon but i thought id apologize anyway, and heck i might not even be the person you're talking about, but i really admire your works and i don't wish to possibly offend you anymore. good vibes to u btw!

it’S OK LIKE i don’t think it’s something to apologize too deeply for since i know nobody means any harm by it? like there’s no hard feelings at all!

getfrisk  asked:

Heya pal, not to be a greedy lil bean but if you would could you draw some Lenily goals? If you don't wanna that's totally cool cool, I would understand my dude, if so thank you so much and I love your work either way!! Have fantabulous day my fellow human!! :)

Aww! You have a good day too, fellow human! Thanks so much!

I really dig Emily and what she gives to the universe - a canon wlw relationship that’s domestic and chill. Unfortunately, I’m in that shipping spot where it’s like, I got into W/T before Emily was introduced. And while I’m happy Tracer’s got a canon, healthy relationship, it feels weird to “jump ship”? I know some people can ship a character with more than one person, but that’s not me (and yeah, I get it - they’re canon). But yeah, much love to Emily for keeping our poster girl anchored in canon! And again, thanks for being so nice about it! 

sinsofnatureao3  asked:

Hey Q important question here are you a cat or dog person... And also how much animal videos do you watch? I just realised I don't think anyone asked that since my cat is staring at me with his resting annoyed face.

* oh, i’m definitely a dog person.

* cats are petty bastards, in my book, and if we’re being honest, so am i.

* it’s a bit like trying to put two same charge magnets together. they just repulse each other, heh. we’re just too similar to get along.

* as for animal videos… probably way, way too many. not even artificial intelligences are immune to their charms in the end…

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heyyyy~~ What would be EXO's reaction when they see you and ask for your number because they think you're beautiful but you're like "ugh. no way i don't know you" and then you go? Thank you so much!

Hello! the request is priceless XD I hope you will like it :D  -A

“How dare you turn your back at me!”
*You are Baekhyun :D*

Originally posted by sefuns

“Are you sure about that?”

Originally posted by kiimjongbae

“Well yeah you don’t know me but that’s why I want your number, to try and get to know each other”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

“You are right I’m too fabulous for you”

Originally posted by taokio

“Say what?!!” 
‘how could she just go!’

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

*No captions needed XD*

Originally posted by theonly-vagina-kyungsoo-will-fuk

‘Okay, then you will not know how amazing it is to be mine’

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

“Okay then,your not in the league of amazing Baekhyun”

Originally posted by exo-scottish-bae

“I don’t think this is the answer you wanted to give me”

Originally posted by xiaonancii96

“hah, please you are not the only one woman on the planet” 

Originally posted by r-velvets

“You think you can find someone better then me? I beat you on it”

Originally posted by exoandbtsreactions


“is that your final answer? think twice”

Originally posted by koreanwaves

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You know what really sucks being cheated on somebody you really trusted first person you came out too as being transgender so much trust 10 months and for her to just do that is so shitty in good news I love you blog tbh it helps me and I love your Ana cosplay !

Dude, that is really shitty of her to break your trust like that :( I’m really glad you’re not (or appear not to be!) blaming yourself in any way, though. 

The good news there’s a whole bunch more amazing people for you to meet who won’t cheat on you <333

And glad I can help! :D

You know that I love 1989 it’s my favorite album above all, but I was so thrilled that All Too Well was the 1st in the Rolling Stone list!

This song meant so much and Taylor cried so many times singing it! I’m not saying that the other songs are less worthy NO WAY but, I was really really happy OMG!

Congratulations @taylorswift that everything that you do you put your heart and soul in it, causing such strong emotions! Your work will live forever just like you in our hearts! ❤️

so, uh, I’m looking for more people on my dash to hang out with / write with / generally have a good time with? it’s a little quiet after coming back from hiatus. <3

reblog or like this if you’d be up for interacting with an indie & selective Asriel Dreemurr from Undertale, primarily the older/god of Hyperdeath version?

I’m crossover- and duplicate-friendly, have 10+ years of RP experience, and have way too much inspiration and energy for my own good– I’d love to see you around and maybe strike up a thread!

Just be sure to read my rules before anything else: I’ll check you out as soon as possible!