..........no........not po ssible

To+ any tro+lls missing ano+ther impo+rtant tro+ll fro+m their lives, and who+ enjo+y shiny things

I’ve co+me acro+ss so+mething yo+u may enjo+y, and that is these pendants - bearing two+ intertwined signs in a rather flashy and sentimental display. They are pricey, and perhaps no+t everyo+ne’s style, but fo+r so+me they may be just the thing!

The sho+p carries every po+ssible co+mbinatio+n o+f co+mic cano+n tro+lls’ signs, so+ even if yo+u wo+uld be co+nsidered a rarepair yo+u’ll find so+mething. Yo+u can see them all here on etsy.

-Mo+d Po+rrim