• Rich: And your first name again is?
  • Jeremy: Jeremy.
  • Rich: And your boyfriend’s name is?
  • Jeremy: Michael-
  • Everyone: [gasps]
  • Jeremy: I’m sorry! I misunderstood! You said boyfriend, and- I thought you said best friend. Michael is my best friend!
  • Michael, gasping and standing up angrily: You bastard!

Then Rhodes’s eyes widened, and his body stiffened. “What the hell-” He dropped down next to Stark and pulled at his shirt. His face literally was lit up as he looked down at the radiant circle on Stark’s chest.

“Those bastards,” whispered Rhodey. “How much time-?”

Stark shook his head, uncomprehending.

“How much time until the bomb goes off, Tony!” His voice was rising with urgency. “Is there a cut-off switch?” Quickly he was uncorking his canteen and was trying to ease water down Stark’s throat. “I’m not abandoning you now, buddy! Not after all this! But we gotta disarm that thing, and if-”

Stark coughed up water, but it wasn’t because he was choking. It was because he finally realized what Rhodey was reacting to, and it was damned funny. He tried to speak and his voice was barely a croak as he said, “Not… a bomb, not a bomb.”

Rhodey stared in confusion at the miniature Arc reactor implanted in Stark’s chest. “Then what the hell is it?”

It glowed softly in the darkness. A beacon of light.

“A reminder,” said Tony Stark.

-Iron Man Movie Novelization


I wanted an excuse to draw a sort of timeline w/ these two (I started this way before shortakiweek) and ended up picking the ‘jump into his arms when scared’ gag b/c I love it (and all the other running gags these two have in the show, I like the thought of them continuing through the years). I last minute added the TJM one b/c why not?

4th grade/before FTI: Back when Arnold couldn’t wrap his mind around the enigma that is Helga G. Pataki and with good reason tbh. the ghost is a callback to the wheezing ed ep, I didn’t wanna actually draw a small wheezing ed so lol

5th grade: Give me all the awkward blushes brought upon by confused/conflicted Feelings while Helga hilariously misses them.

TJM: I went with them falling down into the river that’ll lead them to the cave behind the waterfall like in the one prompt I did for shortakiweek. Though I put Helga in her actual jungle outfit now that I know it.

Middle school/around 7th grade I suppose: Before Pain and Suffering aka the break up happens. She’s annoyed b/c she screamed/reacted over a sock she mistook for a rat lol

 This is part 1, part 2 will come whenever I finish it :’D

We found a shortcut to heaven.