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(Keith, Hunk)

Imagine Being Cas’ Girlfriend When the Waitress Flirts With Him


*based off of the new promo for tomorrow’s episode*

You were sitting there practically seething with anger in your seat next to Cas, your glare aimed at the waitress who was currently staring at your Angel like he was her next meal. You scoffed inwardly. You knew he was yours, but it still drove you insane when anyone flirted with him.

“And what about you..handsome?” the waitress asked, a smile on her face.

Oh, hell no. That’s it.

“My boyfriend here will have the Sunrise Special,” you interrupted, a fake polite smile on your face as you stared her down, marking your territory effectively.

The waitress’ face fell and Cas looked at you with a confused expression on his face.

“He’s your boyfriend?” she asked, her brows raised in surprise. “You? Seriously?”

You scoffed out a laugh, turning to Cas and grabbing his face to pull him in for a deep, possessive kiss. He was caught off guard at first but quickly fell into it, his hand resting on your neck as he returned the kiss. 

You pulled away after a moment, smiling at him before turning to the waitress, doing a victory dance in your head at the stunned look on her face.

“Any more questions?” you challenged.

Her mouth opened and closed, looking for something to say, but quickly retreated and walked away. 

“What just happened?” Dean asked.

“Just making sure she knows he’s mine, that’s all,” you shrugged, sitting back in your seat.

Cas placed a warm hand on your thigh, a gleam in his eyes as he looked at you. “Only yours.”

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Throwback to that one day when MNET decided to question the close relationship of Jiyong and Seungri 😂😂

It's Fine By Me
By Organization for Transformative Works

Keith never thought the guy he met at the printing corner in the school library would become the person who’d want to marry him.

From my Sheith Family AU on Tumblr.
A.K.A. How Keith and Shiro met before they got married and adopted Hunk, Lance and Pidge.

So, I finally finished the pre-Sheith/Voltron Family fic! Wherein Keith first met Shiro back in college! :D 

Ok but

Imagine a scene where sanvers invites Kara to a game night and they tell her to bring someone so they can play in teams and Kara being a little too sensitive decides not to ruin the Safe Girl Atmosphere and instead of inviting a guy she invites Lena who could also use a company.
So they have a game night where sanvers is winning supercorp at almost everything and Kara pouts every time and Lena bites her lip just looking at her to hold the gay together.
Obviously Maggie aka the wise Gay Mom™ notices it and decides that this was a good idea and they should have many other nights like this. Who knows maybe during one of those nights SOMEONE can put their feelings on the tAble.

hahahhahaha just imagine kara decides to reveal herself to lena as supergirl and begins to undo her buttoned shirt and well of course lena is like !!???!!!?! and kara looks down expecting to see her costume but actually she isn’t wearing it today and is now standing in lenas office in just her bra and trying to come up with an explanation while lena just stares, not knowing what to say hahahahahaaa


MakoHaru College AU: Makoto is ace and Haru isn’t. They were on a date and they came across Haru’s classmate. He made fun of Makoto saying “he prolly just can’t get it up lmao” and Haru got so mad he almost punched him. The guy ran away scared shitless. “Sorry, Makoto, I just–people don’t understand.” Makoto kissed Haru on the forehead as he hugged him, “Hey, it’s okay, Haru.” Of course, Haru was still so mad and upset, “No, it’s not.” Makoto was so endeared but still told him to apologize to his classmate.

an excuse to draw makoto wearing a beanie becaUSE DREAMS COME TRUE


Yoichi Saotome backgrounds requested by shirazuuginshi & anon ღ

↳ size (750 x 1334)

feel free to use, don’t take credit for them