I guess I could get all existential with you, if you want.
So if we think of time as purely linear, a straight line going in one direction, and we assume that every single event causes a reaction or leads to something else,
Then yes I suppose we could say that every second of time since the beginning of forever, and every action that has ever taken place in the universe has lead up to this exact moment.
Me sitting next to you at a high school football game talking about lint rollers.
Isn’t it nice to think that the sun and the stars all came together to make something as ridiculous as this happen?

Let’s talk about the second John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s Paris Trip

@mclennonwasreal and I were talking about this second magical and mystery tour and realized that a post about this trip would be interesting for general cultural curiosity of the shippers.
In 1966, John Lennon left the filming of How I Won The War to have a break in Paris, and he met Paul McCartney there.
Apparently Paul was wearing a disguise to escape the attention of the fans:
“They measure you and match the colour of your hair, so it was like a genuine moustache with real glue. And I had a couple of pairs of glasses made with clear lenses, which just made me look a bit different. I put a long blue overcoat on and slicked my hair back with Vaseline and just wandered around and of course nobody recognised me at all. It was good, it was quite liberating for me”. (Paul McCartney - Many Years From Now, Barry Miles)
This trip happened 5 years after the trip John and Paul had in 1961 in Paris, and “it was an echo of the trip John and I made to Paris for his twenty-first birthday” (Paul McCartney - Many Years From Now, Barry Miles).
If Paul was wearing this disguise, he probably was looking like on the first photo. And as John was filming How I Won The War, he was looking like on the second photo. 

Now imagine these two walking in Paris looking like this.


Who’s Amber??

This is Amber Bourgeois

This was posted to Twitter not too long after Jeremy Zag posted that picture of Chloe Bourgeois the official art of the Bee Miraculous Holder. But it seems like the fandom is in a split over whether this is real or not, and that’s because Kenya Danino seems to either know Thomas Astruc very well or has maybe even worked with him for a short time, adding some credibility to this art. 

Personally, I think it’s just a cool fan idea. At best, I think it’s early Chloe concept art. From what I’ve been able to tell from looking at Tumblr and Twitter, the only other times I’ve found reference to Amber (aside from what you see above) have clearly been fanart, fanfiction, and fandubs that are playing into the whole “Chloe has a Twin Sister!” theory. Which is a cool fan theory, but I think it’s just that: a theory. 

There’s very little to be done about Jeremy Zag putting out spoilers (I mean…it’s HIS production company, he can kinda do what he wants I guess), but I doubt very much anyone else would get away with casually revealing a new canon character like this, because that’s a far bigger spoiler than Chloe being the Bee Miraculous holder (which you could argue was vaguely hinted at already, so it’s not coming completely out of left field). 

But! That’s just my opinion….