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Ok so I'm drunk and just walked into my room and say my boyfriend having sex with my cousin who's visiting and I'm sat on my sofa waiting f or them to come out and I'm giggling to mysefl 😂😂😂😂

Holy shit????

Carry On Countdown Day 15/December 7th/ANGST!!

For the @carryon-countdown  °☆.。


There was a time in my life, when a delightfully stormy evening like this one, was the one thing that could quell all the unpleasant feelings born from simply being me, and leave me feeling… content… for once.

But nowadays, I don’t need to wait for thunderclouds to feel some semblance of happiness - I’m living with my perfect boyfriend in our atrociously undersized apartment because my unbelievably stupid boyfriend insists on paying for half himself.

My idiot’s only been working at the bakery for a few years now and barely has enough money to sustain his sour-cherry scone addiction (even with his staff discount), let alone the rent for an apartment in central London. I tried telling him I don’t care about money: he threw a pair of my hundred quid jeans in my face (fair) and told me that if I wanted to live with him, we had to be partners. I may have made a few lewd jokes on just how much of a partner I actually was and all the giving (sucking) I do in our romantic relationship. He blushed in that gorgeously endearing way he does, and then we started sloppily making out until we were both dizzy.

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is het al vakantie??????

((Like. 100% of the reasons I never get anything done in my life is because I get distracted by a song on youtube Im compelled to sing along to. At the moment its “Once Upon A December” from Anastasia in Russian. Ive managed to finally learn the words by heart and its great))