Sooo I was all excited to see Tim Burton’s new movie (“Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”), and then THIS happened… 🙄

Now I feel dotish (Trini slang meaning “foolish/silly”) for not realising how bleached and pale white ALL his films were before and reading between the lines.

So now I gotta stuff him in the same category with Marc Jacob’s ignorant, racist ass smdh.

Why Tim, Whyyyyy?! 😩

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Batkids on their playdates team missions!

A few fun facts:

  • Roy often skips Boy Scout meetings to hang out with Kori and Jason (Don’t tell Ollie)
  • Kyle Rayner is usually hanging with the Troublemakers but had a cold on this particular day and Hal wouldn’t let him leave the house.
  • Cass is wearing Bruce’s old costume (here) that she found in the attic while playing hide and seek with her brothers. Alfred has since made a few alterations to it, of course.
  • That stuffed cat looking thing behind Damian was made by Dick. Alfred has been teaching him how to sew and he practices by making tons of plush for his siblings! (They’re finally starting to look like actual animals)
  • Don’t worry, Alfred fixed Mr. Moo.
Why The Batfamily is Dysfunctional

- Two words: family dinners. Every night the dining room suffers at least two knives thrown at the wall and no fewer than three plates tossed onto the floor

- There is an ongoing prank competition between Dick, Jason, and Cass. Every day is a challenge with booby-trapped doors and the possibility of shaving cream being on any given surface. There are no winners; only survivors.

- Damian once made the mistake of bringing all of his pets into the manor at once. That included Titus, Alfred, Batcow, Jerry, and Goliath. Alfred had never seen a bigger disaster in his entire life and Tim stills faints when he sees catnip.

- It took them four years to find all of Barbara’s hidden cameras, and there’s still one they haven’t yet discovered.

- At this point everyone not only has a birthday party each year, but they also each have a death day party from when they’d died or fake-died.

- Jason has a hidden candy stash that everyone secretly steals from. Dick still has the bullet hole scar on his arm from when Jay caught him sneaking a Snickers bar.

- Stephanie decided to have a Halloween party at the manor, and some kid somehow managed to find the Batcave. He still has a concussion and can’t remember up to a week before that night.

- The Outlaws are no longer allowed within two miles of the house.

- Or the Titans.

- Or the Birds of Prey.

- Or Miley Cyrus (Not after last time).

- It has been only 9 days since the last fire.

- There are still 14 Easter eggs that Bruce hid that have not been recovered yet.

- There are at least two broken arms per week, most of which have been caused by sibling-on-sibling violence.

- Dick once managed to break into Bruce’s liquor cabinet, and he still hasn’t found that missing shoe or his mattress.

- Cass steals everyone’s clothing, so now locking one’s closet has become a thing in the manor.

- Jason once left a note on the fridge by shooting it repetitively to spell out “WENT CLUBBING, L8TER”

- Roy lived in their house for a week when they went on vacation.

- Nerf gun wars every Sunday, hosted by Alfred.

- TIM. Just Tim in general. This kid is a mess. He makes them all seem like a bunch of filthy hobos what with his cluelessness regarding fashion and the days he stumbles around in a coffee-induced haze.

- Freeze tag tournaments on rooftops during patrol.

- Alfred knows more about cleaning up blood than a Civil War trauma surgeon in the middle of a battlefield.

- Certain Disney movies are not allowed because they trigger bad memories for some of them like The Lion King (Dick), Dumbo (Damian), Finding Nemo (Bruce), Frozen (Jason), and Big Hero 6 (Tim), just to name a few.

- Stephanie sometimes will steal little rich-people things from the manor and sell them on Ebay.

- Bruce once made the mistake of hiring a clown for Dami’s birthday and every single one of his kids beat that poor guy into a bloody pulp.