So many of us deal with issues like a lack of motivation and procrastination, and for this video. I’ve taken procrastination to a new level, because I wasn’t even motivated to prepare for this video! My different traits attempt to solve the mystery as to where I went wrong… Hope you all enjoy!!

summary of thomas’ recent video:

  • logic and morality cosplay johnlock
  • “elementary my dear - daddy - no
  • sassy anxiety
  • “can’t be a bad video if you never make one”
  • logic and morality practically acting like a married couple. again
  • L O G A N

bonus: prince and anxiety come up with new nicknames for each other again

I am responsible for the misuse of the word "infinitesimal" in the Motivation video

So here is my take on Logic correcting himself:

LOGAN: It was an honest mistake… Serves me right trying to demonstrate my intellectual acuity by employing hexasyllabic vocabulary words. Honestly, what was I trying to prove?

THOMAS: Oh, so you’re going to simplify your vocabulary?

LOGAN: No, I am not. Language can build bridges, Thomas! If I am going to build a bridge, then I would prefer an artisan’s tool belt over a Bob the Builder plastic play set. Anyway– that’s tangential– I misspoke when I used the word infinitesimal, and a true erudite intellectual always rights their wrongs. Infinitesimal is not synonymous with infinite. On the contrary, infinitesimal means very, very small; as in: The number of flying insects that don’t frighten me is infinitesimal. Similarly, the number of times that Donald Trump has corrected himself after getting a fact wrong is also infinitesimal… Donald Trump can fit an infinitesimal amount of animal crackers in his tiny hands. Okay, I’m done.

Based off this that I posted last night regarding the svtfoe season 2 finale, It got some notes so I thought I’d actually play it 

“I thought earth was a pretty great place, I fell in love and now I have to leave its face. But now I’ll never again see his smile I wish I could’ve stayed a little while… I met people who I thought I’d never meet and all because I fell and landed at his feet. Maybe it’s all something I made up in my mind, so now it’s time I finally leave this place behind”


The 100 4x05 “The Tinder Box” Sneak Peek #2 - Clarke makes a desperate plea with a former ally in an attempt to avoid a war and ensure the survival of her people.