public service announcement:

Do not rush to the store for those buns you forgot. For that chocolate you need later. For that last second gift you forgot. get your shit together and get everything ready BEFORE THE HOLIDAY. By whatever means necessary, apologies for late gifts or key missing ingredients, DO NOT VISIT A SHOP ON A HOLIDAY. If you’ve ever worked a holiday maybe you’ll understand. And I’m not talking about how busy a store may be. I’m talking about revenue. Do you know why stores are open on holidays? Because for some fucked up reason, we as people give them enough business to be. We go into shops and stores and restaurants and we throw our money at them. They figure they can make a profit, so they stay open on holidays. And that means someone’s working somewhere. Because your dumb ass couldn’t remember the buns, forgot grandma’s gift, or needed a morning coffee, someone somewhere is working instead of being with family. Please. Think about what you’re doing. Think about how you’d hate to be working on a holiday. Think of the people working who would rather spend time with their families and JUST STAY HOME. Think about what you’re contributing to. The more we stay home, the less businesses will be open, and the more people who want to be with family CAN be.

I just have the biggest problem with this. It’s all corporate greed. Keeping your company open 365 days a year isn’t impressive, it’s just sad. Holidays aren’t meant to be spent working. That’s why they’re called holidays.