Spirk is a truly tragic ship disguised as a happy fluffy one.

Not only does it take years for them to realize their feelings, this only comes after separation, hardship and shame.

Immediately after this revelation Spock dies, only to be reborn without his memories.

Even with the years of old married spirk, the fact remains that Spock spends decades alone only to be thrown into a new universe with a younger version of his t’hy’la that is not his.

It may pretend to be happy, but the pain is overwhelming.

Kids In The Dark

Here we are at the end of the road
A road that’s quietly caving in
Come too far to pretend that we don’t
We don’t miss where we started

Looking back, I see a setting sun
Watch my shadow fade into the floor
I am left standing on the edge
Wondering how we got this far
How we got this far

They left us alone, the kids in the dark
To burn out forever, or light up a spark
We come together, state of the art
We’ll never surrender the kids in the dark
So let the world sing

What a shame, what a shame
Beautiful scars on critical veins
Come together, state of the art
We’ll never surrender the kids in the dark
The kids in the dark

Here we are at the top of a hill
A hill that’s quietly crumbling
It’s been awhile since you’ve dressed for the kill
The kill that sent me tumbling

Looking up, I see a falling star
Watch its fire burn into the floor
And I am left standing on the edge
Wondering why we fall so hard
Why we fall so hard

let's stop pretending fat-shaming is about health
  • him:I feel like the topic of weight is super thin to walk.
  • him:On one hand, fat shaming people who are large shouldn't be a thing, it's their bodies, it's whatever. On the other hand, being fat is scientifically proven to be unhealthy, no matter how much people who are fat try to ignore it or justify being overweight.
  • him:What kind of barriers are we putting up at the expense of being politically correct?
  • him:Too thin to talk about I guess lol
  • me::/ tons of shit is unhealthy. we all do shit that's unhealthy. like...yknow what else science says is unhealthy? sitting. and smoking. and listening to ur music loud
  • me:lets face it. fat shaming isnt about health
  • me:its never been about health
  • me:its about making people feel ashamed about the way they look, and about making people feel like the way their bodies look is some kind of problem that society is entitled to comment on
  • me:if fat shaming was about health, u'd also prioritize fat people's mental health
  • me:it wouldn't be a national passtime to harrass and lampoon people who are fat and overweight
  • me:it wouldn't be legal to discriminate against people based on their weight
  • me:if fat shaming were about health, we would treat obesity like it was a disorder, and not an indicator of moral corruption
  • me:we would prioritize taking care of fat people. making environments safe for them
  • me:and we dont
  • me:we prioritize laughing at fat people
  • me:shaming fat poeople
  • me:letting fat people know that being fat makes them unlovable
  • me:that society finds fat bodies disgusting
  • me:what's more, if fat shaming were about health, it would take into account that plenty of fat people are perfectly healthy
  • me:see: the endomorph body type
  • me:aka: large bone structure, high amounts of total body mass and fat
  • me:people for whom no amount of exercise will make them thinner
  • me:(name redacted) is a great example
  • me:(name redacted) eats well, and works out HARD almost every day
  • me:she's in WAY better shape than i am
  • me:she eats way better than i do
  • me:but she has an endomorphic body type
  • me:i am less healthy than she is, but it doesn't actually matter because fat shaming has nothing to do with health
  • me:(name redacted) is one of the sweetest, healthiest people i know. she's fat and beautiful and i adore her
  • me:but she faces discrimination and humiliation all the time at the hands of strangers because of how her body naturally looks
  • me:and that's fucking bullshit
  • me:and that's my rant on how fat-shaming is bad and you should stop doing it because the lies society has fed you on how fat people need to be shamed "for their own good" is just garbage

anonymous asked:

Could my asexuality have something to do with my upbringing? My parents tried to pretend like sex didn't exist, never showed affection towards each other in front of me, never gave me advice as a teen or let me date, and made sex seem almost shameful? Not saying my asexuality is not valid because of it, but could the reason I don't feel sexual attraction and am sex-repulsed be in part due to my upbringing suppressing my sexuality? Kinda angry at my parents for this but either way, I'm ace now :/

I don’t think so. For instance, lesbian, gay, bi, and pan kids who grow up in households where only heterosexuality is presented as an option don’t become heterosexual. Their sexual orientation does not change because of what they are exposed to or not exposed to. Similarly, your asexuality was probably not caused by your parents’ attitudes towards affection – more likely, it is just coincidence. Hope this helps!!