..............i started reading comics

I went camping when I was 6 and a bear came into my tent and I had never heard anyone snore before but I had read the Sunday comics so I layed down and started saying Z Z Z really loudly because it’s always in caps in the comics.  I was yelling Z so loudly.  It was really loud and the bear cried and it was really loud

So I started reading the Jughead comics...

yeah they’ve been out for a while. Sue me.

But honestly???



me 100%???

Ouch, right in the personal experience!

Literally my reaction to anyone talking about romance ever…

But honestly, I have never related so much to a comic book character. And while I’ve definitely wondered whether I’m a late bloomer, or asexual, or just a freaking weirdo, this is something relatable. This is something I feel, all the time. And it’s here! In a comic book! Laid out just as normally as any other silly teenage comic!


I have been wanting to make this joke since I started reading @wilyart‘s Insomnia comic, so I finally did it.

No regrets.

Now go read Insomnia, it’s an amazing comic with beautiful art and an incredibly well written and thought out story.

Witch girl shopping for ingredients in the spirit world. 

why does movie mystique always have her titties and everything out i remember when i first started reading comics it fucked me up because she wears clothes in the comics what the fuck

Jason Todd was pure and good and tried to save his shitty mother despite everything and he deserved the world. In unrelated news, I am bitter.


It’s okay I think to myself, this is fine. Of course he’s not early. He never was promptu before anyway, why would he be today?


Five minutes late means nothing.  I’ll just take a seat maybe. Order a hot chocolate.


Half an hour late isn’t that bad.


Maybe I’ll get a book out so I don’t look like a loser.


He’s still coming. He’s still coming. He’s still coming. I have been here a long time though…The baristas must be watching me. They’re probably laughing at me sitting here all alone.


Shut up no one’s paying attention to you. 


Maybe I’ll get some food so it looks like I’m here for a reason…


 “Hi, yes I would like a blueberry muffin please?” “Yes warmed.” “Okay thank you.”


That was actually quite good 


 “Are you okay?” 

Finally! Oh wait that’s not him. 

“Oh yeah I’m okay.” 

Wow that was quite an eyebrow raise. I wish I could do that. Okay stop looking at her eyebrows, she’s talking again.

“Are you sure? No one cries without a reason.”

Uhhhhh. “I just had… a really good muffin…..and I enjoyed it so much………….that I’m crying. With joy.”

I’m such an idiot. No one’s going to believe that excuse. Maybe she’ll get the picture and leave me alone. Oh. Nevermind. She’s pulling up a chair. Damn it.

I’m fine honestly.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Now what? 

Oh how I hate people. And awkward situations. And people. 

I wonder if it would be exceptionally rude to take my book out again…

“So are you going to tell me or what? You’ve been sitting here all day, I thought you’d be dying to talk to someone.” 

Damn it. So someone had noticed me waiting by myself all day…

“Oh shit. I’m so sorry I did not mean for you to start crying again.”  

“No, no it’s alright it’s not your fault.”

I mean it was actually kind of nice that this complete stranger come to my rescue after noticing I’ve been sitting here like a loser for the past 3 hours. 

Wait a minute…

“Not meaning to be rude or anything..but how long have you been sitting here? If you’ve noticed me here all day then surely you’ve been here all day too.”


Damn it! Now I’ve gone and made her feel awkward too! She’s even blushing! Wait hang on why is she blushing? 

“Haha, well see actually when I walked in I thought you were pretty cute which was awesome and then you got out Goblet of Fire and I thought that was SUPER awesome and I was attempting to psych myself up to talk to you but then realized it looked like you were waiting for someone…and yeah here I am. But you know I’m here to consul you now. Not get your number. So don’t worry about it.”

Huh this is a surprising turn of events. But altogether not a bad one. 

“You can still have my number if you want.” 

“…Are you sure! But what if whatshisface shows?”

“If he was going to come he would have. Besides, he doesn’t like Goblet of Fire.”

Can I just say that I find it hilarious when everyone refers to Adrien as Adrien “she’s just a friend” Agreste

I don’t know why but that’s one of my favorite things about this fandom. At some point we all just decided to call him Adrien “she’s just a friend” Agreste. I think it all started with the Comic-Con reading and with wanting to know Adriens middle name, but it still the most hilarious thing to me.